May 27, 2024
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Julia Roberts Weight Gain: Actress Transformed Herself After Being Called “Malnourished!”

Julia Roberts Weight Gain

Julia Roberts is known for her remarkable role in the 2018’s thriller series Homecoming. In fact, the American actress has given plenty of blockbuster hits throughout her career. But she has recently been surrounded by several controversies and theories. Among them, Julia Roberts weight gain has become a significant concern for her fans. Many are surprised to see such a massive change in the actress’ figure. This is because the Academy Award winner is known for her slender look. Thus people are keen to know what led her to gain such an amount, as she looked curvier and puffier than before. Apart from this, a filmmaker has also shared his bad experience working with Julia Roberts. That ultimately created problems in her career. So is she still in showbiz? Let’s see!


Fans Seem Concerned About Julia Roberts Weight Gain!

Recently, the Mystic Pizza star has been spotted with a completely different look. She looked a bit puffier and bustier, quickly gaining much attention. Many of her fans believe the actress is going through severe health complications, resulting in Julia Roberts weight gain. This is because the actress stacked 20 kgs more. Meanwhile, some believe that the changes in her weight are because of the fluctuations in her career, which leads to the changes in her mental health status. Well, several speculations are circling on the internet. But the actress hasn’t yet opened up about Julia Roberts weight gain. Thus it remains unclear what led her to gain such a huge amount.

Julia Roberts Weight Gain
Julia Roberts

Disturbed Marriage Leads To Julia Roberts Gaining Weight

Julia Roberts is known for her disturbed relationship with Kiefer Sutherland. However, after a failed relationship, the actress exchanged vows with Danny Moder in 2002 in a super-private ceremony. Well, the couple met in 2000 during the set of The Mexican movie. Danny was working as the cameraman while Julia appeared opposite Brad Pitt’s love interest. However, the film paved the path for the couple, who later married. A couple of years later, the pair welcomed their first twins. Soon in 2006, Roberts and Moder announced they were expecting their third child and welcomed a baby boy named Henry Daniel in 2007.

Despite sharing a beautiful bond, the couple faced a series of setbacks. Back in 2018, the report surfaced that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage had hit a rough patch. Many outlets covered the couple were about to split. During that time, the actress was also going through some transformation in her look. Well, she lost a lot of pounds back then, sparking Julia Roberts weight loss. But now many believe Julia Roberts weight gain was because of her failed marriage. However, in an interview, Roberts told Harper’s Bazaar that it hurt to see such negative comments on their relationship. She revealed that all the claims were false and the couple was happy together. She also added that they had just celebrated their 16th anniversary and would continue to do it.

Couple Celebrated 21 Years Together

While there are several rumors about Julia Roberts weight gain and disturbed relationship, the couple shut down the false rumors. On July 4, 2023, Roberts and Moder shared a beautiful snap of them kissing each other on social media. Despite the rumors surrounding their split, the couple shared some romantic moments by axing all the negative theories surrounding their marriage. It’s been almost 21 years, and now the couple looks forward to adding more to their lives.

So, What Lead To Julia Roberts Weight Gain?

Well, many believe Julia Roberts weight gain is due to some health issues. But it’s quite common to put on weight at a certain age. The actress is currently 55 and is reported to have faced the menopause. Well, it’s quite common to put on some extra pounds during menopause; hence, it appears Steel Magnolias star has gone through the same. During menopause, women generally gain weight around their hips, thighs, and abdomen. So it’s believed that Roberts has also gained considerable weight for the same reason.

Julia Roberts Weight Gain
Julia Roberts

Typically, menopause leads to a gain in muscle mass and a decrease in metabolism. Thus it makes things challenging for women to maintain a healthy weight. Further, it also leads to eating disorders. As per the reports, many women have gone through binge-eating disorders. So fans believe that Julia Roberts weight gain is also associated with this situation as she might have developed an eating disorder. However, the Golden Globe Award winner hasn’t addressed it and continues to support body positivity.

But There Was A Time When She Appeared “Malnourished!”

