May 21, 2024
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Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay: Felt “Enormous Weight” Playing LGBTQ Character Amid Sexuality Concerns!

Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay

Taylor Zakhar Perez is known for his passionate and bold appearance in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth franchise. However, he now turns everyone’s heads with his steamy performance in Amazon Prime’s Red, White & Royal Blue. Well, the series is a perfect portrayal of a gay rom-com adapted from Casey McQuiston’s best-seller queer romantic novel. However, it led to several Taylor Zakhar Perez gay rumors. So is he gay in real life? Well, fans are curious to uncover the mystery, especially after seeing the hot kiss between Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine. It has also led to several speculations related to their off-screen chemistry. So is the couple dating each other? Let’s find out.


Fans Doubted: Is Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay?

Since Taylor Zakhar Perez tapped the role of Alex Claremont-Diza in Red, White & Royal Blue, fans have been crushing over his looks and his on-screen chemistry with Nicholas. In fact, the movie’s first look made fans doubt Zakhar Perez’s sexuality. Many came up with Taylor Zakhar Perez gay theories, claiming the actor is actually gay in real life. Well, his portrayal of Alex led to this rumor mill. This is because people believe that a member of the queer community generally plays a queer character. Further, Taylor has advocated for the LGBTQ+ community on several occasions. Thus, his fans wonder whether or not Taylor Zakhar Perez gay rumors are true.

Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay
Taylor Zakhar Perez

However, the actor hasn’t yet addressed these rumors. He has been mum since he appeared in the Prime Video series. Thus it remains unclear whether Taylor Zakhar Perez is gay in real life. Well, not only Zakhar Perez but Nicholas has also faced the same rumors. Nicholas Galitzine’s sexuality has also remained a topic of concern, as fans believe he’s dating his on-screen partner Taylor Zakhar Perez. The dating rumors took a dramatic turn when Nicholas opened up about his equation with Taylor Zakhar Perez. It further intensified Taylor Zakhar Perez gay stories.

So, Are Taylor Zakhar Perez And Nicholas Galitzine Dating In Real Life?

While Taylor Zakhar Perez gay theories remain a mystery, they received another angle after Zakahr Perez’s co-star Galtizine opened up about his comparability. In an interview, Galtizine revealed that he and Taylor became mates immediately after their first meet. He said they both had the same sense of humor and called Taylor smart, caring, and funny. Thus it became easy for Galtizine to communicate with Taylor. Galtizine also talked about his trust in Taylor while speaking about their intimate scene in Red, White & Royal Blue.

Galtizine recalled speaking to filmmaker Matthew Lopez about how gay sex had often been misrepresented. He wanted to make the scene look authentic and real. Meanwhile, Taylor Zakhar Perez also spoke about his experience filming with Galtizine. He said they both came on equal terms and respected their space while filming. He addressed the challenges they faced while filming kissing and bed scenes. Taylor Zakhar Perez mentioned that they sat down to discuss how to build the steamy and hot connection on-screen. Guess what? Their hard work paid them well.

Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay
Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine

However, it also led to their dating rumors. Many believe the couple is seeing each other in real life. But the pair hasn’t opened up about the dating rumors yet. Per reports, the couple isn’t together. Despite that, Taylor Zakhar Perez being gay news is in buzz, as it hasn’t yet justified his sexuality.

Did Taylor Hint At His Sexuality?

Red, White & Royal Blue has played a massive part in sparking Taylor Zakhar Perez gay rumors—the plot focuses on the journey of two elites. The pair used to be enemies before they started seeing each other. Well, Alex is the bisexual son of the US’s first woman President Ellen Claremont, who fights with Britain’s Prince Henry at a royal wedding. However, to stop any international mishap, they undergo a PR stunt where the two have a faux friendship. However, it later blossoms into a love affair while they try to keep things under wrap.

While the captivating plot is making fans tune into Prime Video’s original film, several people believe the pair are dating each other. It also led to Taylor Zakhar Perez gay rumors. The speculations get solidified when some eagle-eyed fans stated that Perez seemed at ease playing such queer roles and consistently advocated for the LGBTQ community. In fact, he had once told Sharp Magazine that he wanted to use his platform to advocate for LGBTQ rights and people of color. Thus people started believing that Perez did hint at his sexuality as he said he liked Nicholas in his Instagram post. But the actor still needs to address these rumors.

Had Taylor Zakhar Perez Been In A Same-Sex Relationship?

Well, in his latest gay rom-com film Taylor dated a couple of guys. But the reality is totally opposite. As per the reports, Taylor’s name had been linked to two female co-stars. Rumors were claiming Perez dated his The Kissing Boot co-star Joey King. Well, the couple were quarantine buddies, and Perez admired Joey a lot. He said they had spent a lot of time together, so he wouldn’t mind coming into a relationship with Joey. He also called Joey dope. Soon his statement sparked their dating rumors. Further, they shared several of their snaps on social media while enjoying their time together on a weekend getaway. It soon took social media to storm.

However, Taylor Zakhar Perez later denied the dating rumors and told ET they weren’t together. Later, it was revealed that Joey was dating co-star Jacob Elordi. Amid this, another name was linked with Perez. It was British actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers, another co-star of The Kissing Booth. Perez shared a snap of the pair on his Instagram with the caption “My Cherie Amour,” meaning “my sweetheart.” However, the dating rumor was later axed as the actress was currently committed to Los Angeles-based soul singer Clay. They have been in an open queer relationship. As for Taylor Zakhar Perez’s relationship status, he’s currently single and keeping his dating life private from the media’s eyes.

Felt Pressure To Play A Bisexual Character!

In an interview with Newsweek, Perez stated that he felt pressure while playing Alex. Well, Alex is bisexual in the rom-com, which is generally misinterpreted in many series. Thus Perez had an enormous weight on his shoulders. He said he read the novel and spoke with the director as he wanted to give justice to his character. Perez wanted to make sure everything was represented accurately, and with their intimacy coordinator, things went smoothly. He also stated that they filmed several intimate scenes, and thus, sometimes became exhausting and tiring to stay in the right mood. 

So to keep the perfect mood, they started and ended with humor. Further, the actors used mint to keep their breath fresh. Galtizine stated that although they did steamy sex scenes, they weren’t always looked hot as the scene. So they had to keep their breath fresh to avoid any issues during filming. Meanwhile, Taylor Zakhar Perez compared the intimate scenes to choreography. He said they would be counting in their heads like “grab, squeeze, one, two, and kiss.” While the pair have been vocal about their latest hit movie, they haven’t addressed rumors of their sexuality. Hence, Taylor Zakhar Perez gay speculations stand uncertain.

What do you think? Is Taylor Zakhar Perez gay in real life? Well, the actor has already revealed his mom was stunned after watching Alex’s risque sex scenes. But she was later convinced that it was all part of acting and Perez wasn’t being sexual in real life. But what do you think? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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