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McKamey Manor Death: Has Anyone Died On The Haunted House Attraction?

McKamey Manor Death

McKamey Manor Death: Are you also addicted to watching Halloween and horror-related stuff? Well, if you are, you might have been aware of McKamey Manor. While it is common for individuals to enact horror acts simply in their houses just for fun, this American haunted house attraction is something out of the world. One can refer to it as a horror house where everything is ‘extreme.’ Individuals who show interest in participating must sign a liability waiver. It’s done to ensure being involved in the events at their own risk. With various forms of psychological and physical torture, Mckamey Manor has attracted controversies and criticisms. Despite these circumstances, many people show their interest in participating. When going through the incidents, it is quite evident that they can lead to the participant’s death too. So, has anyone died in McKamey Manor? Let us explore about McKamey Manor Death.


What Happens In McKamey Manor?

As already stated, one can call McKamey Manor a haunted house. Be it fear or screams, the horror style even knows no limits. In fact, torturing an individual is also common here. Founded by Russ McKamey in San Diego, the live entertainment is initially located on his property. The house never closes and invites visitors throughout the year. In fact, there’s no entrance fee. Instead, McKamey asks guests to bring dog food for his pet dog. As of now, McKamey Manor is located in Tennessee and Alabama location as well.

Each weekend a certain group of individuals are selected to enter the house. The guest must be 21 or older for the Tennessee location. The same condition is applied to Alabama. As for individuals below 21, they are not allowed. However, in the former, a guest aged between 18 to 20 can participate in the live entertainment with parental consent. Moving forward, the entire horror tour is designed for eight to ten hours, approximately. It seems a short span of time, but for the guests, it is the longest duration one might have ever experienced to struggle for survival. Interestingly, no one has ever lasted till the last. So did anyone die there? Are McKamey Manor Death rumors true?

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

Introduction Of Safewords!

Originally, McKamey did not introduce the usage of safe words during the haunted house tour. But later on, reports suggested that he had allowed him with guests now have the option to end the tour anytime. As per the media publications, over 24,000 people are still on the waiting list. Recently, a ten-hour experience has been introduced for the participants and is called Desolation. The one who completes the tour successfully is awarded $20,000 as the prize money. But there’s a twist. McKamey has the right to deduct $500 for each level of failed challenge or the use of cuss words.

What Does A 40-Page Waiver Consists Of?

Physical torture. This is what critics have regarded McKamey Manor to be. Before anyone can enter this survival horror challenge, an individual has to go through a lot of stages. McKamey Manor is much scarier than it seems. Before being accepted as a guest at the house, there’s a physical exam. Further, the officials conduct background checks and drug tests as well. The participants are then made to watch a two-hour documentary that shows people that have attempted to get into the haunted attraction. On top of that, they are also asked to sign a forty-page waiver. But what does it contain?

The waiver outlines the nature of the experience that the guests will go through after entering McKamey Manor. It explicitly mentions terms like physical and psychological stressors. The documentary apparently goes like this, ‘Enter If You Dare.’ Basically, the 40-page waiver is an explanation of the possible risks that the guests might face during the ten-hour duration. According to a volunteer guide, these risks even include being tattooed or extraction of teeth without anesthesia. Further, it gives a warning for having bones broken and being drugged. Hence, one can say that the waiver is a detailed document about all the physical pain and grotesque things that could happen along the way.

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

There’s No Limits!

While talking to a media house, owner Russ McKamey explained recording the haunted house tour. Later on, the footage is posted online that shows participants quitting it because of humiliation. One of the volunteers, Kris Smith, while talking to USA Today, said that there is a chance of death too. Hence a haunted tour experience that covers two states and lasts for 10 hours has a deep secret buried. So aren’t McKamey Manor Death rumors baseless? Whatever the scene is, one thing is for sure, McKamey Manor apparently has no limits to torturing an individual.

McKamey Manor Death: Has Anyone Died To Date?

There’s no second thought that extreme and terrifying experiences related to McKamey Manor have been the center of attraction for horror enthusiasts. In contrast to this, many people have apparently questioned the safety of the participants. It has eventually led the Internet to the brim with rumors related to potential injuries and even deaths. It has been a few months since such rumors have been surfacing, and fans are concerned about McKamey Manor Death.

According to reports, there are no records that claim anyone’s death during the tour. There are no formal records that might prove such speculations to be true. Nonetheless, it is true that the guests have been through injuries and bruises. But, none of the participants experienced death. In fact, the horror events have not resulted in any fatalities too. However, there are certain media websites that claim people are gagged and subjected to loud noises.

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

Moreover, McKamey Manor cannot have many people at the same time as participants. It only allows a handful of patrons to enter so that each of them receives individual attention. Although the haunted house attraction takes extensive safety measures, participants’ life is always at risk. But then it is their own will that makes them sign the waiver and continue to McKamey Manor.

