April 14, 2024
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JB Smoove Net Worth: SNL Star Makes A Decent Income Through His Career!

J.B. Smoove Net Worth

JB Smoove Net Worth: Saturday Night Live has shaped the careers of aspiring personalities in the entertainment industry. One such celebrity is J.B. Smoove, who was not only a performer at SNL but also a writer. The American actor is well-known as a comedian and has been active in the industry for years. He kicked off his career with Def Comedy Jam and was further featured in the CBS sitcom The Millers. Moreover, Smoove is famous for his on-screen performance in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The 57-year-old is still a part of it, and there are many more years to go. But recently, he was recorded renovating his North Carolina home. It eventually drove the people to search anxiously about JB Smoove Net Worth. Thus fans are curious to take a dive into his wealth. So, is he earning millions even today? Let us find out!


Early Life And Career!

Born to Elizabeth and Floyd Brooks on December 16, 1965, JB Smoove was originally named Jerry Angelo Brooks. He lived with his mother during his childhood days in New York. It was because his father passed away due to diabetes when JB was just 15. Moreover, Jerry attended Mount Vernon High School and then got admitted to Norfolk State University in Virginia. Despite being interested in comedy, the 57-year-old studied engineering and graphic design. Before entering the entertainment industry, Smoove worked as a perfume formulator. Not only this, but he also sold fire extinguishers, and that too on a door-to-door basis.

J.B. Smoove Net Worth
JB Smoove

Following his first professional role in the HBO series Def Comedy Jam, JB Smoove was instantly noticed by other filmmakers. He was then spotted in Everybody Hates Out and Saturday Night Live. It was in 2007 when he joined Curb Your Enthusiasm and is still playing Leon Black. Interestingly, he also wrote a book on the character that was released on October 10, 2017. Further, JB Smoove earned a major role in the Fox sitcom ‘Til Death.’ In 2014, the actor hosted the Last Comic Standing Season 8. Moreover, Jerry’s popularity saw a rapid rise, with the actor being cast in Spider-Man: Far From Home and its 2021 sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home. Besides fame, the movie also boosted JB Smoove Net Worth.

JB Smoove Relationships: Who Is His Wife?

There’s always a woman behind a man’s success. This proves to be exactly true in the case of J.B. Smoove. The comedian is married to his wife, Shahidah Omar, in 2007. She is a singer and actress and appeared in films like The Brother. The family lives in Los Angeles and is parents to an adult daughter whom he had from his previous relationship. Moreover, apart from being life partners, JB Smoove and Shahidah work together and are business partners as well. Both of them are happy with each other but are one of the least discussed celebrity couples so far.

J.B. Smoove Net Worth
JB Smoove And Shahidah Omar

However, it remains unclear whether or not he had a serious past relationship before marrying Omar. Details about his ex-girlfriends or encounters are not known to the public. Well, JB Smoove appeared in the headlines after he gave a piece of advice to his co-stars, Tom Holland and Zendaya. While talking with E.T., JB Smoove offered the couple some sage advice. He called them one of the most adorable couples and spilled some relationship advice on them. The actor said that the duo must try to lead a stress-free lifestyle and keep some time for laughter.

JB Smoove Renovates His Grandmother’s Home!

The award-winning actor was recently cast in one of the episodes of Secret Celebrity Renovation. That quickly led his fans to search for JB Smoove Net Worth. The comedian attempted to restore and make changes to his childhood home in Plymouth. JB Smoove called the house to have a dear place in his heart. The house originally belonged to his grandmother, Ernestine, and is still viewed as a ‘family house’ by him. The celeb moved away from it at the age of six but used to return every summer. Following his grandmother’s death, it was left vacant, as none of the family members lived there. Now, since it was closed for years, the house’s conditions deteriorated. So he decided to give it a new look.

J.B. Smoove Net Worth
JB Smoove

It quickly attracted fans and grew their curiosity about JB Smoove Net Worth. For the unknown, Secret Celebrity Renovation is a popular reality show on CBS. Currently, the third season is topping viewership levels. The latest installment saw the return of renowned television personality Rob Mariano. It also had popular interior designer Sabrina Soto as one of the lead cast. The duo leaves no stone unturned to create magic.

Will The House Undergo Change?

After noticing all the deterioration in the family home of JB Smoove, Rob Mariano explained that fixing it commercially was not possible. The house has several structural problems that will need many alterations. At the same time, Rob advised two options to the comedian. The duo can either say sorry to him for not fixing things, or they will have to redo everything. JB Smoove’s house will have to witness a couple of changes in walls, ceilings, plumbing, and even electric systems. In fact, every room, including the kitchen, will have numerous things to be done. Will it get a proper renovation?

JB Smoove Net Worth: The Actor Has A Decent Earning!

Be it Saturday Night Live or Curb Your Happiness, JB Smoove has had a successful career. Although he is identified more as an actor and comedian, the celeb has also worked as a voice cast in Harley Quinn. And how can we forget his role in Spider-Man: Far From Home and its sequel? Hence, there’s no denying that the veteran actor has been a part of various commercially successful ventures. In such a case, exploring JB Smoove Net Worth will be fun and exciting.

J.B. Smoove Net Worth
JB Smoove

As per reports, the Curb Your Happiness actor is speculated to be making $5 million. Moreover, JB Smoove is also expected to have other sources of income too. But, presently, such details are not out in the media. Well, the American celeb is already leading a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle. So what do you think? Will he get his renovation done after facing a series of complications? Let us know in the comments. This is all about JB Smoove Net Worth. For more updates, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247


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