April 17, 2024
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Annika Season 2: Set To Release This Summer! Sven Henriksen Has Joined The Cast!

Annika Season 2

Annika Season 2: With lots of suspects around and a murder victim, is a typical setting of any crime series. The same goes for the Scottish crime drama titled Annika. Throughout the episodes, one cannot take his eyes off Annika Strandhed. Her witty moves and sharp mind lead to the investigation of several murders. Unlike other protagonists, she establishes a direct connection with the viewers. Ever since the finale of the first season aired, fans cannot hold their patience for the sophomore installment. The series debuted in August 2021, and it has been almost two years since we last saw Detective Inspector tracing a case. The grizzly murders and captivating mysteries are just enough to describe the series’ success. Moreover, Annika Season 2 has already received an update. Here’s what we know about it!


Annika has a strong relationship with the broadcasting network BBC. There are a couple of reasons that justify this connection between the two. Firstly, the show is based on ‘Annika Stranded,’ a drama that aired on BBC Radio 4. Later on, in May 2023, the debut season premiered on BBC One. The gripping series was a huge success when it was originally released on Alibi. It received a positive response and ultimately broke several records. As per the official viewership data, Annika is the most-watched drama ever on the network. Besides this, the interesting side of the detective referring to history and literature for solving the murders was completely a unique concept.

What Is The Status Of Annika Season 2? Is It Renewed?

Almost after a year since the first season was released, Annika Season 2 received an update from the officials. It states that the series is returning for the second installment. In August 2022, the drama was picked up for a new batch of episodes. A few sources close to the project revealed that Annika will stay in Glasgow. Therefore, it seems like the project could have completed its production earlier by this year. As Annika was apparently a mini-series, an announcement of the sequel was overwhelming for the fans.

Annika Season 2

On the other hand, Radio Times has exclusively revealed some photos from the second season. Basically, these first-look snaps reveal the upcoming cast. It also shared a few photographs that depicted different scenes and emotions. They also suggested a couple of new faces would join the cast of Annika in the forthcoming chapter. Well, the lead actor, Nicola Walker, said that it was going to be a bumpy ride for the team. Thus something more dramatic is about to happen in the upcoming season. Further, she also looked forward to the plot extension.

What Will Happen In Annika Season 2?

The story revolves around a Detective Inspector, Annika Strandhed. She was recently transferred to the Marine Homicide Unit and began working. Meanwhile, her teenage daughter, named Morgan, started attending a new school. Suddenly, things took a turn when a Coast Guard discovered a dead body. Shockingly the victim was killed with a specialized weapon called a harpoon. The dead person used to be a boat owner and took tourists away on whale hunts. The case became more complex when Morgan bumped in and tried to distract the DI. Besides this, Annika was clueless as the only suspect also lost his life.

In another episode, a murdered body was found on a boat that was strangely surrounded by several stones. The boat then had a huge explosion, but thankfully, Annika survived. Further, all the possible clues and hints made the MHU team investigate the case in a small island village. The series of criminal cases and murder investigations prevailed throughout the episodes. However, the story also delved particularly into the mother-daughter relationship.

Annika Season 2

Talking about the story of Annika season 2, it will again have stand-alone stories in each episode. But, the makers promise more suspense, thrill, and crime. Again, there will be times when the inspector will question her parenting. Since Strandhed is a single mother, circumstances would be challenging for her.

Who Is Returning In The Next Season?

Following the official announcement of the second installment, a few of the cast members have also been finalized. Nicola Walker has again signed the dotted lines as the lead character, DI Annika Strandhed. Jamie Sives is all set to reprise his role as Michael McAndrews, while Katie Leung is returning to the screens as Blair Ferguson. Besides these actors, Ukweli Roach as Tyrone Clarke and Silvie Furneaux as Morgan are also coming back. This means that the entire core cast is returning to Annika Season 2. On the other hand, some fresh faces have also been added to the cast. Sven Henriksen will be playing Annika’s father, and Varada Sethu will be spotted as Harper Weston.

Annika Season 2: Release Date

There were rumors that suggested the return of Annika in 2023. Initially, it was not confirmed, but Radio Times has revealed that Annika Season 2 is set to release on August 9, 2023, at 9 pm. It will be exclusively available on Alibi

. The show will be available on BBC One and iPlayer following its release on its original network. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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