May 30, 2024
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Florence Pugh Weight Gain: Asked To Lose Weight For “Impactful” Sex Scenes In The Oppenheimer?

Florence Pugh Weight Gain

After her fantastic acting in Oppenheimer and a steamy scene with Cillian Murphy, Florence Pugh has been the talk of the town. Well, the actress got a breakthrough in her career after she starred in Fighting With My Family, where she played a professional wrestler Paige. But soon after getting international recognition, people started discussing her body image. It raised several Florence Pugh weight gain concerns. While the celebrity had just gained international fame, people criticized her for several aspects where her body weight and shape had been the primary topic of concern. But things have changed a bit after the actress has starred opposite Cillian Murphy. Besides, Pugh has also opened up about her journey in the industry. So let’s have a look at it.


Fans Called “Bulky” Blaming Florence Pugh Weight Gain

Florence Pugh is a rising Hollywood star. Despite that, the actress has faced several criticisms for her body image. Recently, she recalled when people slammed her for her uneven figure. Florence Pugh weight gain has been a significant concern for her fans, and people often call her weird names. The actress recently shut down body-shamers in July 2022 after sharing a sizzling hot picture of her on Instagram. She clicked a snap wearing a sheer dress. The picture was snapped at a Valentino event. But the image soon attracted much attention as it subtly exposed her nipples. Shortly after then, some criticized her for showing too much.

Meanwhile, others pointed to her chest size. It eventually drew focus on Florence Pugh weight gain as people believed she had gained more this time. But the actress was never thinner. In fact, her figure has been a huge concern in the entertainment industry. Soon after this incident, Pugh publicly slammed men for destroying a woman’s body. She said, “It isn’t the first time” when a crowd of strangers wrongly described a woman’s body. But now she has come to terms with the fact that it’s her body, and she doesn’t care what people say about it, shutting down all the hate comments.

Pugh Will Wear It Again

Soon after this incident, Pugh told Vogue that she was happy that she wore it and would do it again. Although she didn’t want to offend anyone, how could her nipples offend people? Says Pugh. Not only this, but Florence Pugh weight gain continues to raise everyone’s concerns. Despite the actress told the outlet about her workout routine. Well, she isn’t a fan of losing some pounds. But she believes that staying healthy and shedding some inches isn’t what she fantasizes about, and it won’t happen either.

Has Florence Pugh Gained More Pounds For The Oppenheimer?

Florence Pugh Weight Gain
Florence Pugh And Cillian Murphy

The actress has been spotted in the recently released movie Oppenheimer where she played the supporting role of Communist Party USA member Jean Tatlock. Although there wasn’t any notable difference in her figure, many fans believed she gained more pounds in the movie. Her thighs looked puffier. It quickly leads many to wonder about Florence Pugh weight gain journey. However, the actress revealed that she has never lost or gained pounds for the movie. In fact, she will never do it in the future as well. She isn’t the person who will change herself for a character. While discussing the same, Pugh opened up about her experience in the entertainment industry.

Cillian Murphy Called The Sex Scene In The Oppenheimer “Not Gratuitous”

Soon after the Oppenheimer premiere, Cillian Murphy opened up about one of the most talked about scenes of the film. Murphy called the sex scenes with Pugh “not gratuitous but f*****g powerful.” He said the scenes were perfect and also called Pugh amazing, although she’s been slammed for her figure. In fact, Murphy shed pounds for the movie. The transformation played a huge role in the film. But Cillian Murphy weight loss had put his life on edge. His extreme transformation risked his physical health. But the actor transformed to appear more like the original J. Robert Oppenheimer.

She Was Asked To Shed Some Pounds

During an interview with Telegraph, Florence Pugh revealed that she was asked to lose some pounds for a movie. Pugh revealed that the film executives wanted her to shed some pounds when she first appeared in the movie. However, producers told her that in order to succeed in showbiz, she needed to transform herself. She was just 19 back then and revealed that they wanted her to change her weight, face shape, eyebrows, and look. It later made her realize that the entertainment business was a massive mistake.

Florence Pugh Weight Gain
Florence Pugh

But then she returned to the UK, where she starred in a British drama. It later helped her pave her way in the industry. After then, the actress returned to Hollywood but gained recognition in 2019. Pugh has recently tapped on several amazing projects, such as Zach Braff’s drama film A Good Person. She is all set to play Princess Irulan in Dune: Part Two and will also appear in We Live In Time. In fact, she has shaved her head for the latter film, where she will be seen opposite Andrew Garfield.

Food Is Everything, Says Florence Pugh

The 27-year-old star has recently talked about her relationship with food in her cover story with Vogue. In the interview, she spoke about women’s body image being the major thing for everyone. She said it becomes a growing concern as soon as they grow bums, thighs, and boobs. But this is also a time when their relationship with food changes. Florence Pugh says that she likes her food. She’s a binge eater and prepares her own meal, despite Florence Pugh weight gain being a major issue. In fact, she has shed some pounds, but it has nothing to do with her role in any of her future projects.

What do you think should Florence Pugh lose some pounds for the entertainment industry? Comment down your thoughts below. This is all about Florence Pugh weight gain. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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