May 21, 2024
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Arch Kelley III: Serving Imprisonment After Splitting With Wynonna Judd? Where Is He Now?

Arch Kelly III

Grammy award-winning country singer Wynonna Judd made headlines when she announced her romantic relationship with Arch Kelley III. Well, the star singer was famous for her several hit albums and tracks. However, her fans were curious when she revealed she had been dating a businessman for years. This quickly sparked several rumors, and everyone was keen to know more about her beau. Even today, people are curious whether Wynonna Judd and Arch Kelley III are still together. But do you know several controversies also surrounded her first husband? One of them suggests he’s serving a punishment. So, keep reading to find this out.


Who Is Arch Kelley III?

Born on March 23, 1931, in Dickson, Arch Brown Kelley aka Arch Kelley III, has been living a private life. However, some reports suggest that he’s the son of Pearl Potts and Arch Kelley Sr. But there isn’t confirmation for the same. Well, the businessman is known to have two siblings named Lean and Claudia Kelley, but nothing is known about them either. His educational details remain under wrap since he’s been living a private life. However, reports claim that Arch Kelley III was a successful businessman before he gained the limelight and met the love of his life. He dedicated his life to his family and kids and thus gave up his career to raise his kids and help his wife, Wynonna Judd, in her career.

Arch Kelly III
Wynonna Judd With Husband

Are Arch Kelley III And Wynonna Judd Together?

Well, Arch Kelley III gained much recognition after his name was linked with famous country music singer Wynonna Judd. The couple exchanged vows on January 21, 1996. Well, it was a private wedding ceremony and only a few of their close friends and family members attended it. Despite keeping their relationship low-key, some outlets reported that the couple met for the first time in 1993. Arch Kelley III saw Wynonna Judd first and decided to know her more. Soon, their meeting turned into romantic dates, sparking their blossoming romance.

After staying together for a few years, the couple finally married in 1996. Following their marriage, the couple dedicated their life to their children as they wanted to make a place safe for them. But unfortunately, their perfect relationship lasted only for two years. The couple announced their split in 1998, and fans have never spotted them together since then. Well, the reason behind their separation remained unclear. However, it is believed that Arch Kelley III has sacrificed a lot to sail their relationship smoothly.

Is Arch Married Now?

Arch Kelly III
Wynonna Judd With Third Husband

It’s common for celebrities to come into another relationship after their divorce. But the case is different with Arch Kelley III. Well, he’s known to have only one partner, Wynonna Judd. While little is known about his relationship status, the reports suggest that the businessman is still single. He’s currently in his 90s and living a solitary life. Meanwhile, the case is opposite with his ex-wife Judd. Following her split with Arch Kelley III, she started dating her one-time bodyguard, Daniel Roach. His sharp features and physique attracted her. Thus, Judd decided to live the rest of her life with him.

They eventually hooked up before getting married on November 22, 2003. However, just like her first relationship, this marriage was also short-lived. She filed for divorce in 2007 following a sexual assault case. The reports surfaced that Roach had sexually assaulted a child. Later, Judd met Scott “Cactus” Moser, a drummer in Highway 101, and they two got engaged in 2011. The couple exchanged vows in Leiper’s Fork, Tennesse, the following year. But Moser got involved in a massive life-threatening accident, leading to the amputation of his left leg.

Does Arch Kelley III Have Kids?

Although the businessman hasn’t married yet, he still shares two children with Wynonna Judd. The couple welcomed their first son, Elijah Judd, a couple of years before their marriage. This suggests the couple fell in love a few years before their wedding. Elijah is currently living a private life. But he had made a few appearances in his mom’s Instagram post, where the duo could be seen singing her songs. Elijah is now 29 and is living a perfect life with his wife. But he isn’t Arch Kelley III’s only child.

Arch Kelly III
Wynonna Judd With Son Elijah Judd

Well, Arch Kelley III and Judd welcomed their second daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley, in June 1996. Judd gave birth to her daughter soon after her marriage. Grace is currently 27 and is serving her punishment. While Elijah lives peacefully, his sister’s life is a mess. She has been imprisoned for possessing, distributing, and manufacturing methamphetamines since 2018. Well, per reports, Grace shared an unpleasant bond with her mother, which led her to find comfort in bad company.

Struggle With Drugs

Following his divorce, Arch Kelley III struggled with several legal issues. The businessman was arrested plenty of times for drug possession and related offenses. Well, he left his business to support his kids, which led him to face some financial challenges. His creditors even sued him. Thus, the period wasn’t pleasant for Arch Kelley III, and it finally broke him down. But despite that, Wynonna Judd’s ex-husband continued to work in the music industry, producing and managing various albums.

Arch Kelley III Net Worth

Arch Kelly III
Wynonna Judd

Speaking of Arch Kelley III net worth, the famous personality wealth remains under wrap. Well, it’s currently unclear whether or not he is still in the music industry. This is because he’s living a private life, and his finances remain unclear. But Wynonna Judd lives lavishly despite her divorce from Arch Kelley III. Wynonna Judd net worth is around $20 million, per reports. She has been earning a lot from her music career and doing tours. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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