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King The Land Episode 16: Recap! Won Finally Ends With Sa-rang! Ending Explained! WATCH HERE

King The Land Episode 16


Won’s life took a miserable turn when Sa-rang was nowhere to be found. Well, he just started to live his best life. However, his step-sister made things complex for the couple. However, King The Land Episode 16 witnessed some sweet changes in the couple’s love life. In the final episode, the couple made bold and dramatic decisions that changed their lives. Well, fans had been waiting to see them together, and it finally happened in the finale. But everything comes with a price. It was Hwa-ran’s turn to taste her own medicine. Did she break down after losing to Won? What about Won and Sa-rang? Did they end up together? Here’s a quick King The Land Episode 16 recap to cater to your excitement. Keep reading.

King The Land Episode 16: A Quick Recap!

Following Gu Won’s return to Seoul, he looked for Sa-rang, who wasn’t at the King The Land. He tried to ask her whereabouts, but the staff had no idea about it. On the other hand, Sa-rang returned to her grandmother, who scolded her for keeping it a secret. So she finally revealed her plans. She told her grandmom that she wasn’t happy at the hotel and that her career wasn’t moving per her plan. Well, she also told Won the same thing that she wanted to quit. But it confused him, but he wanted to support her at any cost. 

But Why Did She Want To Quit?

King The Land Episode 16

In King The Land Episode 16, Sa-rang finally revealed that she wanted to start her own hotel, which was why she wanted to quit. He was glad to hear this as she finally started sharing her concern and plans with him. Won also promised to stay beside her, and she did the same. Soon he called the drone operator and told him to cancel their planned event, confusing Sa-rang. She tried to ask him, but he asked her to wait for a while. The waitress then captured their moment, and Sa-rang kept the picture with her.

Sa-rang then met Chairman Gu and revealed her decision. He thought she was declaring war against him. But the former then cleared everything she would do to be stronger for Won and continue loving him. Sa-rang also told Gu she would never disappoint him, leading the Chairman to apologize. But everyone was upset after learning this news. Sang-sik was upset, and after exchanging sweet words, Sa-rang left for the bus stop. However, she was surprised to see a white limbo waiting for her, which turned out as a gift from Won.

Da-eul Last Warning!


Meanwhile, Da-eul had a freak-out moment in the final episode. King The Land Episode 16 saw his husband grumpy after seeing her go out with her friends. Her husband, Chung-Jae, asked her annoyingly to help him with household chores. However, she yelled at him and told him to find a job as she couldn’t handle his expenses. In fact, her daughter also supported Da-eul and decided to help her father find a job.

Sa-rang’s First Milestone

After leaving King Hotel, Sa-rang, and Won worked on finding a new building for the former’s hotel. They were searching for a perfect building when she finally stumbled on one. Later Pyeong-hwa and Da-eul threw a party to celebrate the moment as she became the boss among the three. Meanwhile, her grandmother handed her the money she was saving her entire life. With that money, Sa-rang started renovating the place and fixed everything. Sa-rang later named it Hotel Amor, a place for romance.

Hwa-ran Finally Listened To Her Heart


The time had come. Hwa-ran’s son Ji-hu was about to leave for the USA. At the Gus, he greeted his family for the last time. He was polite and sounded mature as he headed to the USA the next day. However, Won knew his condition as he went through the same. So he asked Hwa-ran to be polite and easy on her son. It later let her realize her feelings for him. She then had a brief moment with her son at the airport. Before leaving King The Land Episode 16, Ji-hu hugged his mom and said he loved her. Soon after hearing those words, she burst into tears and took him home.

Won Proposed To Sa-rang

Won was working hard at King Hotel and doing his work to the fullest while Sa-rang was ready for opening night. Before falling asleep, she texted him but suddenly woke up by a disturbing sound. She was about to hit the intruder but left surprised by seeing Won. He had covered the lawn with flowers as a beautiful start for Sa-rang. Later they hung out on the lawn and celebrated the moment. However, Won was upset as it was time to leave. But he tried to stay with her. So Sa-rang playfully told him to stay in her room instead of driving back this late.


Soon they shared a passionate kiss before ending up in bed. They behaved more lovey-dovey the following day in King The Land Episode 16. Everything turned out quite well, Hotel Amor was successful, and things paid off as Sa-rang imagined. A month later, Pyeong-hwa and Ro-woon wondered about Hotel Amor’s success and how it was always booked. In the middle of their conversation, he revealed that he wanted her to meet his mother, which panicked her. This was because she wasn’t prepared. However, she was startled after discovering his mother was dead. She then promised his mother to stay by his side.

Meanwhile, Won was helping Sa-rang to deal with her hotel. He made all the excuses to meet her daily and stay by her side, which she also enjoyed a lot. But he appeared exhausted, and it worried her. Since it was hard for him to travel back and forth, he applied for a job at her hotel. His decision amused her, and she soon hired him. Soon he decided to propose to her, and he thought her grandmother’s birthday was the perfect day to do so. He cooked the dinner and asked for her blessings, leaving her with teary eyes.

King The Land Episode 16: Ending Explained


The rom-com ended with Sa-rang and Won’s wedding. Mi-so was standing at the entrance when Ji-hu and Hwa-ran arrived. The latter was stunned to see her, which led Ji-hu to question Mi-ho’s identity. He wondered whether she was also his grandmother. As for Mi-so, she was proud of Hwa-ran for letting go of the past. Inside the venue, Gu met Won, and they both shared a father-son moment. For the first time, they hugged each other. Later Gu proposed to Mi-so, but she rejected him. Later the rest of the six siblings arrived at the place. Cho-rong had a moment with Ro-Woon, and they all mocked Sang-Sik.

Finally, Won and Sa-rang arrived, and they walked down the aisle together. In the closing moment, King The Land Episode 16 featured the epilogue where they both went for wedding outfit shopping. It showcased how Sa-rang rejected every outfit of Won’s choice. But she finally approved the last tuxedos. He tried to kiss her, but she reminded him of the camera. Soon Won snapped his fingers, and the curtain dropped, leaving them to share a kiss.

Well, the show ended beautifully, leaving no room to explore. But if the creator decides to return with King The Land Season 2, we’ll update you. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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