May 19, 2024
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King The Land Season 2: Finale Drops Hint Of Potential “Sequel!” Is It Happening?

King The Land Season 2

No doubt, K-drama has a huge global fan following, and now the global audience is crushing over Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah after watching their brilliant performance on King The Land. However, the series recently wrapped up, and now the audience seems curious to learn whether or not King The Land Season 2 will return. Typically K-drama follows quite a different pattern compared to the other Netflix series. However, the first season’s ending hints at a potential sequel. So is King The Land Season 2 happening? Well, we have bittersweet news for the series fans. So keep reading to find it out. 


The series follows Gu family heir Won, who can’t stand fake smiles. This is because of his traumatic childhood memory. But when he meets an employee of King Hotel, everything changes. His encounter with Cheon Sa Rang turns his life upside-down and brings them closer. The pair try to create happy moments. However, they face setbacks thanks to Won’s step-sister Hwa-ran. Well, she eyes King The Land Hotel, a VVIP business lounge that is the favorite spot of wealthy hoteliers. It leads to the power battle between Won and Hwa-ran. But as the show progresses, Won realizes he doesn’t crave power or money, which puts things on a different level.

Is King The Land Season 2 Renewed?

Since the beginning of King The Land, fans have been interested to know the future of Won and Sa-rang, and luckily, they learn it in the finale. But after the couple gets a perfect ending, the question arises: whether the show will return with another season. Well, the show just wrapped up this Sunday, so it’s pretty early to guess the future of the series. Further, Netflix has yet to renew the show for King The Land Season 2. But it doesn’t mean the show will end up with only one season. This is because the show gained huge global success. Thus it hints at the possibility of its return. Further, the giant streaming platform usually renews the show based on its performance.

King The Land Season 2

Although Netflix hasn’t disclosed the viewership of King The Land, it has gained an average of 11.008% viewership on the local Korean network. Apart from this, the show’s ratings topped the charts following the third episode. The pilot episode received 5.344% viewership, while the finale gained 14.534%. Thus it shows its immense popularity in South Korea. Besides this, the show also gained 8.4/10 on MyDramaList. Thus, fans believe that the show will return with another season. In fact, some loose ends suggest the chances of King The Land Season 2 are high.

Well, typically, the K-drama doesn’t follow a multi-season pattern. But following Squid Game, Taxi Driver, and Dr. Romantic, things are changing in the K-industry. So the show may return for another season. Also, Netflix hasn’t canceled King The Land Season 2, so we can expect it to return soon.

King The Land Season 2: Who Will Be In The Cast?

The show follows Im Yoon-ah’s Cheon Sa-rang and Lee Jun-ho’s Gu Won’s love story. Thus the chances of their return in King The Land Season 2 are more. Well, both Jun-ho and Yoon-ah are already huge names in the K industry as they made their debut as K-idols. So undoubtedly, they will return to navigate their future struggles. Besides them, the second season can also witness the return of Son Byong-ho as Goo Il-hoon, Kim Seon-young as Goo Hwa-ran, and Nam Gi-ae as Han Mi-so.

King The Land Season 2

Additionally, the show also consists of Kim Young-ok as Cha Soon-hee, Go Won-hee as Oh Pyeong-hwa, Ahn Se-ha as Noh Sang-sik, and Kim Ga-eun as Kang Da-eul. Other cast members who can make their return to King The Land Season 2 are Choi Tae-hwan as Seo Chung-Jae, Jo Won-jo as Professor Yoon, and Kim Dong-ha as Yoon Ji-hoo. However, Netflix has yet to announce the second season’s cast roaster; thus, it’s quite unclear whether new faces will join the show. But if they do, we’ll update you.

A Quick Recap!

Well, the show began with Won’s traumatic past. He was Gu’s son from his second wife, which made things miserable for him as his step-sister always tried her best to force him away from their property. Meanwhile, Sa-rang is an employee at King Hotel. The pair first met at the hotel’s gym. While their encounter was quite unpleasant, they grew closer after the indifference between them sorted up. As the show progressed, Won started having feelings for Sa-rang and decided to propose to her. As for Sa-rang, she was already in a strained relationship. However, things worked in their favor, and they came closer.

King The Land Season 2

But their happiness didn’t last long. This was because Hwa-ran tried to kick Won out of the hotel. So, she tried every possible means to throw dirt on his name. However, everything became fruitful for her when she learned about Won and Sa-rang’s relationship. So she paid the media to fuel their dating scandal rumors. Although Hwa-ran’s move affected their relationship, Won decided to stay beside Sa-rang. At the show’s end, Sa-rang left King The Land Hotel to start her hotel named Hotel Amor. The couple came closer during her new journey, and Chairman Gu supported them as well. The finale ended with the couple’s wedding, where Hwa-ran also reunited with her son.

What Will Happen In King The Land Season 2 Now?

Although the show ends positively, leaving no room for King The Land Season 2, its return is possible. Fans saw Won and Sa-rang’s wedding in the finale. So the second season may focus on their journey as a newly-wed couple. Further, Sa-rang’s hotel will show a boost in popularity, competing with King The Hotel. That may bring more challenges in the couple’s life. However, there’s a chance that the second season will delve deeper into Hwa-ran’s character growth. Well, she finally decides to change for her son. So we can expect more of the mother-son moment in the next season. Apart from this, Sa-rang’s girl group has also seen development in their romantic relationship and personal life. Thus the upcoming season may focus on these characters more.

King The Land Season 2: Release Date

King The Land Season 2

As mentioned above, Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of King The Land for the second season. Typically, the giant streaming takes a couple of months to announce its decision. So we expect the same with the K-drama. Further, the show has yet to undergo production, which will take almost five to six months. Speaking of King The Land Season 2 release date, it is expected to return sometime in 2024. But we will update you shortly after learning an official announcement. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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