April 14, 2024
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The Killing Vote Episode 3: Explosion And Another Death! Is Mu-Chan Dead? WATCH HERE

The Killing Vote Episode 3

The K-drama lovers have already witnessed the last day of the trial. But the previous episode’s ending left everyone surprised. Well, we last saw Mu-chan trying to deal with the aftermath of the Bae Gi-Chul’s death. But it seems like his life will be put at risk in The Killing Vote Episode 3. Will he die? Well, the case is more complex than it looks, and now Joo Hyun will soon unearth the truth. She will start investigating the matter just to discover the horrific truth. Is it related to Mu-chan? Meanwhile, the masked man will continue to create more problems for the team. Now, let’s see what next is aligned for the fans.


The Killing Vote Episode 3: What To Expect?

In the closing moment, the car explodes, and everyone remains stunned to discover Mu-chan’s body. Soon, Joo Hyun rushes to save him. Despite their effort, the police force fails to save Mu-chan. Well, everyone is aware of Gaetal’s nature, and he is infamous for killing the criminal. But it remains unclear why he has targeted Mu-chan, one of the cops. Just then, the case becomes more complicated in The Killing Vote Episode 3.

The Killing Vote Episode 3
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The cops try to learn the mystery behind Mu-chan’s death. Meanwhile, the forensic department calls Gaetal insane. But Hyun believes that there’s something cryptic in the murder mystery. The moment she starts wondering about the complexity of the case, The Killing Vote Episode 3 preview hints that Mu-chan isn’t dead and he’s hiding from everyone. Further, it seems like he has some connection with the masked man.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with the last day of Kim Seok-joo’s trial. Joo Hyun told Mu-chan about the masked man, leaving the latter surprised. Hyun later revealed she had seen Assemblywoman Min Ji-young’s case and the trial tape, and from there, she learned about the masked man. Despite that, Mu-chan refused to add her to his team. But she continued to investigate the matter of The Killing Vote. The following day, an inmate thanked Seok-joo for helping him get into college before claiming he was happy that Bae Gi-Chul was dead. Mu-chan later visited Seok-joo, but he refused to meet the former.

The Killing Vote Episode 3
Amazon Prime Video

Later, the former learned a link about Bae Gi-Chul’s death. After learning this, Mu-chan ordered Joo Hyun to join their team. Later, the duo investigated the matter and headed to the restaurant where Bae went before her death. The waiter then told them about the cab driver. Meanwhile, Jo-dan checked Min’s laptop and learned where the malware came from. On the other hand, Hyun and Mu-chan traced the taxi while Jo-dan traced the IP address. It was later discovered that everything connected to Bae Gi-Chul’s murder site. As the show progressed, Mu-chan refused to get out of the car, which was already bombed. And within a few seconds, the car exploded. 

The Killing Vote Episode 3: Release Date

The upcoming episode will finally reveal the fate of Mu-chan. Is he dead? You will learn it in The Killing Vote Episode 3, which will air on August 24, 2023, at 9 pm KST. The show has just started airing and consists of 12 episodes following a weekly release pattern. It airs every Thursday with a runtime of around 60 minutes. Fans can catch the show on SBS TV and Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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