May 27, 2024
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Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: Mega Actor Once Lost A Film Due To Bulky Appearance!

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: You cannot miss adoring the charm Ken held in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Ryan Gosling undoubtedly succeeded in spreading Ken-energy among the audience. His exemplary and amusing performance in the film has taken him to new heights. However, it is not only the recently released Barbie for which the actor is known. Whether rom-com The Notebook or horror anthology series, Are You Afraid of the Dark? His versatility has amazingly evolved over the years. In fact, despite being a Canadian actor, Gosling has amassed a huge fanbase in the Hollywood industry. His fame is growing at an optimistic pace. While his works and looks always make him headline material, the concern this time is a bit different. Lately, Ryan Gosling Weight Gain concerns surface. Be it social media or other platforms, several theories are associated with these speculations. Here’s what we know about it!


Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: The Actor Once Lost A Role Due To Heavy Weight!

Ryan Gosling is just Ken-ough when it comes to his excellence in portraying different characters. The Notebook actor is already a part of numerous successful films and TV shows. His films have earned millions at the box office, making Ryan one of the most demanding actors of the generation. Thus, we can say that he has been dominating theatres for years. But before rising up to worldwide recognition and popularity, Ryan struggled for roles in the early days of his career. There’s no second thought that females always go gaga over Gosling’s looks and appearance. However, the 42-year-old was not always attractive to be referred to as a global crush. Also, he did not have a movie star physique to be called a ‘rocking star.’

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling

Did you know Ryan Gosling Weight Gain fired him from The Lovely Bones? A few days before the filming was scheduled to begin, the BAFTA award winner lost his role. He was ultimately fired from the film for an unexpected reason. The Lovely Bones had a star-studded cast and is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. It has Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon, Stanley Tucci as George, and Rachel Weisz as Abigail. In addition to this, the film also stars Susan Sarandon, Rose McIver, and Mark Wahlberg.

Coming back to the reason, Ryan Gosling Weight Gain was the reason why the actor was fired just before the production commencement. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Barbie actor revealed that he was set to play the role of Jack. The 42-year-old was finalized to play a dedicated father who consistently searched for his daughter in The Lovely Bones. However, Ryan Gosling Weight Gain caused a problem for the makers, and he lost the role to Mark Wahlberg.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain: How Much Did He Put On?

As per the official media publications, Ryan Gosling packed around 60 pounds during the preparation for the role. While discussing this, the Notebook actor revealed a surprising way of gaining weight. His body transformation was achieved by drinking melted ice cream whenever he felt thirsty. The Canadian actor drank a melted bunch of Haggen Dazzs ice cream to put on weight rapidly. The character offered to him was scripted to be around 210 pounds, and hence, Gosling tried his best to achieve the bar.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling

Gosling also revealed that he weighed 150 pounds when director Peter Jackson hired him for the film. A few days before the shooting could have begun, he appeared on the set with a more bulky figure. As a result of drinking ice cream, Ryan gained many calories and weighed around 210 pounds. Despite that, the director was not at all happy to see him. But the Hollywood star was quite excited to play that role. However, the actor remained stunned when the makers called him terrible, and such a reaction was extremely unexpected for the La La Land actor. Ryan explained how the filmmaker snatched the role away, and he was left unemployed. This is how Ryan Gosling Weight Gain apparently created a big barrier in his way. Further, in a dramatic twist of fate, Ryan was replaced by Mark Wahlberg.

A Different Theory And Surprising Revelation!

Meanwhile, there is another theory in existence that explains the entire matter. As per Peter Jackson’s wife, Fran Walsh, Gosling came to them a couple of times. She revealed how the actor was not confident about the role and called himself an inappropriate choice for the character. Adding more to her statement, she said Ryan believed that he was too young to play a father in The Lovely Bones. But Peter and she gave him an affirmation of the desired transformation, leading to Ryan Gosling Weight Gain.

Ryan  Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling

In addition to this, the director’s wife clarified that they were keen to have Ryan Gosling in the film, but it was he who felt uncomfortable about his part. This is why they decided to replace him, and then they signed Mark Wahlberg. Whether it is true or not is known to us. But it seems like Ryan Gosling Weight Gain unintentionally created a huge fuss around the media. Many people view it as a misunderstanding, while some consider it to be a disagreement. Well, our favorite, Ken, also explained that the makers did not communicate properly and well during the pre-production period. Also, after putting on extra pounds, the relationship between Peter Jackson and Ryan Gosling changed.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain Journey Inspired Austin Butler!

