The Rig Season 2

The Rig Season 2: Emily Hampshire Reveals Filming Details! Announces Return In 2024

The Rig Season 2: Thriller dramas have witnessed an exceptional surge in the past few years. It became more prominent in the years following the pandemic. Talking about the recent thriller dramas, The Rig will surely appear on the list. This British drama is a blend of thrill, a bit of horror, and supernatural elements. It debuted in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. It was not only the native audience who felt impressed, but the story has also gained worldwide popularity. Featuring an ensemble cast, The Rig is Amazon’s high-octane production. Since BBC’s Mayflies Star is back again with a mysterious plot, the drama has turned the heads of a major part of the population. However, people are looking forward to the second installment as they are craving more stirring struggles. Here’s what we know about The Rig Season 2.

Created by David Macpherson, The Rig is touted to be the first project for Amazon Prime Video that was shot entirely in Scotland and released exclusively on the platform. The drama revolves around an oil rig where a Scottish team is dangerously isolated. The members lose communication with the world and get trapped in unfavorable circumstances. Further, the change in weather and the fog brings a medical emergency where the spores result in an infection. The crew members suffer a change in behavior and health. However, a scientist who accompanied them searched for the reason, and it came out to be a huge mishap: An ancient parasite had come into action after leaving the ocean bed.

The Rig Season 2 Is Back To Hawaii? What Is The Production Status?

The Rig Season 2
The Rig, Amazon Prime Video

The six-episodes-long The Rig premiered on January 6, 2023. John Strickland directed the initial three episodes, while the others had Alex Holmes as the captain of the ship. The debut installment was not long enough but cannot be stated as a limited series either. However, as soon as the fans finished watching the first season, they looked forward to The Rig Season 2. Surprisingly, their expectations turned into reality when Amazon Prime Video ordered new episodes.

A month after the original release, the series was renewed for a sequel. In February 2023, the sophomore season received an official confirmation. Talking about the forthcoming episodes, creator Macpherson said that he is optimistic about expanding the world of The Rig. He also promised more thrill and shock in the yet-to-be-released season of the show. According to Digital Spy, the filming for The Rig Season 2 has already started. As per the update drooped by Emily Hampshire, the team is in Scotland for the filming. Just as in the previous installment, season 2 would be filmed entirely in Scotland.

What Will Happen In The Rig Season 2?

In the last season, a killer tsunami hit the oil rig and damaged it physically. While the crew was clueless about it, and since they lost communication, the exposure to the tsunami was more dangerous. The natural disaster created a huge loss, and the rig was damaged badly. Meanwhile, where everyone was concerned about their life, Baz showed what humanity was. Although the tsunami created havoc and there was no sign of positivity, Baz came forward to sacrifice his life for the crew’s safety.

The Rig Season 2
The Rig, Amazon Prime Video

On the other hand, it was not only the fate of the oil rig that was hanging in between, but the lives of the Kinloch crew were uncertain too. Apart from the tsunami, the open water might have increased their struggle. Rose, Magnus, Harish, Fulmer, and Heather feared whether or not they would stay alive. In addition to the weather conditions, supernatural elements formed a major part of the series.

As far as the narrative of The Rig Season 2 is concerned, it will continue from where the last episode left off. The natural disaster and the parasite are bound to add extra thrill as both are fatal for the oil extraction team. At the same time, fans might witness the death of some characters as the danger has shown no sign of slowing down.

Who Will Return In The Next Season?

Schitt’s Creek fame star Emily Hampshire played the lead character of Rose Mason. She was joined by Iain Glen’s Magnus MacMillan, the leader of the crew. The previous installment also had Martin Compston, Mark Bonnar, and Rochenda Sandall in the role of Fulmer Hamilton, Alwyn Evans, and Cat Braithwaite, respectively. In addition to these actors, Richard Pepple joined the cast as Grfant Dunlion, while Calvin Demba essayed the character named Baz Roberts. The actors on the list are Emun Elliot, Abraham Popoola, and others.

The Rig Season 2
The Rig, Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to the cast of The Rig Season 2, members from the core cast are expected to return. This implies that our favorite heroes might be back to fight against the odd situations. However, no confirmations on the cast have been made, so it is unclear who will run the stage. But since the previous cast has expressed interest and love for the follow-up, the main cast might reprise their respective roles.

The Rig Season 2: Release Date

It has been only a few months since the team renewed the drama for another season. So, it might take some time for the officials to announce an exact release date of The Rig Season 2. Since the filming is underway, we expect The Rig Season 2 to drop on Amazon Prime Video by early or mid-2024. This can be pushed further as well if the project faces an unforeseen delay. However, as of now, things are already in place and seem to move in a positive direction. We will update you as soon as any detail shows up. Till then, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more entertaining content!


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