May 29, 2024
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School Spirits Season 2: Boss Believes There Is “A Lot To Explore” In Sequel!

School Spirits Season 2

School Spirits Season 2: Teen dramas explore various aspects of life. Be it peer pressure or personal life complications, such shows tackle all of them. However, School Spirits stand out of the queue as supernatural elements take over the main story. Premiered originally on Paramount Plus, the series is known for its ensemble cast and enthralling adventures. Moreover, the creators have not included lengthy episodes and kept them limited. Since the first season ended recently in April 2023, the curious flame of School Spirits Season 2 is high. Be it story, characters, or any other aspect, the series already has lots of expectations associated with it. So, is there a chance of its renewal? Let us find out!


Created by Nate Trinrud and Megan Trinrud, School Spirits is an adaptation of a graphic novel. The siblings have written the novel, which has yet to be released. The first episode of the series landed on March 9, 2023. It introduces a teenage girl, Maddie. Shockingly, most incidents are taking place in her afterlife, and she is probing her disappearance. The closer she gets to unearth the truth, the more twisted mysteries become.

Is There Any Possibility Of School Spirits Season 2?

Don’t you want Madison to continue haunting Split River High School? Well, many fans look forward to its sequel. However, Paramount Plus has apparently confirmed the happening of such incidents. We are saying so as the platform has renewed School Spirits for season 2. It has already given the order for a new batch of episodes. Since the debut installment ended on a cliffhanger, the doors for the sequel were already open. With the formal announcement, fans can’t hold their horses as they wait for it to drop on Paramount Plus as soon as possible.

School Spirits Season 2
Paramount Plus

Moreover, the confirmation statement surfaced two months after the first season wrapped itself up. Nevertheless, the executive producers hinted about the bright future of the series, hitherto. While speaking to J-14, Nate Trinrud, and Oliver Goldstick were already positive about School Spirits Season 2 and delivered facts in a confident tone. The former mentioned that the writing team has several ideas that can form a potential second season. On the other hand, Goldstick also sounded hopeful, which eventually gave us hope that the supernatural mystery drama would return. He said that the team has figured out some beautiful places for the story to proceed further. He literally uttered ‘Season 2,’ and that was enough for us to determine its fate.

Apart from the official words, the climax of the last episodes paved the way for another season. The transformation of the soul between Maddie and Janet is yet to be explored, and since Maddie has not died, the story is likely to continue. For now, all we can do is wait for the team to start production. According to the THR, School Spirits Season 2 will enter production in 2024, with Megan Trinrud and Nate Trinrud returning as creators. Further, Oliver Goldstick has also made a comeback as one of the showrunners.

Officials On The Series Performance!

School Spirits Season 2
School Spirits

Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin expressed their gratefulness towards the fans for their support to School Spirits. Both of them were happy that the series kept the audience engaged with the captivating plot and the enthralling world of the high school. One of the officials of Paramount Streaming mentioned the drama as their popular adult series. Domenic DiMeglio is also delighted that School Spirits have amassed a huge fanbase during its run. Thus, with such statements, the upcoming season is likely to create history for Paramount Plus. For now, those who have not watched it must go through the episodes to delve into the world of drama and supernatural events.

What Will Happen Next In School Spirits Season 2?

The first season seemed usual until Maddie turned out to be alive. Janet actually took over her spirit, and the nail-biting climax said it all. Nicole sent a video that helped Simon to find out Maddie’s location. But before he could elaborate on the matter, Maddie began reciting the obituary. His nature and caring attitude touched her. Further, she went on to confess her feelings for him and expressed her love.

But Simon did not react the way she expected, rather showed up with a clip from Nicole’s video. It showed Maddie’s reflection in the rear mirror of Xavier’s truck. Therefore, he was forced to believe that Maddie, whom he had been hanging out with for the past few days, was not actually her. It was the fake personality that he believed it to be true.

School Spirits Season 2
Paramount Plus

Apart from this piece of fact, Simon also realized that Maddie was actually alive and left away. On the other hand, Maddie tried her best to convince him that the girl standing before was not fake and was really Maddie. She went after him requesting to stop, but as a result, while chasing for a long, she reached the boiler room. Interestingly, she heard her friends screaming for help, and that was when she realized that her memories from her last day were back. That day she was about to die but before reaching the afterlife, Maddie heard a girl pleading for help in the fallout shelter.

Out of curiosity, she opened the door and found Mr. Martin yelling at someone. As soon as she witnessed him calling out to someone, a figure appeared before her. It was Janet’s spirit that entered Maddie’s body and took over control. Thus, this indicated that Maddie’s spirit was kicked out, but her body was still in existence. Sadly, she did not have Simon on her side to help her with the problems.

Will Maddie Return To Her Body?

In the potential School Spirits Season 2, Maddie and Janet’s spirit is speculated to face each other. It will eventually give answers to Janet’s intention and why she took over Maddie’s body. But will Simon never help Maddie? How will she compel her friends to make them believe her real existence? These are the prominent questions that will find answers in the second season, including Janet’s intention.

Who Will Be Returning In Season 2?

School Spirits Season 2
School Spirits, Paramount Plus

In the first season, Peyton List headlined the series as Maddie Nears. Kristian Flores played the role of Simon Elroy, while Spencer MacPherson joined the cast as Xavier Baxter. Kiara Pichardo stepped in the shoes of Nicole Herrera. Apart from these actors, Rainbow Wedell and Josh Zuckerman appeared as Claire Zomer and Mr. Martin, respectively. Nevertheless, all these characters are expected to return in School Spirits Season 2. However, new faces can also appear in the future.

School Spirits Season 2: Release Date

Fans are currently happy with the formal announcement. But, at the same time, they are also curious about School Spirits Season 2 Release Date. Now, since production will commence in 2024, it is for sure that the follow-up isn’t going to drop until the next year. The chances for it to drop on Paramount Plus lie in 2025. Hence, the audience will have to wait for a few more months to have School Spirits back on their screens. For more updates, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247


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