Every coin has two sides. The same is with Ryan Gosling Weight Gain. While the actor lost his role in The Lovely Bones, the transformation acted as an inspiration for Elvis star Austin Butler. He is known for playing Elvis Presley (singer) in the biopic titled Elvis. To pack on pounds for the role, Austin walked on the path created by Gosling. The former also tried a unique approach that ultimately helped him to undergo desired body transformation. In an exclusive interview with The Variety, Butler opened up on his reliability on the weight gain technique inspired by Ryan Gosling.

After learning Ryan Gosling Weight Gain technique, Elvis star also opted for the same method by drinking the melted ice cream. On top of that, Austin Butler grabbed lots of doughnuts and ate them too. Furthermore, the actor explained that for the first week, it was fun for him, but then Butler began feeling terrible about it. Not only this, but the 32-year-old also had an awful feeling.

Did Ryan Gosling Have A Special Diet Routine For The Barbie Movie?

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling

It was great noticing Margot Robbie, who underwent a transformation for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. She looked absolutely perfect and carried the typical Barbie confidence perfectly. But did you notice Ken? With the goofy behavior and Ken-tastic performance, everything seemed in place. Well, the actor also underwent a special diet routine and exercise regime to achieve such a physique and appearance. He is already known for jumping over different regimes to shape his body for a particular role. The same happened when it came to Barbie.

According to fitness experts, Ryan Gosling had every meal consisting of a high level of protein. A sample of what he ate in a day includes his first meal having whole grain bread, fruit, a protein shake, and plain yogurt. His second meal had fish, vegetables, and rice. Some other food items that he ate on a regular basis were bananas, chicken breast, and green salad. In addition to this, Ryan Gosling also had sufficient nuts and sweet potatoes. As per the experts, the Barbie actor restricted himself to a widely used technique. Ryan often stuck to an intermittent fasting schedule. His first meal for the day was at 11 AM in the morning and the last one at 7 PM in the evening. Over the course of his eight-hour eating window, Gosling consumed four meals, each within a two-hour duration.

Workout Routine!

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling As Ken

One of Ryan Gosling’s co-stars, Simu Liu, sat down in an interview and unveiled how Barbie actor worked hard to get in shape for every movie or character he was asked to. Simu called him a gym freak guy who can do exercises even in the morning or after work. One of the media publications claims that Ryan Gosling rests for about two days a week. His workout routine generally consists of a standard bodybuilding split program. The actor goes to the gym for five days and spends an hour and a h alf.

Ryan’s personal gym trainer, Arin Babaian, made him do squats and pull-ups before the actor could perform pilates. It was since the preparation for La La Land that he got into practicing pilates. Since it helps in building muscle mass and increases flexibility and muscle longevity, such a technique was perfect for him to develop rock-hard abs for Barbie.

Ryan Gosling Weight Loss: The Actor Loses Weight For The Notebook!

While Ryan Gosling has a hugely expanded career, a few of his roles are irreplaceable, especially his role as Noah Calhoun in the romantic film, The Notebook. The movie is regarded as one of the best romantic movies ever made in the history of Hollywood. But did you know that Ryan had to lose a considerable amount of weight for the character? Yes, while everyone has always noticed Ryan Gosling Weight Gain, the actor also reportedly lost 20 pounds after being cast in The Notebook.

Ryan Gosling Weight Gain
Ryan Gosling

As soon as the filming was scheduled, the Academy Award-nominated actor had to shed the muscle he had put on. Fortunately, the entire cast went for the Christmas break amid the shooting. So, eventually, Ryan received enough time to drop his weight. In fact, Gosling even tried method acting to achieve perfection in his role. His intense preparation has changed his body several times in different ways.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth: How Many Millions Is He Making?

It has been more than a decade since Ryan Gosling has been in acting. His films have done a business of over $1.9 billion. Now, you can imagine how much he might have been paid for all the big projects. As per reports, Ryan Gosling net worth is estimated to be around $70 million through films and TV shows. Moreover, industry insiders claim that both Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were paid equally, i.e., $12.5 million. According to The Variety, Ryan made $10 million from Blade Runner and $6.5 million from First Man. The list does not end here. But the Canadian actor also has an action thriller in his pocket that is currently in post-production. It co-stars Emily Blint in the female lead role.

This is all about Ryan Gosling Weight Gain. Let us know your take on the same in the comments. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates and such content.

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