May 21, 2024
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Is Tyler The Creator Gay? Was Referring To His Sexuality In His Lyrics A Marketing Ploy?

Tyler The Creator Gay

The rapping industry seems to be undergoing several changes. The alteration is not only in terms of lyrics or singing style but with the rapper’s sexuality. Many artists have come out of the closet and declared their personal identity. And this time, people seem much more interested in Tyler The Creator Gay speculations. Well, the American rapper has been a subject of discussion regarding his sexuality for years. In fact, apart from his professional career, Tyler Gregory is more into headlines because of personal life aspects. Known for delivering Grammy Award-winning albums, the 32-year-old is also in the trends because of a viral photo with Sexyy Red. As per the reports, he has directly talked about having same-sex relationships in his lyrics. So, is Tyler The Creator Gay? Did he clear out the air? If you are also the one interested in these queries, you are in the right place.


Is Tyler The Creator Gay? Did He Reveal His Sexuality Publicly?

Tyler Gregory Okonma is undoubtedly a controversial figure in the LGBTQ community. The reasons are his false claims and hypocritical moves. If you have been listening to his interviews, you might have noticed the rapper used the ‘f*ck’ word almost in every statement. At the same time, Tyler The Creator calls himself a uber-supportive individual of the queer group. Not only this, but he has also joked about coming out, igniting an online debate among the netizens. In fact, the 32-year-old has often commented upon his sexuality but never directly addressed Tyler The Creator Gay rumors. This led many people to claim that he posts provocative remarks about his sexuality just for the sake of publicity.

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler The Creator

Calls Himself “Gay As F*ck”

But when observed closely, one will find the rapper has described same-sex attractions or relationships in lyrics. That further sparked Tyler The Creator Gay rumors. The rapper has even made similar claims in numerous interviews he appeared in. While talking to Rolling Stone, Tyler The Creator called himself ‘gay as f*ck.’ But he later came up with a strange explanation. Giving a proper explanation for it, the recording artist said that his friends were now comfortable with him being gay. However, when asked if he was confessing to any repressed feelings, Okonma denied it. But at the same time, he did reveal one of his biggest male crushes during the interview.

While Tyler The Creator Gay concerns were already everywhere, the ‘Flower Boy’ Star said that he loved Leonardo Di Caprio. Adding more to his statement, the rapper mentioned turning gay for the ’96 Leo, and that too without hesitation. On the other hand, the controversial American rapper discussed his 2017 album Flower Boy and spilled beans on a few aspects. Tyler The Creator opened up about having a boyfriend already when he was aged 15. Well, the revelation came out during a public interaction with Noisey when the record producer revealed being in a same-sex relationship.

Tyler The Creator Gay: The Rapper Has Been Kissing White Men Since 2004!

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler Gregory Okonma

Amid the release of the Flower Boy album, Tyler Gregory was called to a couple of interviews for the promotion. But like the earlier times, his statements once again caused controversy. Although most of his lyrics give direct references to Tyler’s sexuality, he has never spoken anything publicly. But, the rapper cleared the theories revolving around his track “I Ain’t Got Time” in a new interview with Fantastic Man. He revealed that he has been kissing white men since 2004.

Okonma also discussed how people still regard these aspects as belonging to a ‘grey area.’ But even after the public’s weird reaction to his actions, Gregory remained cool with exchanging kisses with males. But, when asked why he began discussing Tyler The Creator Gay rumors on Flower Boy, the artist seemed clueless. He also replied that not having answers gave people the chance to make false responses. Tyler concluded his statement by saying that there are always a few things that remain unexplainable for us. Nonetheless, Gregory has always been considered loud but is also private about certain things.

Tyler The Creator Gay: The Artist Hid His Lovers From People!

From having homosexual relationships to same-sex attractions, Tyler is a part of numerous speculations. A certain population claims Tyler The Creator Gay concerns to be true, while some believe him to make false claims just for public attention. But, regardless of this gossip, there were reports that said Okonma had a romantic relationship with a closeted bisexual man. A few of his songs had lyrics that apparently referred to the hiding of his male lovers from the public. In the song titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ it seemed like the rapper apologized for not revealing his previous lovers to the people. In his self-directed visuals, Tyler gathered up all his alter-egos from previous albums and rapped each apology using a different version of himself. 

