May 21, 2024
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Wolf Like Me Season 2: Cast Says “It’s A Wrap!” Releasing In 2023?

Wolf Like Me Season 2

Wolf Like Me Season 2: Going by the title, it seems like the series would be a typical crime thriller, but that is not the case. Wolf Like Me is an Australian TV show that belongs to the comedy genre. Fans also consider a heartwarming rom-com to binge-watch. It debuted in 2022 and was originally released on Stan and Peacock simultaneously. Moreover, the drama came to life again following the digital rights deal with Amazon Prime Video. After the first season, viewers looked forward to the second season. Therefore, Wolf Like Me Season 2 has been in buzz in recent times. Though the reviews were mixed, the performance of the cast compensated for the same. Also, ever since Josh Gad, one of the actors from the series, dropped an exclusive video on social media, fans cannot hold their excitement.


Wolf Like Me is the brainchild of Abe Forsythe and has an ensemble cast. The drama introduces us to Gary, who, after his wife’s death, raised his 11-year-old daughter alone. Although her mother died seven years ago, both of them are still not over the incident. Eventually, the duo crosses paths with a woman, Mary, who is already dealing with her personal life rage. Despite avoiding each other, destiny made Mary and Gary meet again and again. On the other hand, the single father still faced complexities in his relationship with her young daughter. In contrast, it appears smooth and easygoing for Mary. However, the woman is feared to reveal her past secret, which might hurt both the father and his daughter.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Is Back! Production Wraps Up!

Quickly after the first season premiered on the original broadcast networks, Wolf Like Me received an official confirmation concerning the second season. In April 2022, Peacock picked up the drama for a sophomore installment. Hence, Wolf Like Me Season 2 is officially happening. Speaking about it, Susan Rover, chairman of NBCUniversal Television (entertainment content), seemed excited regarding the upcoming season. She said that the entire team is eagerly waiting for the execution of the plans by the creator, which is unrevealed as of now. On the other hand, Abe Forsythe was thrilled to direct more seasons of the romantic dramedy. The filmmaker was also overwhelmed to continue the brewing chemistry between Gary and Mary.

To date, a couple of updates have also landed concerning the development of the sequel. Josh Gad has already confirmed that the filming for Wolf Like Me Season 2 has already been wrapped up. This ultimately implied that the follow-up finished its production. On top of that, the star also posted a behind the scene clip. The video shows a couple of crew members along with the director, Amy. In addition to this, fans easily spotted the leading female actors of Wolf Like Me. Moreover, the team maintained the COVID guidelines. More updates on the future of the Australian drama are yet to be revealed. However, fans are expecting the series star, Josh Gad, to keep the viewers with all the development through his social media posts.

What Is Expected To Happen In Wolf Like Me Season 2?

In the first season, Mary and Gary grew closer and began dating. Both spent a lot of time together and went on several dates too. However, a few days later, Mary declared herself pregnant, and the father was none other than Gary. The woman was worried as she couldn’t raise a child. Meanwhile, the couple, along with Emma, Gary’s daughter, took a trip to the Outback. Mary wanted to open up about her secret to Emma. At the same time, Gary was shocked to hear about her pregnancy.

Wolf Like Me Season 2

Well, before the latter could talk about her situation, the car broke down. The three were stuck and did not have any other means to head home. With the setting sun, Mary’s concern about her secret was increasing. Shockingly, she was a werewolf, and her husband did not die naturally or by accident. In reality, he was eaten by Mary after she turned into a wolf. Therefore, when she was with Gary and Emma, she always feared the results following her confession.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 is likely to continue in the usual way. It will explore all the dimensions of the couple’s relationship. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how the family will stay together after various complications. Overall, the roller coaster ride of emotions will be explored deeply in the next season.

Which Actors Are Returning In The Upcoming Season?

The series does not feature a long list of cast members. Isla Fisher is returning as Mary, while Josh Gad is confirmed to reprise his role of Gary in Wolf Like Me Season 2. Lastly, Ariel Donoghue is coming back to the screens as Emma. Besides this, the other actors who are likely to show up in the second season are Emma Lug, Anthony Taufa, and Alan Dukes, respectively. We might also have a couple of guest stars too.

Wolf Like Me Season 2

Wolf Like Me Season 2: Release Date

The filming for the upcoming season is completed and is most probably in the post-production stage. Therefore, a confirmed release date will be out soon. As of now, Wolf Like Me Season 2 has not received a release date. However, we expect it to drop by the last quarter of 2023. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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