April 17, 2024
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Rick And Morty Season 7: First Look Out! The Quirky Duo Is Back But Without Justin Roiland!

Rick And Morty Season 7

Rick And Morty Season 7: While people are running behind riveting thrillers, Rick And Morty has another level of fanbase. The animated adult series has such a fandom that one cannot even imagine. It is probably the most popular show on Adult Swim. The series has already earned several accolades, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. With the tag of being a cult classic, Rick And Morty has been in buzz again, thanks to its latest trailer. It has led the population to go gaga over Rick And Morty Season 7, and most importantly, the clip has provided several key points to discuss. Further, the short video has left fans doubting the entire Rick And Morty universe. Let’s dig into it to learn more about the new chapters.


Rick And Morty has turned out to be one of the best entertainers for adults, thanks to Justin Roiland. The quirky duo of an alcoholic and mad scientist, Rick, and his teenage grandson, Morty, has never disappointed the fans. Moreover, it is common for Rick to address the audience borderline directly just to tease the upcoming installments. The same goes for Rick And Morty Season 7. In the last chapter, the narcissist and smart scientist end the season with a monologue. This particular part revealed a lot of details about the upcoming installment as well. Meanwhile, there’s another factor that has raised the popularity bar for the seventh season. Read to know whether or not it is related to the controversy around Justin Roiland.

Rick And Morty Season 7 Enters The Final Stage Of Production!

Rick And Morty Season 7
Rick And Morty, Adult Swim

It has been almost a decade since Rick And Morty has been running actively on Adult Swim. It debuted in 2013, and the sitcom still feels fresh. Talking about Rick And Morty Season 7, it is undoubtedly happening. The makers have recently taken to Twitter and released a teaser trailer. Although the caption did not provide much detail, it spilled some beans on the updates related to the premiere date. Well, this is not the only detail that has fueled fans’ interest. According to reports, the official team has signed a long-term deal with Cartoon Network. The contract has finalized 70 new episodes for Rick And Morty. It means that the animated series has apparently been renewed for up to ten seasons. Isn’t it enthralling? Of course, it is!

However, the team has yet to reveal the production status. But as per the industry insiders, Rick And Morty Season 7 might be in the last stage of the production phase. Since the makers have already dropped the short clip, it is pretty clear that they are all set to drop the new season very soon. Meanwhile, fans have been unable to hold their horses ever since the deal with Cartoon Network has come to the media limelight. But, the crew will take some time to unwrap further details about the future installments.

Is Justin Roiland Returning In Rick And Morty Season 7?

Rick And Morty Season 7
Adult Swim

It is true that fans cannot resist having new episodes on their screen. But, on the other hand, there’s another factor that has kept Rick And Morty Season 7 in the headlines. We are talking about the non-return of Justin Roiland. It will be for the first time that the series will return without co-creator and voice performer Justin Roiland. His contract with Adult Swim has been terminated. The termination took place earlier this year following the domestic battery charges. In addition to this, Solar Opposites and Koala Man have also refused to work with Justin. Although the charges were dismissed and dropped in March, he had not joined any of these shows.

Since Roiland is not expected to be back in Rick And Morty Season 7, the makers are hunting for a new actor who sounds the same. However, an announcement for the same is still to be made. This is supported by the fact that Solar Opposites featured Downton Abbey star Dan Steven as Korvo. Hence, we need to wait until the team unveils the new name. For the uninitiated, Justin Roiland was charged with felony domestic abuse in Orange County, California. The accusations news appeared in 2020, and the trial continued until early 2023. Due to a lack of evidence, the charges are no more active.

A Quick Recap!

Rick And Morty Season 7
Rick And Morty, Adult Swim

Before going into the details of the upcoming season, let us have a quick recap of the previous season. The finale of the previous installment can be referred to as Christmas Special episode. Rick gave a Star Wars lightsaber to Morty that he dropped somewhere. Since it fell in the vertical position, the light rays created a tunnel into the Earth. The planet could reach its end if the lightsaber penetrated different layers and reached the core. Meanwhile, Morty learned that Rick had replaced himself with a robot. This was why the former called him boring. On the other hand, the President stole the lightsaber, which increased their difficulties. Unfortunately, he also dropped it just like Morty, and now Rick had to control its after-effect. After the situation was taken into control, Rick And Morty came back to their underground lab.

What Will Happen In Rick And Morty Season 7?

As far as the story of the next season is concerned, it has a lot to do with the recently released trailer. The video hints that this season will feature a darker tone as it delves deeper into the evil narrative. And Smashing Pumpkins’ iconic “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” justifies the severity. Rick is in a different mind where he is adapting a different dimension and timelines. The trailer opens up with Evil Rick traveling back in time with a sinister mindset. He later creates problems for the young Rick, who still has to learn about the Portal Pistol. However, their encounter leads to a series of miseries in Rick’s life as he loses his wife and only daughter in a blast.

So the young version of Rick goes on a mission to change the timeline and save his family in other dimensions. It leads to the invention of Portal Piston and his journey to find his family in an alternate universe. However, the farther he goes, the more challenging the situation turns out. Apart from this, Rick And Morty Season 7 trailer also gives an insight into Rick’s universe and how he ends up meeting Morty. It will also reveal his true intention as he seeks Morty’s help to fight his nemesis.

Who Is In The Cast of The Upcoming Season?

Rick And Morty Season 7
Rick And Morty, Adult Swim

As already mentioned, the biggest concern among fans is about who is replacing Justin Roiland as Rick And Morty. Apart from serving as the writer and co-creator of the show, he was one of the significant elements which kept the series going for years. Although he voiced both the title characters, Justin’s voice had a great variation. Not only this, but he also served as the voice cast for background characters. So there are indeed two ways in which Justin Roiland can be replaced.

Firstly, the makers might cast a new voice actor who can provide his voice to both characters. Another way is hiring two separate individuals for Rick and Morty. Meanwhile, the other members of the main supporting cast are expected to return in the upcoming installment. This list includes the name of Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, and Space Beth Smith. Some of the other names are Spencer Grammer. The American actress is once again expected to voice Summer Smith in the series. There are possibilities for us to have Kari Wahlgren and Brandon Johnson as Jessica and Mr. Goldenfold, respectively.

Rick And Morty Season 7 Release Date

The teaser trailer released on Twitter recently has undoubtedly created a buzz among the fans. The video shows multidimensional madness and is expected to unleash several experiments by the mad scientist, Rick. As of now, Rick And Morty Season 7 release date has yet to be released. But the Twitter caption has promised to drop the premier date next week. This means that the seventh installment of the adult animated series is soon going to have a release date in the coming days. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247.

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