Tyler The Creator Gay

Moreover, during the early years of his career, Tyler received heavy criticism for frequently using homophobic slurs. He was caught using the word ‘faggot’ in his song lyric and on Twitter. It ultimately led the other to call him homosexual, but the rapper denied such accusations. Sadly, infusing such words gave birth to an unexpected incident: in 2015, he was banned from entering the UK. The then-home secretary Theresa May circulated such orders because of the lyrics claiming to provoke violence.

He Is Just Unbothered!

Again, in an interview with the Guardian, the American record producer defended himself. Okonma clarified that he was not homosexual, despite Tyler The Creator Gay rumors remained the major concern for his fans. On the other side, the rapper sat down to discuss the slurs with MTV. His statement hinted that he had no issue with offended people. The Flower Boy singer explained that his gay fans were comfortable with the homophobic slurs, so he didn’t want to clear anything. Adding more to his statements, Tyler explained that if someone felt offended, it was their issue. Lastly, he closed the debate by saying that he doesn’t give a sh*t about the surrounding circumstances.

The Rapper Had S*x With Random Men!

The Goblin persona became more famous for being hateful and controversial. Despite having a successful career, Tyler The Creator gay speculations have been making rounds on the internet. But, like every time, the situation is weird and unusual. Did you know that the rapper had s*x with the brothers of some random girl? Yes, you read that absolutely right. Following his appearance in an interview with GQ, he revealed the shocking fact publicly. The Igor artist confessed to liking girls but also opened up about f*cking their brothers.

Moreover, in 2015, Tyler The Creator turned to Twitter and shared a post. It said that he tried to come out of the closet, but no one cared about it. In addition to this, there is another incident that fueled everyone’s interest in Tyler The Creator Gay concerns. The rapper once gave a befitting reply to Kendal Jenner on Twitter. Kendall tweeted that she and Tyler were apparently dating, but the latter denied it. The Cheery Bomb singer said that such a thing was not possible as they both were gay.

Who Is Tyler The Creator Dating Now?

Speaking with GQ, Tyler Gregory opened up about having s*x with men even though he likes girls. But a few tracks associated with the Flower Boy album again questioned his sexuality. The album is looked at as Okonma’s revelation and coming out. But then, he has never discussed it in a clear way before the public. His statements have sparked several controversies, and hence, he is one of the hateful artists in the rapping industry. The former leader of Odd Future’s support for the LGBTQ community is also consistently questioned. Despite Tyler The Creator Gay gossip and never-ending heated debate, Tyler is rumored to be dating a model. Is it so? Let us find out!

Tyler The Creator Gay
Reign Judge And Tyler Okonma

According to a few sources, Tyler The Creator is reportedly dating an underrated model, Reign Judge. Both of them have never confirmed the rumors but are speculated to be an item. Many believe the couple secretly started dating in 2021 and are still together. Despite an unclear scenario, Tyler and Reign have become one of the iconic couples in Hollywood. The pair is also reported to have appeared together on red carpets. For those who are unknown, Reign Judge is a fashion model who has been active on Instagram for quite a long time. She was even spotted in a fluffy oversized coat during Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, the model is known for her chic and preppy style.

Past Relationships!

Tyler’s dating history is more mysterious than you can ever think. He once expressed interest in turning gay for the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio. With this surprising revelation, people began calling the latter his crush. Furthermore, the online interaction between Kendall Jenner and Tyler the Creator also sparked rumors. Although the rapper cleared out the air, fans already saw them as a couple. But, as of now, Okonma has been spotted several times with Reign on the red carpets. Hence, people’s focus has shifted to them. Despite that, it’s hard for Tyler The Creator to get rid of his past relationships and dating history.

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler And Zendaya

Do you know model and actress Zendaya was linked romantically to the rapper in the past? The rumors started when Tyler shared an Instagram selfie with the actress. The picture was quite normal, but fans believe that they shared an intimate relationship. But neither Zendaya nor Tyler confirmed dating each other, and it remained as a fling. Later on, the record producer began dating actress Steffanie Christian. Both were spotted together publicly and seemed like a couple already. However, like the previous case, none of them landed any confirmation on it. Furthermore, Tyler The Creator was allegedly linked to a woman named Gio Rai. There were no photographs or videos of them together, and the linkup was kept quite low-key.

