May 24, 2024
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Natalie Maines Weight Gain: Is The Chicks Lead Singer Dealing With Stress After Divorce?

Natalie Maines Weight Gain

Natalie Maines Weight Gain: There are particular concerns that keep celebrities in the media buzz. While most acting personalities are expected to fit into the industry’s expectations, people have started targeting other artists as well. And one of them is The Chicks’ Natalie Maines. The frontwoman of the country band is the subject of several rumors. There were times when the singer was in the headlines for being vocal about the LGBTQ community. Although she is the frontman of The Chicks, Natalie Maines has also gained mainstream recognition for being a soloist. However, in recent times, her fans have noticed a change in her appearance. They believe that the Texas-born looks different than before. Not only this, but such speculations have also resulted in Natalie Maines Weight Gain concerns. So, fans are keen to learn about her transformation. Did she really gain weight? Let us find out!


Natalie Maines Weight Gain: Did The Chicks Lead Vocalist Suffer Any Health Issues?

There’s no doubt that the country music band, The Chicks have always been thriving. The trio, Martie Maguire, Emily Robison, and Natalie Maines, are known for taking a stand on several issues prevalent in society. However, Maines has also created her own place in the industry. This is why she has amassed a huge fan following globally. Now these fans and admirers have shown their curiosity about her body transformation, as Natalie Maines Weight Gain concerns spread like wildfire.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain
Natalie Maines

Lately, the country singer has sparked discussions about physique and body weight. On a recent outing, people commented on the changes in her figure. It seemed like Natalie had put on a few extra pounds in the past months. While it is natural for a body to undergo change with growing age, netizens have started speculating on many other reasons behind it. Well, it is common for a celebrity to put on weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. But such a case has not been reported when it comes to Natalie Maines Weight Gain. Thus there are certain other factors that might be responsible for a change in her appearance.

An Unknown Illness!

Recently, the official Instagram handle of The Chicks shared a post that disappointed its fans. The band has announced to postpone and cancel The Chicks Tour Stops. The reason stated by the female singers is an ‘ongoing illness.’ The rescheduling of the concerts was entirely unexpected, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it affected the entire tour. Now, although the band announced the postponement of the performances, the post did not give any information about a specific illness. On top of that, it is uncertain as to whether only one or more than one member have been affected by it. As of now, more details on the same have not been revealed in the media. Hence, it is unclear if Natalie Maines is sick or suffering from an illness. But some believe her strange illness has led to Natalie Maines Weight Gain.

For the unknown, the band had their performance in Bethel, New York, scheduled on August 3. Further, the musicians were to form in Columbia, but the date has been rescheduled to September 20 this year. In addition to this, the band is now not performing at the Bethel Woods Centre for the Arts. Apart from it, The Chicks announced rescheduling their show at Merriweather Post Pavilion while expressing their regret.

Divorce And Related Stress

Being successful in a career doesn’t guarantee personal life to run smoothly. This factor is quite significant in Natalie Maines’ life. The Mother album singer was married to her boyfriend, bassist Michael Tarabay. However, they signed the divorce papers within two years of their marriage and got separated. Natalie noted the irreconcilable differences as the sole reason behind getting divorced from Tarabay. Later on, The Chicks’ lead vocalist started dating actor Adrian Pasdor. Both of them exchanged rings and got married on June 24, 2000. Everything between them seemed fine until Natalie Maines filed for divorce.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain
Natalie Maines And Adrian Pasdor

Hence, it is quite possible for the 48-year-old to get into stress. The ugly divorce and that too twice might have pushed Natalie Maines into mental stress. Such a condition sometimes triggers the person to eat more. Therefore, there’s a possibility that Maines could have developed a binge eating disorder. However, such factors have not been confirmed by the official media reports. But, indeed, the complications in her personal life are one of the possible reasons behind Natalie Maines Weight Gain.

