May 19, 2024
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Hospital Playlist Season 3: Casting Call Started! Already Under Pre-Production

Hospital Playlist Season 3

After two brilliant seasons of Hospital Playlist, tvN made a shocking decision. Well, the audience was captivated by the series and its excellent storyline. Even though the second season wrapped up neatly, the fans are still urging for Hospital Playlist Season 3. But will it ever return? Well, the network has already made its decision. However, the series actor has recently revealed the future of the series, which will finally bring a smile to the face of the fans. So is it mean the show is still on the cards? Not only this, the network has recently given an update regarding the third season, hinting at the possible return of your favorite characters. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to know what is in the cards.


The romcom Hospital Playlist follows the lives of five doctors in their forties. They all are great friends and work at the Yulje Medical Centre. But they first met during medical school and soon became friends. Despite their charismatic personality, the group faces many challenges as the show progresses. Soon things take a drastic turn when their personal life continues to make things more dramatic, making it difficult for them to focus on their professional life.

Hospital Playlist Season 3: Latest News

The medical K-drama series Hospital Playlist aired back in 2020 and soon created a buzz around the internet with its intense and fiery cast. However, fans’ hope faded after the second season when the network made a jolting announcement. It left everyone wondering whether Hospital Playlist will return with the third season. But actor Jung Kyun Ho’s Instagram created a storm among the fans. It hinted at the cast reunion; perhaps the production was undergone back then. Was it? Keep reading to know this.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Is Back!

After a successful 24 excellent episodes run, Hospital Playlist came to an end. The heartfelt drama gripped the audience’s attention throughout its two seasons and ended the drama on a happy note. Soon after the second season wrapped up, fans wondered if the show would return with Hospital Playlist Season 3. However, initially, it seemed like it wouldn’t happen, as tvN hadn’t announced its decision. Well, the network only takes a few months to decide the series’ fate. Since two years were already passed, so fans hoped that the possibility of Hospital Playlist Season 3 was slimmer.

Well, it’s quite disappointing as the series was the biggest successful series on the network. It drew a huge rating, and the finale actually gained a 10% solid reception in Seoul. It is a huge achievement as most K-dramas only reach half of it. But in the case of Hospital Playlist, things were totally different. In fact, tvN stated that the show was always intended to wrap up with the second season. But recently, the news surfaced that the network is planning to return with Hospital Playlist Season 3. However, instead of continuing the story, the show will delve into the past life of the characters. Thus it’s safe to say that the third season is finally on the cards.

Hospital Playlist Season 3
tvN, Netflix

Its Rating Did Help Revive Hospital Playlist Season 3!

Do you know the show actually broke all the records? Both seasons were a smash hit when it came to ratings on tvN. The first season gained almost 3.579 million viewers and is currently ranked in the list of highest-rated cable dramas in K-entertainment history. As for the second season, it broke the first season record as the ratings hiked exponentially. The viewers were attracted to the enchanting storyline and also fell in love with the cast. In fact, the second season ended with the series’ high viewership. It gained almost 3.853 million viewers. Despite being the highest-rated cable drama, the show met with an early departure, as it had a proper ending. But the network is all set to return with Hospital Playlist Season 3, so fans can rest assured now.

The Filmmaker Always Envisioned It As Three Seasons

The series filmmaker Shin Won-ho revealed in a press release that initially, he developed the show with three seasons in mind. As per Shin, the show could have been released over three years. But his plan changed with time. At the end of the second season, he expressed uncertainty about the series’s future. He felt exhausted and cited there were some other problems to blame. However, as per the reports, tvN has started working on the third season. But the filmmaker won’t be directing the show. Shin announced this news in an interview. However, he revealed that he would remain part of the creating team and serve as the series creator.

Hospital Playlist Season 3
Netflix, tvN

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Production Begins!

Soon after the second season wrapped up airing on the network, the series star Jung Kyung Ho shared a picture of him with the entire cast. It quickly created a buzz around the internet. Shortly after its post, the fans bombarded him with plenty of questions about whether they were planning to return with the third season. Was production undergone? But the actor never revealed any details. It’s been a year, and still, the network hasn’t announced anything about the production details. Well, it took fans some time to realize it was just their short reunion, and the filming was never on the cards.

But things have changed now. As per the source, the series has undergone production on June 1, 2023. However, Hospital Playlist Season 3 will serve as the series prequel as it is set during the doctors’ college years. It means 20 years before the main events of the hit medical drama series. As of now, casting auditions have been carried out who can replace the lead cast Lee Ik Joon, Yang Seok Hyung, Ahn Jeong Won, Chae Song Hwa, and Kim Jun Wan. So it’s expected that the filming will begin in the fall of 2023 and will take almost five to six months to wrap up shooting.

Will The Main Cast Ever Return?

Well, the filmmaker has already cleared up that he isn’t willing to return with Hospital Playlist Season 3. And the show also ended with a perfect closure. But Jeon Mi-do said in an interview that she would like to revisit the show in the future. She is willing to return for the third season with her four other co-stars. Even her co-stars also hinted that they wanted to play their respective characters once again. They are still trying to turn the table and continue to nag the director. Although season 3 is back, the chances of the main cast returning are quite slim.

Where Are All The Friends Now?

The finale brought the perfect closure to the series as Jae-Hok received two great news. The police finally arrested the scammer, and he also got his money back, which he lost from the scam. His happiness took a nice turn as his wife gave birth to a baby girl. Meanwhile, Jun-wan reconciled with Ik-Sun, who then visited the army barracks. Not only them but Song-Hwa and Ik-jun also had a great ending, as they ended up dating each other and later revealed this news to Seok-Hyeong.

As for Seok-Hyeong, he decided to take care of his girlfriend’s mom and didn’t move to the United States. But the finale was surprising, as Jeong-Won dropped jolting news. He revealed that he was moving to the US for a year for further research. So it was their final time to stay together. So the band practiced one last time before realizing it was their last time as they wouldn’t be able to play along in the future.

Hospital Playlist Season 3

What Will Happen Next In Hospital Playlist Season 3?

Although the network hasn’t yet revealed the official synopsis of the series, it has revealed that the third season will feature the younger version of the main characters. So the third season will undoubtedly focus on their college years and the struggle they face during that time. Fans can also expect to see more of their relationship and how they become friends as well as band members. The show is also expected to focus on their goals.

Hospital Playlist Season 3: Release Date

The show is currently in a pre-production state, and the production team has yet to announce the cast roaster. No doubt, some new faces will join the show. So fans have to wait a little longer to see their favorite series back on screen. Speaking about Hospital Playlist Season 3 release date, tvN has yet to announce it. But if the show undergoes production in the fall of 2023, then the series is expected to release in the first quarter of 2024. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will update you more about the future of the show as soon as we learn surprising news.

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