April 14, 2024
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Heartbeat Episode 13: Woo-Hyeol Dying! Can In-Hae Save Him? WATCH HERE

Heartbeat Episode 13

Just now, Woo-hyeol and In-hae confessed their feelings for each other, and now, in Heartbeat Episode 13, they will soon face separation. Well, all thanks to the events that happen in the previous episode. Our love-struck vampire lost control and tried to kill the love of his life. But In-hae has someone to protect her, and this time it’s not Woo-hyeol. So it will ultimately make things complex for the couple. Will they get separated in the end? Fans are curious about how things will move, especially between In-hae and Woo-hyeol. Is it the end of their relationship? Let’s see what happens next with them in Heartbeat Episode 13.


Heartbeat Episode 13: Will Woo-Hyeol Leave In-Hae Again? What To Expect Next?

Woo-hyeol is surprised after losing consciousness and tries to suck In-hae’s blood. But Do-sik rushes to save her and pushes him off. It let him realize his mistake. While he’s worried for In-hae, Do-sik takes her to the hospital in Heartbeat Episode 13. She’s still unconscious as she has lost a lot of blood. Meanwhile, Do-sik warns Woo-hyeol and tells him to leave her forever. He doesn’t want the latter to stay close to In-hae. It pushes Woo-hyeol into misery as he wonders about his mistake. Further, his condition continues to deteriorate. Back at the hospital, In-hae learns about Do-sik’s warning and decides to find Woo-hyeol.

Heartbeat Episode 13
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But Do-sik warns her and tries to stop her. However, she’s true to her feelings and decides to follow Woo-hyeol. It soon makes things problematic between the two, and Do-sik orders someone to capture Woo-hyeol. He also makes things miserable for In-hae, as he cancels their deal, leaving her to pay the investment amount. Now she’s in debt and has to leave the guest house as per the legal notice. Meanwhile, Woo-hyeol and his friends decide to find In-hae’s father. They are also looking for a job to help the four of them meet the end. But Do-sik’s people capture Woo-hyeol to lift the curse from Do-sik’s family.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Woo-hyeol checking on In-hae when she was fast asleep. However, it woke her up, and she admitted that she was afraid of him leaving her. She was devasted by the fact of losing him and confessed her feelings for him. Her confession touched him, and he quickly kissed her, reflecting his feelings for her. They were now the love-struck couple. Meanwhile, Do-sik met Man-hwi in his office, claimed he knew a half-vampire, and struck a deal. The following day, Woo-hyeol told In-hae that he was lost when he left the villa, and Hae-won had no similarity with Hae-sun. Following this, they were about to kiss each other but were interrupted as Sang-hae and Dong-seop entered the room.

Heartbeat Episode 13
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When the three of them were alone, they asked Woo-hyeol about sucking In-hae’s blood. He then admitted that she was now in love with him. It shocked them. On the other hand, Hae-won asked Do-sik about Woo-hyeol. At the guest house, Gwang-ok left his son Min-jae in In-hae’s custody, and before she could say anything, he left. However, Min-jae wanted to go to an amusement park. So Dang-hae and Dong-seop told her and Woo-hyeol to take him with them, and they would manage the guest house in their absence. As for Do-sik, he learned about vampires working at the guest house and was worried about In-hae. However, while returning to the guest house, things turned upside-down. A stalker wounded In-hae, and since she was bleeding from her temple, Woo-hyeol couldn’t hold back as his eyes turned red.

Heartbeat Episode 13: Release Date

The upcoming episode will force Woo-hyeol to leave. Now his life will turn upside-down in Heartbeat Episode 13. You can catch it in the upcoming episode, which will air on August 7, 2023, at 9.50 pm KST. The series consists of 16 episodes with a runtime of around an hour long. For the South Korean audience, the show is available on KBS2. Meanwhile, global fans can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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