May 29, 2024
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Ice Spice Mom And Dad: Who Are Her Parents? When Did They Divorce?

Ice Spice Mom And Dad

Ice Spice Mom And Dad: American rap industry has been dominated by male artists. But Ice Spice stands as an exception. She is such a female artist who is famous for delivering a couple of hit singles. The female rapper recently joined hands with Taylor Swift on a remix track. With this, Ice Spice earned mainstream recognition. Not only this, but this unexpected collaboration was also heartily welcomed by the audience. Originally named Isis Naija Gaston, the rapper became a viral sensation on TikTok. With the release of Munch (Feelin’ U), Ice Spice rose to prominence. So, it is common for her to remain in the headlines as she is a budding rapping artist. Moreover, there’s another concern that has kept the netizens busy. Currently, people are curious to know about Ice Spice Mom And Dad. Who are her parents? What are they doing now? Read to know!


Ice Spice Mom And Dad: Who Are The Rapper’s Parents?

Ice Spice was born on January 1, 2000, to Joseph Gaston and Charina Almanzar. Although her parents divorced, they have still managed to raise her well. The ex-couple has made sure to support Isis in her career. Ice Spice’s father, Joseph Gaston, was also an independent artist and basically practiced underground rapping. This inspired her and sparked her interest in rapping. She later started rapping as a teenager. In an interview, Ice Spice discussed how her father’s career influenced her to become a recording artist. The Munch crooner revealed that watching her dad rap always fascinated her.

Ice Spice Mom And Dad
Ice Spice And Her Mom

Meanwhile, her mom, Charina Almanzar, was only seventeen when she had Ice Spice in her womb. She worked at a car dealership. Recently, a picture of her mother went viral on social media. Both of them looked alike, and everyone had already guessed the woman to be Isis’s mother. Well, there was an instance when the 23-year-old called Charina b*ddie. Further, the rapper commented that her mother had a brief understanding of her lifestyle, appearance, and music style as well. 

Moreover, after looking at the viral photo, many people commented about Ice Spice not lying about her. Now, since both Ice Spice mom and dad had different professions, the couple remained busy with their work. Thus, Isis did not spend much of her time with them; instead, she used to live with her grandparents and cousins.

Ice Spice Mom And Dad: What Is Their Ethnicity?

We can say that Ice Spice became famous overnight and also became a viral personality on TikTok. The female rapper knows how to remain in the media spotlight. However, she is pretty careful about what to and what not to reveal in public. That is why her fans are curious about her personal life. But for the time being, netizens are interested in Ice Spice Mom And Dad. While a few details about them are already out in the media, let us have a look at their ethnicity.

Ice Spice parents, Joseph Gaston and Charina Almanzar, are not together. The pair signed the divorce papers and parted ways when the Bikini Bottom singer was only two. Nevertheless, Joseph Gaston is reported to be African-American, while Charina is believed to belong to the Dominican Republic. When discussing Ice Spice’s identity, the singer has referred to herself as Dominican and Nigerian. She took to Twitter and posted about the same. The mixed heritage has helped Ice Spice to shape her identity. On top of that, one can also feel Ice Spice Mom And Dad influence on her music style.

Ice Spice Controversy: The Rapper Faces Backlash For A Music Video!

While it is common for the public to hear legal cases around famous personalities, Ice Spice turned into a hot topic for another reason. The rapper is not only into producing songs but also EPs. Isis, after dropping a deluxe version of Like…? jumped into the media limelight. But, at the same time, she faced criticism online for the music video of Deli. It constantly faced backlash on the internet, and people shared their thoughts on social media. Actually, the music video had a 16-year-old twerking in the visu als. It was none other than famous TikTok personality Aya Tanjali. The particular scene filmed against her twerk caused controversy.

Ice Spice Mom And Dad
Ice Spice

One can clearly see the TikToker dancing and twerking on top of a counter. People believed that even after being underage, her moves were inappropriate and sexually provocative. Many people were upset with the act, and they posted negative remarks on the Deli’s music video. Netizens were outraged that Ice Spice could allow a teenager to act in such a manner. One of the Twitter users commented that no one told her that using a minor for twerking was a bad idea. Meanwhile, another individual called it nasty. In fact, Twitter itself added a cautionary message to Ice Spice’s post. The message claimed that the clip has a minor dancing in a sexually provocative manner that might stand against state and federal laws.

Who Is Ice Spice Dating?

While people are curious about Ice Spice Mom And Dad, many want to know about her dating life. It is true that Ice Spice is new to the rapping industry. But when it comes to her romantic encounters, the artist seems to have already made a long-lasting impression. Although she has tried keeping her personal life private, there are a few names that have been linked to her. However, all such names are high-profile, and this shows that Ice Spice has never missed dating famous celebs.

The first on the list is Caleb McLaughlin. Both of them were reportedly dating each other, and sources revealed that they were really into each other. The duo followed each other on Instagram but never addressed the dating rumors. For those who are unknown, Caleb gained popularity after his appearance in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Further, Ice Spice was believed to be going out with singer Drake. They were even spotted together in Toronto. A video from the event also surfaced on the internet that showed them really close. This was when Drake and the In Ha Mood singer became a part of the speculations. The artists once followed each other on social media, but now Drake is no longer on her followers list. However, Ice Spice still follows him but is clueless about his decision to do so.

Ice Spice Mom And Dad
Caleb McLuaghlin and Ice Spice

Further, the 23-year-old was linked to rapper Lil Tjay. Fans believed them to be an item, and the pair sparked dating rumors. Such assumptions surfaced on the internet when a celebrity jeweler posted a video of a watch made by him for Ice Spice at the request of Lil Tjay. The watch was expensive and was of rose gold color. Meanwhile, netizens speculated that it might be a Valentine’s gift for the Bikini Bottom singer. Furthermore, Tjay and Ice Spice collaborated on a song titled Gangsta Boo.

Who Is She Dating In 2023?

As of 2023, Ice Spice was assumed to be an item with Pete Davidson. However, this linkup came to be a baseless rumor. None of the reports clarified them to be dating or seeing each other. It was merely a false assumption. Therefore, it is pretty clear that Ice Spice is not dating anyone. Currently, the young TikToker and recording artist is single. Moreover, it has already been clarified that she is bisexual. But, to date, her romantic relationships with women have been away from the media.

Ice Spice Shares Details On Her Collaboration With Taylor Swift!

It was interesting to have Taylor Swift and Ice Spice together for the remix of the song Karma. The collaboration was highly discussed in the industry. Meanwhile, in an interview with Zane Lowe, Ice Spice spilled some heartwarming details of their studio session. The collaboration was already an unforgettable moment for the rapper, but it became more special when Taylor Swift brought her on stage as a surprise guest. There were multiple performances on the Eras Tour, and one of them also had Ice Spice.

Ice Spice Mom And Dad
Taylor Swift and Ice Spice

Talking about the entire journey, the Bronx-born said that it was unbelievable for her to receive news of a partnership with Taylor Swift. Initially, she doubted it but then was extremely delighted with the opportunity. Ice Spice appreciated the Grammy award-winning artist’s sense of humor. The former was also mesmerized by the warm behavior of Swift, which made the alliance more special and worthy. The rapper still remembers how over 200,000 people roared in excitement. She was just overjoyed to see such enthusiasm and excitement among the fans. So, we can definitely call the Eras tour and her partnership with Taylor Swift one of the major career-defining incidents.

It has only been two years since Isis stepped into the industry. She began rapping in 2021 and received her breakthrough the following year. Her inspiration is her father, Sheff G, and Pop Smoke. This is all about Ice Spice Mom and Dad. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247.

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