April 14, 2024
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Matt Rife Sexuality: Comedian Kisses “Someone Special” In Public!

Matt Rife Sexuality

Matt Rife Sexuality: TikTok has provided an exclusive platform to independent artists. Many personalities become popular all over the world through their videos. And when talking about such celebrities, how can we forget Matt Rife? The viral comedian has also appeared in the comedy competition series called Bring The Funny. Well, the Internet personality is also an actor who appeared in a few films and TV series. He was a teenager when his interest in comedy dragged him to pursue it as a career. Further, Matt Rife is famous for his self-produced comedy specials Walking Red Flag, Matthew Steven Rife, and Only Fans. However, in recent times, the comedian has been in the media headlines due to another concern. Matt Rife Sexuality speculations and other related details are currently taking over the internet. Fans are curious to know whether or not Matt Rife is straight. Let us find out!


Matt Rife Sexuality: Is He Gay In Real Life?

There is no doubt that Matt Rife has been a forever crush on females. His handsome face is enough for them to sway away. Well, despite such circumstances, few netizens are doubting Matt Rife Sexuality. A few people speculate him to be gay, while others believe him to be straight. For the unversed, gay rumors sparked when the comedian made a comment on Twitter. He said that if someone did not like homosexual people, they were probably out of shape. Thus, this could be the possible statement that initiated Matt Rife gay rumors on social media.

Matt Rife Sexuality
Kate Beckinsale And Matt Rife

However, discussing his sexuality, Matt Rife clarified all the rumors. In one of his stand-up comedies, the young celeb mentioned not being gay, axing Matt Rife Sexuality rumors. Moreover, the 27-year-old has never stepped back to delve into controversies. In one of his tweets, the actor faced much online backlash for mocking sexual assault. While it was unclear whether he sounded sarcastic or humorous, Matt Rife’s tweet ignited controversy.

Matt Rife Sexuality: Who Is He Dating Now?

It would not be wrong to count Matt Rife among the modern-day comedians. With over 14 million followers on TikTok, he is one of the most famous internet personalities among the youth, especially females. But it isn’t the jokes only that have kept his popularity going. Thanks to his handsome face and dashing look, Matt Rife has always been in the media headlines. At only 27, he has already achieved immense success but what about his personal life? As far as his dating life is concerned, Matt Rife’s name was linked to Kate Beckinsale in 2017. Both of them were highly speculated to have been dating each other. The couple was snapped, snogging publicly. The paparazzi captured the steamy PDA while they were in West Hollywood.

Matt Rife Sexuality
Matt Rife with his rumored girlfriend

Interestingly, none of them released any clarification about it. In addition to this, neither of them was confirmed to be in a relationship, but people knew that they were always together. However, a few days after the public kiss, reports claimed that they broke up. The exact reason behind their split is not known. But many speculated Matt Rife Sexuality was one of the reasons. Both of them tried to keep most of their relationship’s aspects away from the camera except the passionate kiss. As of now, Matt Rife is not dating anyone and is single. Discussing his love life in an interview, Matt Rife said that he does not have time for being in love. The comedian remains busy with his shows and performances that consume most of his time.

Did Matt Rife Date Zendaya Secretly?

Zendaya and Matt Rife have not appeared in a show as co-stars but shared the stage of Wild’ N Out Season 7. The former was on the show as a guest, where Matt used to perform often. The celebs present on the stage were provided with certain tasks, and so was Zendaya. The Spider-Man: Homecoming actress was asked to have water in her mouth and spit it while laughing. It was sort of a challenge where comedians had to make her laugh. When the turn went to Matt Rife, he tried hitting on her. Rife even asked for Zendaya’s number and held her face in his hands. Despite continuous efforts, the actress was not amused by him.

Matt Rife Sexuality
Matt Rife And Zendaya

Though everything seemed normal, fans took ‘Matt Rife Zendaya’ to a new extent. It began trending, and netizens believed that they were in a relationship. Short clips from the show were highly shared among social media users. Thus, there were no signs of such rumors slowing down. This was when Zendaya and Matt Rife were rumored to be dating. However, later on, the relationship rumors were turned down and regarded as false. So, according to the official media reports, Matt Rife and Zendaya never dated each other. The interaction was merely for the show and had nothing to do with their personal lives. This is all about Matt Rife Sexuality. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247

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