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Kevin Samuels Wife: Why Relationship-Guru Had Severe Failed Marriages?

Kevin Samuels Wife: Have you ever heard of a relationship guru in real life? If yes! You might have heard of several public figures, but Kevin Samuels was ridiculously extraordinary. The American personality was known for his live streams on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Kevin used to discuss modern society and relationship aspects in his videos. Initially, he worked in the marketing industry as an image consultant. Later on, the 53-year-old shifted to social media and other such platforms. He rose to prominence in 2020 and amassed millions of followers and subscribers. Two years later, in February, he acted as a dating coach in the music video Worst Day. Now, since he was considered a relationship guru, did he date several people in his life? This curiosity led people to search for Kevin Samuels Wife. Here’s what we know about it.

Kevin Samuels Wife: Was He Married At The Time Of Death?

Sadly, Kevin Samuels died on May 5, 2022, aged fifty-three. However, when alive, he was linked to a couple of females, leading people constantly speculate about his relationship status. According to reports, Kevin wasn’t married at the time of his death. Even though he was one of the most celebrated figures to discuss his personal life, the YouTuber did not reveal being in a relationship. But, as per the sources, the Internet personality spent his last night with a woman. But a clear identity of the female is not known yet. Was she Kevin Samuels Wife?

Kevin Samuels And Brittany Renner

Well, there are no reports that suggest him to be in a married relationship at the time of death. So, it’s safe to say that the streamer was not married. But, he was rumored to be dating American fitness model Brittany Renner. The rumors sparked when the late YouTuber was spotted with her in one of his live streams. Further, Kevin Samuels Wife’s concerns took another turn after he was alleged to be dating another Instagram model.

Kevin Samuels Wife: The Live Streamer Was Divorced Twice!

Discussing modern society and relationships was always fascinating for Kevin Samuels. He never missed a chance to explain various aspects of it to the general public. This eventually led his admirers to turn up to Kevin Samuels Wife’s concerns. A couple of famous TV personalities have been in his videos, but fans did not get to have his wife either on YouTube or Instagram. This apparently fueled the interest of netizens.

The self-proclaimed relationship guru was reportedly married twice. Unfortunately, both of the marriages failed and ended up being in divorce. Kevin Samuels revealed the same fact to Vlad TV. In the interview, he opened up about marrying his high school sweetheart, but the relationship lasted only for a year. Apart from his two ex-wives, Kevin was constantly linked romantically to an Instagram model (@sixthegoddi) in 2020.

Kevin Samuels

Who Was His First Wife?

As already mentioned, Kevin Samuels was married to his childhood sweetheart. He revealed this fact in an interview, and the revelation triggered more curiosity about his personal life. Although he didn’t disclose her name publicly, Kevin shared that he had known her since 4th grade. However, a proper timeline of their relationship is not disclosed. But they remained a married couple for a year and then got divorced.

Throwing more light on it, Samuels said that they were better as friends rather than as a couple. There were lots of stuff that affected their relationship, and they signed the divorce papers. Despite sharing various beautiful moments, both of them separated due to unknown reasons.

Kevin Samuels Wife: Second Marriage!

It is not easy for an individual to move on. Kevin Samuels also suffered the same until he exchanged vows again. Seven years later, the YouTuber got married to another woman. The influencer claimed that the relationship lasted for three years, but they parted ways due to irreconcilable differences. Just like his previous marriage, the identity of his second’s wife is unknown.

How Many Children Did Kevin Samuels Have?

Kevin Samuels

The late YouTuber is the father of a daughter only. Her name is under wraps and has not been revealed. He shared a daughter with his first wife. As per reports, she was born on June 29, 2000, and turned 23 this year. However, two years before, in 2021, a young girl claimed herself to be Kelvin’s daughter. But the woman’s claim reportedly turned out as false. But her custody has been really shared by Kevin and his first ex-wife.

How Did Kevin Samuels Die?

The woman whom he stayed with the night, which was apparently his last night, called 911 for help. Samuels was not responding, and his behavior showed signs of unconsciousness. Kevin complained of chest pains and then collapsed suddenly. He was taken to Piedmont Hospital but couldn’t make it. Kevin Samuels died on May 5, 2023.

As of what the medical experts have examined, YouTuber Kevin died due to hypertension. In more straightforward ways, we can regard it as high blood pressure. His manner of death seemed natural. According to Mayo Clinic’s statement, hypertension is a common condition that eventually causes other health ailments.

Moreover, during the time of his death, many fans argued that Ortencia Alcantara might be behind his sudden death. She is accused of being with him in the apartment the night he lost consciousness. Although she is reported to have called 911 for help, she is constantly targeted for his murder accusation. Following Kevin’s death, Alcantara decided to stay away from social media and even made her Instagram account private. Moreover, the social media influencer wrote down a message targeting those who blamed her for the mishap. She concluded her words by calling herself a humble six-figure woman.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth: The Live Streamer Had Millions Of Subscribers!

There are no official figures reported by tabloids that confirm an exact figure associated with Kevin Samuels Net Worth. But, relying upon the speculations, the self-proclaimed relationship guru was expected to be earning $4 million. Comparing his earnings to that of his ex-wives, Kevin’s salary looks much higher. Although details about his ex-wives’ income are not known. So probably, they are not earning such a whopping wealth. What do you think? This is all about Kevin Samuels Wife. Let us know in the comments section. Keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates.

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