May 19, 2024
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Luis Miguel Weight Loss: Singer Uses A “Controversial” Technique To Lose Weight!

Luis Miguel Weight Loss

Luis Miguel Weight Loss: Call him Luis Miguel or El Sol de Mexico; his legacy won’t change. While the music industry has several American and British artists, Luis Miguel knows how to stay on the popularity chart. This makes the Mexican singer one of the best-selling Latin artists. He is popular for his captivating life performances and world tours that are incredibly highly grossing. Well, the musician has acquired the top position in the hip-hop industry. But he is also a big name in multiple genres, including tangos, jazz, and ballads. Apart from his career, Luis Miguel also remains in the spotlight for his looks and appearance. In recent times, he has been spotted with more youthful energy and is believed to have undergone an astonishing physical transformation. He is also rumored to have undergone a possible cosmetic fix. Here’s everything about Luis Miguel Weight Loss and other related factors.


Luis Miguel Weight Loss: How He Lost So Many Stones?

Going even a single stone down is delightful for people who make consistent efforts to lose weight. But Luis Miguel was never so obese or bulky. However, his face does have a considerable amount of fat deposited. Not only this, but his growing age is also believed to have contributed a lot to his weight gain. But the recent fluctuations in his body weight have taken the internet by storm. The heartthrob singer looked slimmer and younger than before in his recent public appearance. That quickly sparked Luis Miguel Weight Loss speculations.

Luis Miguel

A photograph of him taken at a bar caught the attention of netizens. He posed for the camera with a few beautiful women by his side and looked extremely happy in the picture. As soon as the photograph surfaced on social media, in no time, it went viral. Since the Mexican singer looked young, fit, and healthier than before, it resulted in Luis Miguel Weight Loss speculations. Well, ahead of his new live performances lined up for 2023, the star took many by surprise with his slim physique.

Intermittent Fasting!

According to the reports, Luis Miguel followed a strict diet to get back in shape. A few tabloids claim that the singer lost about 20 kilos with the help of a proper diet plan. Talking more specifically, the musician practiced intermittent fasting for faster and more efficient results. But, the technique has a few drawbacks that diet experts always criticize. As per nutritionists, it is a controversial method that is not considered safe by many people.

Luis Miguel Weight Loss
Luis Miguel

In an interview, Luis Miguel opened up about his way of practicing it. At first, the 53-year-old referred to obesity as a disease. Further, the Mexican musician opened up about his 36 hours of intermittent fasting. While the dieticians call it a dangerous method to shed weight, it worked for him but is not recommended for everyone, as said by him on the show. For the unversed, intermittent fasting is a certain type of eating pattern that depends upon the duration of eating and fasting. It is characterized by not eating food for a certain period and then continuing the intake of a regular diet. Although it is a popular method, there are certain controversies related to it. Yet, it helped in Luis Miguel Weight Loss journey.

Luis Miguel Weight Loss: Did He Undergo A Surgery?

The recognizable change in his appearance has made Luis Miguel Weight Loss speculations more obvious. But what has received more attention is his younger look. He shared a photograph on social media showing off his rejuvenated facial look. Dressed in a black suit and having his signature hairstyle, Luis posed with a group of young women. This was when people noticed the significant change he had gone through since his last public appearance.

While fans were stunned to have Sol de México in a refreshing look, surgery assumptions were bound to come up. It is an obvious guess when it comes to facial transformation when Miguel is in his 50s. According to several online media websites, he underwent a cosmetic surgery procedure a long time ago. Talking more specifically about it, Luis Miguel is believed to have had facial rejuvenation surgery done. This treatment lets the muscles tighten to give a more youthful appearance.

Luis Miguel Weight Loss
Luis Miguel with young women

On the other side, a media outlet concludes that the Mexican singer also opted for plastic surgery. But sadly, it went wrong, and he had to spend days at home resting. Initial reports suggested that he was admitted to a hospital after Luis Miguel complained of stomach problems. Other stories say that the musician also suffered a bacterial infection in his lungs. The issue was reported when the liposuction treatment had some complications. Thus it’s safe to say that surgery has also played a part in Luis Miguel Weight Loss journey.

Luis Miguel Net Worth: Is He A Millionaire?

The Mexican singer is said to have one of the highest-grossing live performances and concerts. Further, Luis is said to be the highest–grossing Latino touring artist with a total of $278.5 million. Talking particularly about Luis Miguel net worth, the artist is speculated to be making between $180M – $200M. An exact figure is yet to be reported in the media. Moreover, most of his fortune comes from tours and concerts. In addition to this, his successful career also plays a vital role in contributing to Luis Miguel’s Net Worth. Also, with the release of ‘Romance,’ Miguel rose to huge prominence during the 90s. However, there’s no knowledge about his additional source of income. Further, information related to his collection of vehicles or other stuff and lavish lifestyle is yet to be explored.

Luis Miguel Weight Loss
Luis Miguel

Lately, the Grammy Award winner was all set to commence his next tour. Referred to as Luis Miguel Tour 2023–24, the concert tour started on August 3, 2023, in Buenos Aires. The performance was enjoyed by over 12000 fans who sang along with him. As per a press release, Luis was on the stage for about two and a half hours and sang his popular songs. The tracks included La chica del Bikini Azul’ and ‘La incondicional.’ The concert will have its ending performance at Guadalajara on December 18 this year. In September, Luis Miguel will travel to cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles. Thus it will eventually add more to Luis Miguel net worth. This is all about Luis Miguel Weight Loss transformation. For more updates, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247

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