April 14, 2024
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Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Is In Hiatus? Will Nanno Appear In The Future?

Girl From Nowhere Season 3

Girl From Nowhere Season 3: None can deny the dramatic cinematography of the Asian dramas. Netflix also sensed the same and entered the Thai market, and as a result, we had Girl From Nowhere on our screens. The series received worldwide attention in almost every aspect. Be it the enthralling story or the quirky characters, the thriller anthology amassed a significant fanbase. Meanwhile, the show also garnered positive reviews for its unconventional style of storytelling. With the end of the second chapter, fans are already looking forward to the Girl From Nowhere Season 3. Their thirst for the story continuation has grown to such an extent that people have already guessed what can happen in the future. The anticipation has led the flick to create a huge buzz among thriller lovers. Let us explore the details concerning the third season.


The story of the series revolves around a high school girl, Nanno. After transferring to another school, she does something extremely unexpected. To punish the criminals at her new school, she decides to reveal their dark secrets. In fact, Nanno, among her classmates, is only known for revealing all the criminal truths and facts. But after a while, the teenage girl receives tough competition from Yuri. The latter always plans to take control of Nanno’s actions and power. Moreover, Girl From Nowhere focuses primarily on the individual stories of the ensemble cast. Furthermore, this teen drama is well-known for blending horror, mystery, and thrill perfectly.

Will There Be Girl From Nowhere Season 3?

Talking about the current status, Girl From Nowhere has not been renewed for season 3 yet. Neither the makers nor Netflix have shown up with an official announcement regarding the third installment. Therefore, the future of the Thai series is in limbo. Although the formal statement regarding the renewal is absent, the chances for Girl From Nowhere Season 3 are higher. Fans are already hoping for a positive piece of news to come up soon in the forthcoming months.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3

Well, there are certain factors that affect Netflix‘s decision to renew a series. Firstly, viewership plays a key role in determining a series’ success. In the case of Girl From Nowhere, it became the top show across Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam to be watched on Netflix. In addition, it made its place in the Top 10 list across various countries, including Brazil. Thus, the viewership is favorable for the restoration.

Secondly, the reception and the critical response define a lot. Thankfully, the series opened up to rave reviews and was appreciated for various aspects. Be it storytelling or portrayal of characters, critics’ judgments have always been favorable to the show. IMDB has rated Girl From Nowhere with 7.6 stars out of 10. Therefore, Netflix would not be disappointed with its performance on the global level. Besides this, the enormous commercial success should compel Netflix to consider future seasons.

What Will Happen Next In Girl From Nowhere Season 3?

The last episode of the second season starts with Junko, whose admission to the school forms most part of the plot. She was seen using a wheelchair as she suffered a severe medical disorder. Fortunately, her mother also worked at the same school. Hence, the woman took intensive care of her daughter and ensured less trouble for the young girl. Nanno, on the other hand, had other plans and never avoided troubles. She always insisted on revealing the hidden truths that prevailed in the new institution. Meanwhile, she also realized about the donations her teacher, Waan, received for Junko’s condition. Not only this, but things also went darker when she noted the suspicious dismissal of a few students.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3

Moving forward with the story, the series shifts its focus to Waan. She kept a student in her box that she had earlier used for preserving oil. Nanno, after discovering the same, questioned Waan. Moreover, Nanno very well knew that the medicine was not for Junko’s betterment, and hence, she needed an answer. When confronting the teacher, she explained the reason behind it. Waan said that Junko had been killing the students who bullied her for years. For the sake of seeking revenge on everyone, Junko did not intend to forgive anyone. Therefore, to prevent such killings, Waan decided to use disabling medicine to stop her. Therefore, Nanno was perplexed and was unable to decide whether or not her teacher had committed a punishable crime.

Did Nanno Die?

On the other hand, Yuri had her own plan to harm Nanno. So, she started altering Junko’s medicine, and then it was revealed that she could actually walk on her legs. Furthermore, Junko tried stabbing the teacher, but Nanno stopped her. However, the next moment, Junko killed Nanno and left along with Yuri. But, shockingly, a figure appeared before them that they assumed to be Nanno. With this, the story marked its ending.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 will focus on the mysterious return of Nanno, and the rivalry between her and Yuri will continue to grow. Moreover, new stories will appear in each episode. However, the creator promises more thrill and horror in the forthcoming installments.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Release Date

Girl From Nowhere Season 3

The previous seasons of the anthology thriller had a gap of about three years between them. The first season was released in 2018, while season 2 dropped in 2021. Therefore, if the series is to follow the same pattern, the third season will be released sometime in 2024. If it gets renewed by 2023’s end, the probability for it to premiere the following year becomes higher than normal. Moreover, things will get more clear after an official announcement. Meanwhile, if an update drops in, we will let you know. This is all about Girl From Nowhere Season 3. Till then, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247

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