May 19, 2024
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Southern Charm Season 9: “Hot & Steamy” Trailer Hints At Dating SCANDAL! Returns This Fall

Southern Charm Season 9

Following Kathryn Dennis’ exit from Southern Charm, fans wondered whether their favorite reality series would return with another season. This is because the star made a dramatic statement revealing the end of Bravo’s series. However, the network has recently surprised its fans after announcing a highly-anticipated update regarding Southern Charm Season 9. Indeed! The Charleston crew is back with more drama. Not only this, but the network has also revealed that one of the most controversial figures of the previous season will return for season 9. Who will be that person? Is the person Dennis? While fans are curious, the Southern Charm Season 9 release date is making things outs of control. Keep reading to know it.


Bravo’s series Southern Charm features the upper-class society of Charleston, which mainly focuses on Kathryn Dennis. Throughout the eight seasons, the show has covered every aspect of Dennis’ life, whether it’s about her centuries-old plantation home or her partner. But besides Dennis, the show has also opened the gates for the men and women of South Carolina, which has featured their inner circle drama. While the audience appreciates the drama, after eight seasons, it’s evident that nothing is normal in the South. This is because everyone has secrets they continue hiding from their inner circle.

Southern Charm Season 9 Is Back On Bravo!

Southern Charm Season 9

No doubt, fans love Southern Charm for its high-society drama, and so far, it has gained exceptional ratings on IMDb as well as Rotten Tomatoes. This is why the show has been successful for almost a decade. However, after the departure of Dennis, many believed the show wouldn’t return for the next season. In fact, the lead cast announced this January that she wouldn’t be returning to the reality show. But she thanked everyone at Bravo for supporting her and capturing all the beautiful moments. While Dennis announced her exit, Madison LeCroy confirmed Southern Charm Season 9 is in the works.

During Amazon Live! in January 2023, Madison addressed the saddest departure of Dennis. She said it’s hard to imagine the show without Dennis. But she also confirmed her return and revealed that she had much to share in Southern Charm Season 9. The upcoming season wrapped up its filming at the end of March. However, Bravo hadn’t disclosed when the filming for the next season had begun. But it was believed that the filming began in the fall of 2022.

Reason Behind Kathryn Dennis’ Exit

Dennis has been in the show since its debut in 2014 and has become an essential part of Southern Charm. However, fans were shocked when she announced her exit from the show as the full-time cast. She discussed her journey with Southern Charm at People. Dennis recalled that she was just 21 when she started filming for Southern Charm. It was a remarkable journey that changed her life in the decade. But Dennis said she was lucky to be a part of the reality show. The TV personality also shared that she cherished her bond with the series and the rest of the team.

Southern Charm Season 9

She now has two children and wants to cherish her bond with them. Well, she had a stormy relationship with Thomas Ravenel. Throughout the years, the show focused on her journey of navigating the drama with her then-partner. The couple has two children, Saint and Kensie, who they co-parent together after a furious custody battle. Well, Thomas left the show in 2018 following his sexual assault scandal. However, the reason behind Dennis’ departure remains a mystery. But she is excited to live a life without reality cameras.

Is Southern Charm Season 9 The Final Season?

Well, the show has been on air since 2014 and has made a loyal fanbase. But fans are concerned about Southern Charm’s future following Dennis’ exit. Is Southern Charm Season 9 mark the end of the series? Fans speculate that the show may end after season 9. However, Bravo hasn’t confirmed this news. Further, the series has recently added some new faces to its cast roaster. Thus the chances of the continuation of its saga are high. But the network has yet to announce Southern Charm Season 10. However, it’s believed that Bravo will soon confirm its future following the season 9 premiere.

Southern Charm Season 9 Steamy Trailer Hints At A New Scandal

Bravo recently dropped the official Southern Charm Season 9 trailer this Thursday, which teased drama, tragedy, and steamy hookups. The trailer opens up with the return of Shep Rose from the Australian getaway. However, he appears shocked after learning that his ex, Taylor Ann Green hooked up with Austen Kroll, his best friend. Well, this news surprises him. It quickly creates a mess between Olivia Flowers, Austen, Taylor, and Shep. In the clip, Olivia asks Austen about his rumored hookup, which he denies. Meanwhile, Craig Conover seems focused on renovating his home.

He looks forward to taking his relationship with Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo to the next level. However, the couple isn’t on the same page. He proposes to Paige for marriage, but she asks for more time. It pisses Craig off. So he questions her, “Why would we date if” she didn’t want to “take the next step?” Meanwhile, Madison experiences a new milestone. She’s pregnant with her second child and visits the doctor in the trailer. But her relationship with Austen will face more setbacks. This is because the latter appears to be calling Madison a “sloppy mess” in the Southern Charm Season 9 trailer. On the other hand, Patricia Altschul tells the camera that one of the women sent their nudes to her son Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Did Austen And Taylor Really Bang?

Well, People confirmed this year that Austen and Taylor slept together in the fall. A source close to production revealed that the pair “didn’t have sex,” but they hooked up. They had a physical relationship, and it all started with the thought of dating each other. The production source revealed that they considered dating each other and sharing this with their family. But Taylor didn’t want to lose Olivia. In fact, she had second thoughts about her relationship with Austen. However, Austen and Taylor hooked up after the latter broke up with Shep, whom she claimed to have s** with over 300 women.

Southern Charm Season 9: Cast Details

It’s already been said that Dennis won’t return in the ninth season. But Shep Rose is all set to join Southern Charm Season 9 cast. He has returned to Charleston and wants to work on his bond with Taylor. Thus, it’s safe to say that Taylor Ann Green will also return. Well, she’s been trying to deal with her breakup with Shep. Her best friend, Olivia Flower, will support her. But the dating rumors will make things a mess. Despite that, Olivia will focus on her female friendships in Southern Charm Season 9. Besides them, the upcoming season will see the return of Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, and Madison LeCroy.

Southern Charm Season 9

Leva Bonaparte will also return for the ninth season with Venita Aspen. Rodrigo Reyes will join the cast too. Reyes is an interior designer and has been in a relationship with Tyler. Well, he also shares a friendly bond with Charmers for years. Rod Razavi will also join the series with Jarrett “JT” Thomas. Well, JT is looking for a partner, and he has joined the show with this in mind.

Southern Charm Season 9: Release Date

The network recently dropped the official trailer that teased the Southern Charm Season 9 release date. Filming for the ninth season wrapped up in March 2023. Thus, fans don’t have to wait much to see the new season. Southern Charm Season 9 is set to air on Bravo on September 14, 2023. The show follows a weekly release pattern with a runtime of around 42 minutes. Well, the episode count of this season remains under wrap. However, the eighth season consisted of 17 episodes. So we expect the same in the ninth season. We will update this soon. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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