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Remake Our Life Season 2: In Development? Finale Hints At Potential “Sequel!”


It’s been almost two years since the fans last saw Remake Our Life, and now they are clamoring for more. The pilot season wrapped up in 2021, leaving fans to wonder how far the protagonist will go to undo the past. Undoubtedly, the first season gained immense love and appreciation from the series’ fans and critics. But the ending confused the fans as it left them to wonder whether there will be a Remake Our Life Season 2. Although the creators haven’t discussed the possibility of a sequel, a slight hint suggests a potential season 2. Well, it’s enough to draw fans’ attention. However, it’s been two years. So will Remake Our Life Season 2 return? Fans are keen to uncover the truth. So, let’s see what the creators have to suggest.

Remake Our Life is a slice-of-life series of the Bokutachi no Rimeiku light novel series by Nachi Kio and illustrated by Eretto. It has published eleven volumes which started serializing in March 2017. Soon Bonjin Hirameki came up with its manga adaptation that started serializing from November 2018 to September 2019. It was initially serialized through Kodansha and then landed on Magazine Pocket. As of now, it has a total of seven tankobon volumes. While the manga is a huge success among its fans, the series is known to have gained immense success worldwide.

Remake Our Life Season 2: Renewal Status

Fans eagerly await Remake Our Life Season 2 since they last saw the characters enjoying their life to the fullest in 2021. However, Feel, the studio behind the anime, has not commented on its renewal status yet. Although there’re rumors of the series’ cancelation, the studio hasn’t confirmed them yet too. Thus the future of the series remains in limbo. But it doesn’t mean that the anime will meet an abrupt ending, pointing at the possibility of its renewal. Further, the anime overall gained considerable ratings, which is enough to hope for the next season. Speaking of its reception, the highly critically acclaimed anime gained positive reception on IMDb as it gets 7/10. It also garnered 7.4 stars. Thus, it’s unlikely that the creators will face difficulty renewing the show.

Are Makers Into Remake Our Life Season 2?

As of now, the makers have yet to open up about their decision to return with the second run. But deeming the season finale, it seems like they have already envisioned returning with the next run. The finale ended on a cliffhanger with Kyouya returning to his past, and now he was determined to help his friend. Such an ending is a good sign that the creators plan to extend the anime. However, they haven’t yet disclosed their plans for the future run. So it remains unclear how things will move now. Despite that, it’s already hinted that there is more room for Remake Our Life Season 2. So sometime in the future, the creators may return with another season to justify the ending.

Remake Our Life Season 2: What Is It All About?

The anime’s first season focused on the struggle of an aspiring game developer, Hashiba Kyouga. With his high ambition, he wants to live a happy life by bringing plenty of new video games to life. However, nothing goes per his plan. Things went south when his company soon went bankrupt, forcing him to return to his hometown. But his life then took a dark turn as both his personal and professional life collapsed, leaving him with no choice but to end everything. Surprisingly, his life took a U-turn. The following day, he realized he had traveled ten years back in time. Now he was still in college, and it was the best opportunity for him to learn the hard lessons of life.

Remake Our Life Season 2

It quickly changed his perspective as the main character went from a lazy young person to a mature and responsible man. Throughout the series, he learned many lessons and understood the mistakes he had made. In the finale, Kyouga met Keiko, who revealed how he traveled back in time and his journey wasn’t over yet. She also explained that he needed to travel eleven years back to change the mistakes he and his team had made and were still making. But before they could leave, the focus shifted to Minori Ayaka, Kyouya’s junior in the art department.

How Would Things Move Now?

No doubt, in Remake Our Life Season 2, Kyouya and Keiko will embark on their journey. With the help of Keiko, Kyouya will travel eleven years back in time to when Tsurayuki dropped out of school. Despite holding onto Tsurayuki, Kyouya will work on his team to prepare them for the best. The second season will significantly focus on Minori Ayaka. He knows her future and will try his best to use this opportunity. Later he will reach out to the Platinum Generation members to undo his mistakes and settle the indifference. He still needs to focus on the changes which can help him bring his company back. Thus the sequel will be challenging for Kyouya and will bring plenty of twists and turns in his life.

Is There Enough Source Material?


Typically, TV animes are always adapted from manga. But Remake Our Life is a special anime as it’s directly adapted from the light novel. Well, it’s because the manga wasn’t available, as it just started serializing during production. So the author of the light novel joined the scriptwriters to ease the mapping process of the series. With the help of the author, they covered the first four books of the light novel series. The light novel has a total of 12 volumes, with the last volume to release in 2023. Sadly, the story will wrap up with the twelfth novel. But it has more volumes to frame the next twelve episodes. With ample source material, the series can also return with special OVAs. Hence, the chances of Remake Our Life Season 2 are quite high.

Remake Our Life Season 2: Release Date

At the time of writing, the studio hasn’t officially announced the series renewal. The creator has also yet to open up about its potential sequel. However, production will resume in the fall if the anime gets greenlit. Well, it will take a little time to wrap up the twelve-episode season production. So considering the timeframe, fans can expect to see Remake Our Life Season 2 sometime in the fall of 2024. Well, it’s a speculated release date; we’ll update you soon after learning the official announcement. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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