Age Factor

It is true that certain changes appear in one body with growing age. Natalie Maines is currently aged 48 years and is still a part of The Chicks and country music. It seems like the female singer still has many milestones to achieve in her career. But what concerns the fans is her growing age and other changes in her physique. The Internet is already flooding with Natalie Maines Weight Gain speculations. While many factors are doing rounds on social media, age is one of them. Well, the acting and singing industry have many celebrities who, without any health complications, gained weight. It seems like the list can also have Natalie Maines. So, the country music star could have apparently put on extra calories naturally with growing age.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain
Natalie Maines

Nevertheless, regarding Natalie Maines Weight Gain, none of the reports have shown serious concerns about her body and health. Though she has gained some pounds, it is still inside the safer bandwidth. Hence, there’s no sign of worry as of now.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain: The Singer Jokes About Breast Reduction Surgery

The Chicks frontman, Natalie Maines, has never shied from revealing her boldness among her fans. Earlier, the artist shared a post on social media that received significant attention from users. Many fans dropped adorable comments, but a few made bikini-clad jokes about the size of her breasts. The post showed her lying down and dressed in a colorful yet beautiful bikini. The caption she wrote went on to grab netizens’ attention. Natalie, while mentioned in the caption, asked her fans’ opinions on her breast reduction.

The 48-year-old was not serious about the caption or the pose. But people did not spare it and commented on several kinds of stuff. It was pretty clear that Natalie Maines was only joking about how women’s breasts flattened when they lay down. However, fans still called her beautiful and attractive. Others related to her situation and said how breastfeeding changes the size of breasts. For the uninitiated, Natalie Maines is a mother to two teenage sons. Hence, her post sparked both sarcasm and rumors about getting breast reduction surgery.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain
Natalie Maines

Moreover, the Instagram post shared by the Texas-born is no longer available. The photograph has been deleted and cannot be accessed. On top of that, it seems like the country music star has taken retirement from her social media presence. The platform only has the official handle of The Chicks. Isn’t it surprising?

Natalie Maines Disappeared For No Reason!

Celebrities who opt to remain out of the media spotlight generally become the subject of discussion. This situation turns out to be more evident when he or she is a regular headline for the media outlets. The same type of circumstances appeared for Natalie Maines. The Chicks’ lead vocalist remained absent from the media for a long time. Meanwhile, her weight gain started to peak on Google Trends.

This is why it was common for people to compare her then and now photos. The comparison and keen observation concluded that Natalie Maines underwent a slight change. It is confirmed that the singer’s weight witnessed a fluctuation, but not too much. Moreover, her absence in the media might have contributed to the sudden attention to her appearance. As of now, Natalie Maines has not addressed the speculations publicly. Thus, we can say that she remains unaffected by the gossip about Natalie Maines Weight Gain.

Natalie Maines Weight Gain
Natalie Maines

Natalie Maines Net Worth: When Did She Join The Chicks?

Born in Texas, Natalie Maines is the daughter of record producer Llyod Maines and Tina May Maines. During the mid-1990s, she joined the country music band, The Chicks, earlier the Dixie Chicks. She has worked on several popular albums of the group. Moreover, Maines was brought to the band as a replacement for Laura Lynch. With her as the lead singer, the band has received 13 Grammy Awards and 10 CMA awards. Moreover, in 2013, Natalie released her solo album, Mother, on May 7. The star has also collaborated with other musical artists, including Pat Green, Charlie Robison, Ben Harper, and many others.

As far as Natalie Maines Net Worth is concerned, the American female singer is estimated to be earning $40 million. As per the reports, the numbers are not exact, but she is sure to be living life as a millionaire. Most of her wealth is a result of her successful career and band performances. Comparing her earnings to the other members of the band, Emily Strayer and Martie Erwin Maguire are speculated to be making similar amounts. What do you think and Natalie Maines Weight Gain? Let us know in the comments section. For more interesting content, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates.

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