Did The Rapping Artist Date Jaden Smith?

In 2017, Jaden Smith marked his presence on a show in California. While talking about different aspects, the young rapper told the crowd that Tyler The Creator was his boyfriend. So is Tyler The Creator Gay, for real? Well, the fact was almost shocking for the people, and they speculated whether they were really committed. Soon after the show, Smith tweeted about the same, tagging Tyler in the post. Although it did seem like a real relationship, many people thought of it as a marketing ploy. Meanwhile, in 2020, Jaden again called the Igor star his boyfriend when the latter received the Grammy Award. However, since then, none of them has said anything in this regard.

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler The Creator And Jaden

Is He Married?

As of now, the American rapper has not been married to anyone. However, it is quite possible for him to have been secretly married as he hid his past lovers. But such a possibility holds less probability as Tyler The Creator is believed to be dating well-known model Reign Judge. Well, the Flower Boy star is said to be a private man when it comes to his relationship aspect. A few tabloids reported that the rapper is single for now and is focused on his career. But whether or not the fact is true is not known to us.

Tyler Gregory Shares Feuds With Eminem And DJ Khaled!

While Tyler The Creator Gay words are currently the main focus, there are some other aspects of his life that people should know. Well, he has been into several feuds. But before discussing the actual feuds, you must know that Tyler The Creator has been into a couple of legal issues already. He was arrested in 2011 because the rapper was suspected of vandalism. Reports claimed that he broke equipment during a show. To compensate for the damages, he paid $8,000 as a compensation. The second time that he was taken into custody was in 2014. The 32-year-old incited a riot, and as a punishment, the Igor star spent a year behind bars. Not only this, but he also had to pay a $4,000 fine. Hence, it was common for his fans to witness him getting arrested or being in prison.

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler And Eminem

Coming to the feuds, Tyler The Creator and the famous rapper Eminem got into an apparent dispute. In one of the songs titled Fall, the latter called Okonma a homophobic slur. Eminem claimed that the Flower Boy artist gave references to his sexuality only for attention. Moreover, there was an instance when Tyler criticized the lyrics of the Without Me singer’s track. This ultimately led Eminem to face backlash, and then he had to appear to respond to the controversy. Both rappers gave their own clarifications in public interviews and responded to each other’s claims.

DJ Khaled Criticized Tyler’s Music Album!

Following the release of Igor, the album went on to grab the first position on the Billboard 200. It also passed over DJ Khaled’s album Father Of Asahd. In response to this, Khaled posted a short video in June 2019 on Instagram where he brutally criticized Okonma’s music style. He claimed that his album can be heard everywhere, and people actually love them. Further, Khaled said that whether driving a car or going to a barbershop, his music is just great. However, he deleted the video, but netizens already had his statements with them. Hence, the now-deleted clip received much attention and ignited a debate between the fan pages of DJ Khaled and Tyler The Creator.

Tyler The Creator Gay
Tyler and DJ Khaled

Almost two years later, Okonma responded to the video and said that he enjoyed watching Khaled dying inside. The rapper stated that since a weirdo won against him, it made the 47-year-old feel bad. Since DJ Khaled called Tyler’s music mysterious, the latter has already made several references by writing mysterious music’ on Twitter. He even wrote the same stuff after winning Best Rap Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Tyler The Creator And Sexyy Red’s Photos Are Going Viral!

Recently, Tyler The Creator has become a hot topic as his pics with Sexyy Red are going viral on the internet. The 32-year-old was photographed with her backstage at a concert held in Los Angeles. While sharing the pictures on Instagram, the rapper wrote that his dreams had come true. Both of them can be seen leaning forward with their b*tts poked out. While Tyler had his tongue protruded, Sexyy Red pouted confidently. But as soon as the artist posted the photos, people released negative remarks and commented on their bodies, especially the lower back.

Well, the negative comments are all over the internet. But it seems like the rapper has no issue with that, as he hasn’t addressed any such comments. This is all about Tyler The Creator Gay concerns. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247.

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