May 21, 2024
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My Lovely Liar Episode 8: Do Ha Dies? Hidden Dark Lies And Rivalry! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

My Lovely Liar Episode 8

Nothing is moving in Do Ha’s favor; the previous episode has already hinted at that direction. Well, Do Ha’s secret is about to be exposed, and now he has to decide whether to continue hiding it. However, he will make a bold decision in My Lovely Liar Episode 8, leaving his fate up in the air. Well, fans have been waiting for this revelation. This is because, from the show’s beginning, it hints toward a murder mystery and its connection with Do Ha. Now, finally, everyone will learn the truth behind it. But will Sol Hee support and help him after learning the entire dark story? As of now, anything can happen, and My Lovely Liar Episode 8 hints at another unexpected event. So keep reading to learn it.


My Lovely Liar Episode 8: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming episode, Sol Hee will grill Do Ha and try to learn the truth behind the murder case. She will be surprised to learn that the latter is a murderer. But it will be hard for her to believe this. Thus in My Lovely Liar Episode 8, she will try to investigate the matter. On the other hand, Do Ha’s past is about to be exposed. A person tells Do Ha to stay away from Sol Hee as she already knows he’s Kim Seung Ju. However, he decides to reveal the truth, which may cost his life. As for Sol Hee, she searches for more about the murder mystery and ends up learning the entire story from Do Ha. But his life is in danger as Eom Oh comes to visit him. Further, in the upcoming episode, Sol Hee will witness someone’s death. Will the person be Do Ha?

My Lovely Liar Episode 8

A Quick Recap!

After the revelation of Sol Hee’s powers, Do Ha was stunned and took time to process. Although he didn’t stop her, he was worried about whether she had safely reached home. However, he was relieved after learning that she had reached home safely. Meanwhile, Sol Hee regretted revealing the truth, which might result in losing a good friend. She recalled when her mother told her to keep her powers a secret. She also remembered losing her friends because of this power. But she didn’t want to lie to him and was left stunned when Do Ha decided to stay with Sol Hee. The pair then went outside and eventually ran into Detective Lee Gang Min. Min and Do Ha had a history of rivalry, but Sol Hee tried to amend things.

Min wanted to win over Sol Hee, which created problems for Do Ha. Meanwhile, a famous bakery faced a setback when someone accused them of selling bread with a cockroach inside. Soon the picture circulated on the internet, and the bakery was about to shut. However, Sol Hee felt something was wrong, and the duo later investigated the matter. They finally helped the business to get back on track. Amid this, Sol Hee appeared curious about Do Ha’s reaction. She wanted to learn why he was so calm after learning the truth. Later Sol Hee told Do Ha about the lie she discovered about him and the murder of his former love. However, he left surprised about the revelation and decided to tell her the entire story. But before he could speak, Syaon discussed the matter with Sol Hee.

My Lovely Liar Episode 8

My Lovely Liar Episode 8: Release Date

Well, Sol Hee has just heard a story about Do Ha’s past, and now it remains to be seen how she will react after learning the truth. Fans will learn her reaction in My Lovely Liar Episode 8, which will air on August 22, 2023, at 8.50 pm KST. While the local Korean audience can watch it on tvN or TVING, the audience from other regions can tune into Viki or Viu. The show has 16 episodes, so eight more are about to air. So don’t miss it. Stay tuned. This is all for now. TechRadar247

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