Well, Julia Roberts had never appeared bustier and curvier before. She has always opted for a slender look. However, the mother of three hit the headlines as her appearance grew her fans’ concern. She looked way too thin. This grew Julia Roberts weight loss news all over the internet. Many were focused on the reason behind her shedding such a tremendous amount of weight. The rumors surfaced back in 2019 when Roberts made her public appearance in a sexy black dress. However, fans were concerned about her health as she appeared “malnourished.”

Julia Roberts Weight Gain
Julia Roberts

It was reported that the actress worked with her trainer six days a week. As per an insider, she did yoga and pilates and hardly ate anything. This ultimately resulted in Julia Roberts weight loss. The insider further stated that she was down to 105 pounds and continued to shed some more amount. However, her new look appeared ghastly as her arms and legs looked spindle. While many wonder about the reason behind such a sudden transformation, some claim she’d fallen prey to the beauty standard. Further, this change in her look made her fans more curious. However, it was later revealed that the actress was working on a comeback.

Steven Spielberg Recalled His “Worst Experience” With Julia Roberts

As per the source, the Oscar winner aimed for her return to the big-screen drama “Ben Is Black” and her 2018 thriller series, Homecoming. The series was a blockbuster hit, leading to a boost in Julia Roberts net worth. Later the star returned with several other ventures. But her return also attracted several controversy. Recently, in an interview, the filmmaker Steven Spielberg recalled his experience working with Roberts in Hook. Though the actress has a huge name in the entertainment industry, the filmmaker called it the “worst experience” to cast her in the project.

He also said he would never cast her in future projects because of her rude behavior. In 1991, Steven worked on a movie adaptation of J.M. Barrie, Wendy, and Peter’s famous book that was a commercial hit. The movie did business of almost $300 million. Despite that, Steven said he would never work with Julia Roberts. He later addressed the reason and said communicating with Julia Roberts was the most challenging task. While the actress played “Tinkerbell” in the movie, the crew used to call her “Tinkerhell.” Well, it was because of her lousy behavior toward them.

Julia Roberts Weight Gain
Julia Roberts and Steven Sutherland

Another reason behind it was her inactivity. She suddenly disappeared during the movie’s filming, leading to an unexpected production halt. It was because the actress was dating Sutherland, who was cheating on her back then. She discovered this right before their wedding. So instead of dealing with the situation, the actress disappeared and received no phone calls. It further affected her bond with the filmmaker and the remaining cast members.

Danny Moder’s Sister Called Roberts “Rude Diva”

Amid Julia Roberts weight loss rumors in 2019, Moder’s troubled sister Jyl addressed Roberts’ behavior. Well, Jyl penned in her rehab diary that Roberts only cared about herself. She slammed her sister-in-law and said the possessive “diva” had destroyed Moder’s family. Many of the family members blamed Julia Roberts for the destruction of Moder clan and said her emaciated condition was the reason behind the family split. Jyla revealed that Julia Roberts’s had neighbors who used to take her kids to school and soccer practice. She didn’t care about her family; she only focused on her career and other projects. But the actress denied such claims.

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts Weight Gain
Danny Moder and Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts made her debut with the Oscar-nom movie Steel Magnolias, but she gained a breakthrough in 1990 with her chartbuster hit Pretty Woman. Soon after this, her career rose to great heights. She soon returned with several back-to-back hit movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Erin Brokovich, Eat, Pray, Love, and Runaway Bride. In fact, she earned several accolades for her remarkable performance. It not only helped her gain fame but also boosted Julia Roberts net worth. Currently, the actress’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million.

Other reports suggest that the actress earns almost $20 and $40 million from acting salaries and endorsements. Well, the actress also has several real estate properties. She has $6.4 million worth of property in Malibu, which she tore down in 2018 and put the mansion for rent with a monthly fee of $10,000. Besides this, she also has a reach in Taos, New Mexico, and a luxurious apartment in Manhattan. Both are jointly worth over $36.5 million. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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