April 14, 2024
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My Life Is Murder Season 4: Finally, It’s A Wrap! Set To Release This Fall

My Life Is Murder Season 4

My Life Is Murder Season 4: Crime dramas are the best when chilling on the weekends. And if you are searching for a new chilling murder mystery, then you should go for My Life Is Murder. It finds its origin in Australia and New Zealand at the same time. Well, the drama is popular for its suspenseful tone and complex narratives. In fact, the female protagonist headlines the series so well that the critics have praised her performance, too. Well, it has spawned three seasons so far, and fans are already waiting for My Life Is Murder Season 4. Lately, the viewers have been anxiously anticipating an update concerning the next season. And makers have finally dropped it! With this, it has become one of the most-awaited TVNZ projects so far. So let’s take a look at it.


Coming from a large team of directors, including Leah Purcell and Mat King, My Life Is Murder is a typical murder investigation series. The way it infused comedy within the serious situation is weirdly enjoyable. In addition to this, several networks and broadcasting partners have bought the rights that ultimately increased the drama’s luster around the world. Speaking about My Life Is Murder, it is focused on a female investigation officer who has always taken risks in almost every case she has been assigned. Her life is apparently boring, but she transforms into a rookie cop in no time. Nonetheless, the comedy-crime series has dragged attention toward itself with eyebrow-raising incidents.

Is There Any Chance Of My Life Is Murder Season 4? What Is The Current Renewal Status?

As far as the fourth season of My Life Is Murder is concerned, creators have already dropped an exciting update about it. After being pushed into the production stage in early 2023, the new chapter is finally happening. Originally, the shift in the broadcasting networks was the reason behind the gap between the first two installments. But this time, such circumstances have not affected the upcoming flick. In addition to this, many believed that the show wouldn’t return, but fortunately, things are all in place. As of now, My Life Is Murder Season 4 has completed filming, and the team is currently working on its post-production.

My Life Is Murder Season 4

On the other hand, the audience was concerned about the factors that determine whether or not My Life Is Murder will return to the screens. The official reports said that the first season received decent viewership, but statistics concerning the other two installments are still not out. But then the ratings already suggest that the team is capable of bringing a new season on the floors. In addition to this, My Life Is Murder has been on an amazing journey throughout its original run. The story did not bore the audience, and the baffling cases are still in huge demand. But since things are already in place, such factors don’t really matter now. It would be interesting to see if My Life Is Murder Season 4 would manage to entertain the spectators or not.

What Is Expected To Happen In My Life Is Murder Season 4?

Alexa Crowe is a fearless investigator who has never complained about her job. She is labeled as the mastermind who is capable of solving several complex cases. In addition to this, the lady can work all day long to reach the conclusion of a particular case. In one of the seasons, the private detective retired from her department. However, soon after her retirement, one of her co-workers paid a visit to Alexa’s house. Kieran wanted her to take charge of a case that had resulted in bewilderment in the entire station. Initially, Crowe was not ready to do so and was busy repairing the bread maker. Since she used to deliver homemade loaves of bread to the Baristas Cafe, the machine was so important to her. Nevertheless, Alexa became ready to solve the case after Kieran convinced her badly.

My Life Is Murder Season 4

In My Life Is Murder Season 4, the story is expected to continue its natural pace and the usual way of storytelling. It is most likely to pick up from the point where the last episode saw its climax. However, a more compelling narrative and mysterious crime cases are bound to take up the storyline.

Which Characters Will Be Returning In the Next Season?

The Xena: warrior actress, Lucy Lawless, led the cast of My Life Is Murder. She played the role of a bold and fearless officer, Alexa Crowe. Ebony Vagulans portrayed the character of Madison Feliciano, Alexa’s assistant. Martin Henderson as Will Crowe and Nell Fisher as Olive Crowe joined the cast of the series. These actors are expected to return to the screens in their respective roles. But the chances for Bernard Curry and Alex Andreas to reprise their parts are less. In addition to them, a few guest stars will also be spotted in the potential My Life Is Murder Season 4.

My Life Is Murder Season 4: Release Date

My Life Is Murder Season 4
My Life Is Murder Season 4, TVNZ

The pilot episode of the debut season premiered on July 17, 2019. After almost two years, viewers received the second installment, and the shift in the broadcast platform might be the reason for the unrequired gap. The latest season started airing on August 29, 2022, and it has been a long time since we last saw Alexa solve cases. Talking about the My Life Is Murder Season 4 release date, it is set to drop on September 12, 2023. With episodes scheduled for weekly release, the new season will wrap itself up on November 15, 2023. For more updates on My Life Is Murder Season 4, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247


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