McKamey Manor Death: A Participant Suffered A Heart Attack!

While it is clear that McKamey Manor Death has no solid evidence, another factor is quite shocking for the people. In an interview in 2019, founder Russ McKamey repeatedly mentioned heart attacks in his statement. Relying upon the report, the heart attack is set to have been recorded in 2012. More details on this heart attack issue are not available in the media. But this has significantly questioned the participation rules of McKamey Manor. If one already goes under a physical and mental test to prove himself or herself sound enough to participate, how can one suffer a heart attack at the Manor?

Moreover, pregnant women are not allowed to take part in the haunted house attraction. In addition to them, subjects to seizures or paralysis are also eliminated from the guest list. Thus, we can say that eliminating those with high chances of medical emergencies and severe suffering has helped in avoiding death related to McKamey Manor. However, a few media publications have noted down a couple of dangerous risks involved in the tour.

McKamey Manor

The Sun noted that McKamey Manor’s horror experience has live animals such as spiders and rats. Not only this, but it also uses animatronics with special effects and actors. Furthermore, The Guardian mentioned the use of an airtight plastic bag that assistants used to fit over an adult human head. Some other tools used in McKamey Manor are ropes and plastic restraints.

McKamey Manor Death: Did A Teenage Girl Died In The House?

McKamey Manor has been a topic of concern for years and is still questioned by critics. The Haunted House attraction appeared in the headlines after a 16-year-old girl died. But how did she enter the tour despite the age restrictions remains a mystery? These contradicting factors have eventually sparked controversy online. People have once again started doubting its rules and regulations. Although people believe her to have passed away due to the McKamey Manor’s scary experience, volunteers belonging to McKamey Manor have shown up for another reason.

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

The girl named Christian Faith Benge reportedly had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. It affected her physical and medical conditions in an adverse manner. It is said that Christian visited the place with her family. While in the house, she fainted at the house while witnessing one of the horrifying events. During a checkup, the medical team found that one of the parts of her heart got enlarged. This condition could have resulted in her collapse. Although it has nothing to do with the events in the haunted house, it is still counted in McKamey Manor Death words.

Talking about Christian nature, she was kind and devoted to her Christian faith. Her dedication was at such a level that the girl used to invite people to attend church. Moreover, following her death, many platforms issued a warning for people dealing with breathing issues not to participate in such attractions. Hence, it is always advised to avoid such activities that might lead to fatal circumstances.

What Are The Controversies Related To McKamey Manor?

One of the participants, Laura Hertz Brotherton, claimed that she repeatedly used her safeword to stop the torture. She visited McKamey Manor in 2016 and revealed how employees did not stop torturing her until she was admitted to the hospital for extensive injuries. This ultimately sparked controversy against the attraction and subjected it to the media limelight.

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

Another controversy is related to an editorial by Jeff Heimbuch. As per his published words, the haunt community has not accepted McKamey Manor. This is because they believe it not to be a part of traditional Halloween horror houses. Further, the Manor situated in Tennessee is the subject of several complaints noted in Lawrence County. Commissioner Scott Franks described that the cops were called to the location when a woman was being dragged from a van. She was screaming, and one of her neighbors felt pity about it. Although it was considered a part of the experience, none of the deputies or officials wanted such incidents to occur near them.

Later on, district attorney Brent Cooper explained the entire horror program to be legal. Since people participate at their own risk, one cannot question it. Despite near-to-death situations, participants show interest in being in the house. But since they have the option to use Safewords, circumstances are still in control.

How Much Money McKamey Invested?

Running a crazy haunted house is weird and crazy. But it is heartily welcomed by horror enthusiasts. In an interview, Russ McKamey said that he had invested more than $1 million to develop the haunted house attraction. The participants start in Summertown, but gradually, they are transported to different locations in Tennessee. During the stunts, the employees or volunteers rent out other people’s farms or any abandoned building to perform the activities. McKamey also said that if a participant enters further levels, he might end up in Huntsville. However, as of now, none of the individuals have succeeded in going that far.

McKamey Manor Death
McKamey Manor

Well, as already mentioned, the person who passes all the levels is awarded $20,000. But he or she needs to give $500 if an activity fails. McKamey Manor does not allow profanity as well. Moreover, the founder of the Manor has called it an interactive experience that includes only mind games. He explained the use of mind control techniques and hypnosis that are put in the contestant’s heads during the horror events.

For those who are unknown, McKamey Manor was started about 30 years ago, and it is known to have an infusion of theatrical background and the founder’s love for haunted houses. Russ has served in the Navy for 23 years and Moonlights as a wedding singer. He has five pet dogs for whom the patrons are asked to bring dog food. What do you think about McKamey Manor death and the related incidents? Let us know in the comments below. For more freshly brewed content, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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