May 26, 2024
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Heartbeat Episode 16: Finale Recap! Woo-Hyeol’s Fate Revealed! What’s Next?

Heartbeat Episode 16

So far, fans have seen Woo-hyeol and In-hae trying to balance their love life. However, things turned upside-down when Woo-hyeol attempted to hurt the love of his life. That created a problem between him and Do-sik, as he wanted to avoid seeing In-hae in such a lousy state. However, Heartbeat Episode 16 revealed things took a nasty turn between the couple that later ended in a worst situation. Well, fans wondered whether the couple would end up together, as nothing was going in their favor. But the finale hinted that things would have ended smoothly between them. Had they lived happily ever after? Did Woo-hyeol drink In-hae’s blood at the end? Keep reading to learn this.


Heartbeat Episode 16: A Quick Recap!

The penultimate episode saw Woo-hyeol getting tempted by In-hae’s blood smell and was about to bite her when Do-sik appeared and pushed him away. Well, the half-vampire was dejected by his actions and decided to leave. This was because Do-sik asked him to leave In-hae alone. Meanwhile, the latter was hospitalized and had no idea about Woo-hyeol and Do-sik’s conversation. However, when she woke up and learned about Do-sik’s decision, she left his side. Following the heartbreaking start, Heartbeat Episode 16 opened up with In-hae interrupting Do-sik and Woo-hyeol’s conversation.

Heartbeat Episode 16

She stopped the former from hurting the half-vampire. She didn’t see him doing something terrible, but Do-sik informed his intention. He told In-hae that he was telling Woo-hyeol to leave In-hae. This was because he didn’t want to put In-hae’s life in danger. However, In-hae stopped him and told Do-sik to stay away. She also told him she would discuss this matter with the former the other day. But for now, she wanted to be with Woo-hyeol.

Hae-Won Realized Her Mistake

In Heartbeat Episode 16, the three vampires discussed their neighborhood’s situation. They learned that everyone knew Woo-hyeol’s identity, leading them to hate him. However, they had yet to discover who spread those words. While the vampires at Shaded Oasis panicked, Hae-won received Man-hwi’s call. He informed her that the half-vampire was about to die, and the news shattered her. Meanwhile, Do-sik’s secretary informed him that Hae-won exposed Woo-hyeol’s identity, and she was behind all the hatred the latter was receiving from In-hae’s neighbor.

Heartbeat Episode 16

After learning this, he fixed a meeting with Hae-won that evening. As for Woo-hyeol, he met his neighbors and narrated his memories of this place. He discussed the fond memories and told them not to be harsh with others as he would leave soon. Meanwhile, Hae-won barged into Shaded Oasis to see Woo-hyeol. But she was surprised to learn that he wasn’t there. It provoked her, and she criticized In-hae for risking the half-vampire’s life. However, the latter reminded Hae-won that she was the one who made things miserable for Woo-hyeol. It made Hae-won realize her mistake, and she rushed to find Woo-hyeol.

Did Man-Hwi Sort Things Up With Hae-Won?

After meeting In-hae, Hae-won rushed to find Woo-hyeol. Fortunately, she met him on the driveway, and they had a sweet moment. The former begged Woo-hyeol to drink In-hae’s blood in order to survive. But he refused to drink her blood and told Hae-won that he could die for love. Later that evening, the latter met Do-sik, and both blamed each other for making In-hae and Woo-hyeol’s life miserable. But their heated conversation was interrupted by Man-hwi, who sought money.

Heartbeat Episode 16

He asked Hae-won to pay his fees, but she refused, provoking his killing instincts. He threatened Hae-won and Do-sik before rushing to drink the former’s blood. However, Do-sik stepped in and stabbed him in the heart. It left Hae-won traumatized as she was surprised to see the special knife with Do-sik. She tried to deal with the trauma and later used alcohol to deal with it. On the other hand, In-hae’s neighbors learned about the cancelation of t he redevelopment.

Woo-Hyeol Learned The Plan

At Shaded Oasis, Woo-hyeol had a heartfelt moment with his following vampires. They discussed the possibility of him leaving the world as his condition deteriorated. So he distributed his things to his friends. Amid this, Woo-hyeol received a call from Haw-won, who asked him to meet her at a cafe. She then informed him that she was leaving for the US and wished him good luck before bidding farewell. The duo later talked about love, and she informed him about Do-sik’s plan. After learning this piece of information in Heartbeat Episode 16, Woo-hyeol decided to meet Do-sik and asked about his plan.

A Couple’s Vacation

Following his meeting with Do-sik, Woo-hyeol bid farewell to Yang-nam and thanked him for everything he had done for him all these years. Later that night, the half-vampire proposed to In-hae’s for a long couple’s vacation. They were excited to spend some time together, but before leaving, he bid farewell to Dong-seop and Sang-hae. They thanked him for being their side for all these years, for his friendship and love but were left with teary eyes as they saw him for the last time. At the beach, the two spend a romantic time together. They shared some beautiful moments where he discussed his love for In-hae. But their sweet moments were interrupted when Woo-hyeol’s health declined in Heatbeat Episode 16.

Heartbeat Episode 16

So, In-hae decided to feed him her blood. It quickly recalled his past with Hae-sun. It later revealed that In-hae was Hae-sun’s reincarnation. At night, Woo-hyeol sneaked out to see Do-sik. Well, they had already discussed the last time they met at the latter’s office about the curse. Woo-hyeol was ready to die to lift the curse. So he met Do-sik, who was about to stab Woo-hyeol, when In-hae stepped in. She stopped Do-sik, but Woo-hyeol forcefully took the blade into his chest, leaving both of them startled. In-hae quickly rushed to save him, but she couldn’t stop him from dying. Slowly, Woo-hyeol started fading away, leaving In-hae heartbroken in Heartbeat Episode 16.

Heartbeat Episode 16: Ending Explained

The following day, everyone learned about Woo-hyeol’s death, and his loved ones later held a funeral for him. They all reminisced about the time they had with him. Soon they received a suitcase full of half-vampire gold, and it later turned out that he already knew about this situation. Yang-nam revealed that Woo-hyeol knew about this situation from the first day but decided to keep it a secret as Woo-hyeol wanted to spend more time with In-hae. Later Heartbeat Episode 16 focused on everyone’s life aspect.

Sometime late, it was seen that Dong-seop was successfully running his restaurant. On the other hand, Do-sik was finally freed from the curse and decided to devote his life to helping children with heart diseases. He also thanked Woo-hyeol for helping and being kind to him all those years. As for In-hae, she was successfully running Shaded Oasis, and everything was going great. In fact, his neighborhood also started liking her and the guest house.

But In-Hae Still Missed Woo-hyeol

Heartbeat Episode 16

One night at Heartbeat Episode 16, In-hae threw a party, and everyone looked happy at the guest house. While everyone was having fun, she recalled her time with Woo-hyeol. The former later headed to the basement to reminisce about her memory with the half-vampire. She looked around the place as she was waiting for him to return. But soon, the scene shifted to their picture on the wall where Woo-hyeol stood smiling, looking down at her. Heartbeat Episode 16 ending also featured the couple’s picture on the wall.

This is all about Heartbeat Episode 16 recap. As of now, the network hasn’t yet revealed whether the show will receive another season. But we will update you shortly after learning the news. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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