April 14, 2024
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Joe Thomas Weight Loss: Finally “SLIMMER & HEALTHIER,” Says Former NFL Player!

Joe Thomas Weight Loss

NFL star Joe Thomas is known as an incredible offensive lineman for Cleveland Browns and has recently announced his retirement in March 2018. Soon after his exit from the Browns, the professional footballer made headlines with his latest transformation. This quickly sparked Joe Thomas weight loss words all around the internet. Well, the star player had always been spotted in his bulky physique. Thus such changes made fans curious as well as concerned about his health. In fact, many speculated whether Joe Thomas is suffering from some severe health issues. But instead of leaving things hanging, the NFL player recently addressed his weight loss transformation. So let’s see what he has to say now.


Joe Thomas Weight Loss Transformation: An Incredible Journey

A ten-time Pro Bowler is known to put on pounds to stay fit in his offensive lineman position. Well, he once weighed 250 pounds which wasn’t suitable for his role in the offensive line. Thus the six-time First-Team All-Pro gained some pounds to suit this role. But following his retirement, Joe appeared in unrecognizable looks as he appeared slimmer than before. It quickly sparked Joe Thomas weight loss rumors. NFL fans are now curious to know why he has opted to shed some pounds. While speaking to GQ, Joe finally admitted that being 300 pounds for almost fifteen years was too much. He had faced many severe health issues and was on anti-inflammatories and medicines to handle the pain.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas

In fact, he said his wife also told him to focus more on his diet, as he ate literally anything until he felt sick. Finally, after he announced his retirement on March 14, 2018, Joe decided to shed some pounds and live a healthy lifestyle. He told the outlet that now he was in a lot less pain, and all the credit goes to his new diet. He is no longer a 300-pound grown man. The NFL player confirmed that he had lost 50 pounds, and now he’s back to his high school weight: 250 pounds. However, Joe Thomas’ weight loss journey has inspired his fans, who are curious to learn how he made it.

Joe credited Katy, Browns’ dietician, for helping him shed 40 pounds instantly. The NFL former player said Katy suggested he track his diet closely and learn the nutrients instead of eating whatever is on his plate. With this advice, it became easy for him to lose 40 pounds, and following Joe Thomas weight loss, he returned to maintain his calories to eat normally. However, the NFL player needed to track his diet and eat smarter. Thus, he first understood the ideal ratio of protein, carbs, and fats suitable for him. Now he enjoys his low-carb diet and has also cut short the sugar and processed carbohydrates.

He Did Intermittent Fasting And Keto

Joe told GQ that he followed low carbs and keto diet during the week. In fact, the footballer avoided processed carbohydrates and sugars to maintain a healthy relationship with food. He also did intermittent fasting, cutting down the breakfast and instead eating small. Joe also told the outlet that he had changed his lunch timing and started eating lunch late. He mainly lifted in the afternoon to enjoy dinner with his family, the biggest meal of the day.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas weight loss is also a result of the right exercise regime. He said he often did cardio. Although Joe avoided cheat days, he enjoyed beer, pizza, or pasta with his buddies on the weekdays. In fact, he sometimes enjoys dessert with his family and enjoys cheat days on somebody’s birthday. Joe Thomas called the cheat days an excellent mental reset. Well, keeping intact of his weight was crucial for him, especially when he had arthritis. Thus he needs to enjoy a meal that is good for his health.

Joe Thomas Prefers Yoga Over Heavy Workout

No doubt, exercise plays a crucial role in Joe Thomas weight loss journey. He told Men’s Health that he loves yoga as it makes him and his body feel good. It’s just like cardio for him, and it also helps his joints to heal and reduces pain as well. However, his wife calls it a stretch. But he believes yoga is the perfect workout as he sweats heavily. He’s now 255 but still trying to lose some pounds. Besides yoga, Joe Thomas also enjoys his time in the pool. He told the outlet that it helped his joints. Since he joined NFL, his joints have been so stressed, and now it is finally his time to cure it. He also loves single-joint exercises, swimming, and biking, which helps in Joe Thomas weight loss.

But There Was A Time When Joe Thomas Worked On Putting More Pounds

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas

While discussing Joe Thomas weight loss journey, the star player told Men’s Health that there was a time when he worked on gaining some pounds. When he joined Wisconsin in July, he was 250, and his team wanted to move him to the offensive line. But his weight wasn’t suitable for the position. Thus he worked on his eating habits to gain more pounds. He revealed he used to take a loaf of bread and make peanut butter jelly sandwiches from it, which he ate every 30 minutes, including three main meals daily. Joe chugged a 30-35-ounce glass of milk before bed. He continued this until Joe Thomas weight gain actually happened, and he finally gained almost 310 pounds.

But he wasn’t satisfied with this; thus, the NFL player put on some extra pounds and later gained 325 pounds. It helped him in his NFL game. Despite this, the footballer said it was a struggle to maintain weight throughout his NFL career. This is because if they were too heavy, they would get fined. So it was stressful as he needed to keep his weight and continued to gain some extra pounds while staying fit. Thus Joe Thomas weight gain was almost stressful.

Joe Thomas’ “Eating Until Feels Sick” In An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

NFL All-Decade Team member Joe Thomas said that he used to do intense cardio, which led to heartburn, and because of the amount of carbs he was using, things turned problematic for him. In fact, the star player had sleep apnea. He revealed that his wife told him he occasionally stopped breathing in the middle of his sleep, and his stomach was also stretched out. However, he had to stick to that meal to maintain his spot in the Browns. However, his wife feared Joe Thomas weight gain. But finally, following his retirement, the star player decided to shed some pounds.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas

However, he revealed that the high calories food and sugar he was using were actually creating problems for him. It further increased his doctor visits as he had severe inflammation and pain in his joints, back, and other body parts. However, after following a low-carb diet, he felt better in his knees, and the pain was almost gone. Now he’s in better shape after losing plenty of pounds.

Joe Thomas Opens Up About The Controversial Trade

During an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Joe Thomas revealed that Peyton Manning made a controversial statement just before the 2015 season trade. He said that Manning approached him and that Joe should go to GM’s office to get traded. Besides this, he also used abusive language and mocked Joe Thomas just before the trade deadline. However, things turned in Joe’s favor as Peyton was told he wasn’t a spring chicken anymore, and the team wanted someone else. However, Peyton and Joe were on good terms and enjoyed their journey together playing for the Browns.

Finally, In The Hall Of Fame

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas

Thomas played for 10,363 offensive snaps throughout his NFL career for Cleveland Browns. This historic number has finally recognized him; now he’s in the Hall Of Fame. Cleveland’s director of football communications, Dan Murphy, said that ultimately Joe Thomas received the credits for playing the offensive snaps of his career. Murphy added that it wasn’t the actual number and would’ve been higher if penalties didn’t nullify them. Following his retirement in 2018, Thomas made almost 10,363 offensive snaps that made his way to the Ring Of Honor at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

In fact, NFL coach Bill Johnson called it a throwback. However, it also made things problematic for him. During one of his games, Thomas had a major injury as he had torn knee ligaments. Joe Thomas has also mentioned that incident. However, it is a bizarre coincidence that Joe Thomas and Darrelle Revis were the only first-ballot Hall of Famers in 2023. This is all about Joe Thomas weight loss and NFL journey. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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