June 15, 2024
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The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7: Suicide Bomber, Terrorist Attack! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7

Now that The First Responders Season 2 is approaching its end, the severity of the cases will increase. And this time, Ho-gae will face a dark fate when he gets hit by a series of problems. His health seems to deteriorate while the others will witness a more complicated case. Besides this, The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7 is all set to explore the human bomb angle, and now Ho-gae and his team need to find the reason behind all the riots taking place in the city. But things will be more knotty than they seem. Is there an influential person behind this? Well, the case is more twisted, and the team will soon find it out. Let’s head to see what actually will happen in the upcoming episode.


The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7: A New Case! How Will The Officers Deal With It?

Although the security guard tries to poison his daughter, Ho-gae manages to save her. However, The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7 will bring a new set of problems in their life. Ho-gae and the rest of his team will witness a gang war in the upcoming episode. Although they manage to stop it, the cops will be stunned by the subsequent discovery. While investigating the riot site, the officers will find a severely damaged corpse of a man. However, his identity remains a mystery as his face is completely destroyed.

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7
Disney+, ENA

Meanwhile, the team will find another victim with acute kidney failure. So, the doctors will try to handle the situation. But things will worsen in the forensic department. The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7 preview hints that the doctors will find something inside the corpse after an autopsy. So they will proceed with a surgery which later turns fatal for them, as the corpse is a human bomb, leaving everyone’s fate up in the air.

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in The First Responders Season 2 Episode 6

, Song Seol recalled her time with Do-jin and read all the letters the former wrote. Do-jin had left a void in her heart that couldn’t be filled. Soon, the scene shifted to Pil, who seemed busy working with the National Forensic Science, who announced that his aunt’s death was an accident. However, he didn’t believe it, so he and Ho-gae continued their investigation. They started their investigation from their first suspect’s house. There, they learned that she was the one who disturbed the neighbors with the loud noise. She did it to take revenge on the Spring Lady. Their investigation later took a mysterious turn.

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7
Disney+, ENA

After learning the suspect’s intention, they discovered that the victim searched for used underwear. It was later revealed that the building’s security guard stole it. It further escalated their investigation. As the investigation proceeded, it was discovered the security guard had a connection with this case as well as the little girl whom Ho-gae befriended. But it appeared the little girl was in danger. So they rushed to save her only to find her unconscious at the security guard’s house. Soon, the matter worsened when the security guard revealed that he had killed the victim. He wanted to take revenge on her as she caught him selling used underwear. Further, he was in debt, so he poisoned his daughter.

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date

The next episode will be a hell of a ride for the doctors and cops. Catch it on The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7, which will air on August 25, 2023, at 10 pm KST. It is available on Disney+. But the local Korean audience can also stream it on ENA and SBS. The series is expected to drop two episodes every Friday and Saturday. So don’t miss it. This is all for now. TechRadar247

will keep on updating you regarding The First Responders Season 2. So stay tuned!

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