Tim Duncan Gay
Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan Gay: NBA Star Reportedly Shared A Home With His Wife And Gay Partner!

Tim Duncan Gay: Although the NBA has numerous basketball stars, The Big Fundamental is exceptionally famous, thanks to his skills and looks. Tim Duncan has spent almost all his career with the San Antonio Spurs, making the team five-time champions. The former player is one of the most tremendous power forwards ever born in NBA history. Thus, it would not be wrong to list him among the most celebrated players. While Tim’s career is enough to define his versatility, the sportsperson has also churned up headlines with his personal life aspects. The Spurs’s star is currently on the radar because of his sexuality. Lately, media reports suggest that his ex-wife has accused him of having a boyfriend. These accusations led the internet to start the trend of ‘Tim Duncan Gay’ on various platforms. Amid the drama, there are numerous other factors that are doing rounds on social media as well.

Is Tim Duncan Gay? Does He Pursue A Bisexual Nature?

No matter how adorable a relationship looks, many marriages end up on divorce papers. While people are used to public breakups, the trend was somewhat restricted to the entertainment industry. But in the last few years, many sports celebrities have also gone through the same. We are saying so, as Tim Duncan’s divorce was no different. He was married to Amy Sherrill for more than a decade and remained together until they divorced in 2013. During the proceedings, a wildfire of Tim Duncan gay rumors was spread among the general public. It led to a lot of drama, and the fire showed no signs of slowing down.

Back then, Amy, Tim’s ex-wife, spilled beans on the Spurs’ star sexuality and gender identity. She accused him of having an external marital relationship with a man, and that too for several years. Amy said that Tim had a gay romance during his Wake Forest University days. A few sources claimed that the 47-year-old even bought his male partner at home to live in. All these divorce dramas made their separation issue a public affair and created huge headlines. While the term ‘Tim Duncan Gay’ had already started trending, the player was believed to have imposed a confidentiality agreement over his ex-wife. In contrast to this, a few insiders say that the couple divorced as they both had extramarital affairs.

Is He Bisexual?

Talking more specifically about Tim Duncan Gay rumors, the ugly divorce turned out to be more troublesome than it actually seemed. While accusing the power forward of having an affair with a man, Amy Sherrill said that Duncan is actually bisexual. In the meantime, she also said that their union could not withstand the struggles and respective disagreements. Nevertheless, such assumptions and messy circumstances have adversely affected Tim’s name in the sports industry.

Tim Duncan Gay: Did The NBA Player Address The Rumors?

Whenever a suspicion arises, it takes time to be sidelined. It is only possible when people stop gossiping about it or ignore it. But it seems like The Big Fundamental is not lucky enough, as Tim Duncan Gay rumors are on the same stage yet. Even so many years have pased, the suspicions still persist, and fans are curious to know whether or not Duncan is bisexual or gay. Although the couple’s divorce proceedings saw much drama, Tim Duncan has never addressed the rumors himself. Perhaps he is a modest and introverted athlete who has mostly tried to keep things simple and private. 

Tim Duncan Gay
Tim Duncan And Amy Sherrill

Moreover, a detailed investigation of the mentioned speculations was never carried out. But, there’s an instance when the basketball player’s former teammate was asked about Duncan’s sexuality. In a radio talk show, Danny Green, who played with the Spurs, acknowledged the gossip and said that he had never witnessed any sign that could prove Tim Duncan to be bisexual. Green further added that even if he identifies that way, it would not bother The Big Fundamental.

Furthermore, while the low-key player is battling the gay rumors, Tim Duncan has yet to spill beans on the same. Sources claim that the San Antonio Spurs’ former player lived with his wife and alleged boyfriend for the first two years of their marriage. Nevertheless, Tim Duncan’s name was not found linked to a guy officially. Thus, it is safe to assume that the 47-year-old is not bisexual or gay.

Who Is Tim Duncan Dating Now?

The five-time NBA Champion has amassed an enormous fanbase over the years. But Tim’s personal life is no less than his professional career in terms of bringing storm on the internet. Amid the wildfire of Tim Duncan Gay gossip, netizens have shown equal interest in his current relationship status. Following his divorce from Amy, the basketball celeb moved on with Vanessa Macias. As reported by other tabloids, they also share a little daughter named Quill. Well, Vanessa is a renowned journalist, writer, and radio personality.

Though it is not confirmed, sources claim that the couple started dating immediately after Tim Duncan separated from his ex-wife. It is not known how their relationship began or how they met for the first time, but Tim and Vanessa started seeing each other in 2013. Therefore, it has already been a decade since the pair has been together. Besides this, the couple is reportedly engaged and is planning to get married soon. Coming to Vanessa, she was born in Texas and attended Incarnate World High School. The journalist also went to San Antonio High School and finally earned her graduation degree from the University of North Texas.

Tim Duncan Is A Huge Fan of Magic Johnson!

During his 19-year-long career, Tim Duncan dedicated almost all his career to the San Antonio Spurs. His performance at the basketball court has been appreciated many a time. Not only this, but many aspiring players consider him as their role model. But do you know who inspired Tim Duncan to conquer the NBA world? He has only idolized one and only Magic Lakers’ legendary player, Magic Johnson. The latter has also been active as a businessman and owned some stacks in the NFL, NBA, and even MLB.

Tim Duncan Gay
Tim Duncan And Magic Johnson

There’s no second thought that Tim Duncan is one of the most decorated players of the San Antonio Spurs. So, many guessed that he might have looked up to the team’s former players for inspiration. But, to everyone’s surprise, Tim grew up being a huge fan of Magic Johnson. Although both of them played in different positions, what The Big Fundamental looked out for was Magic’s skill of moving the ball around. Not only this but he was also impressed by how the former Lakers player got everyone involved in the game. Thus, it was the team concept that made Duncan his big fan. In addition to this, the Lakers of the 80s were such a team that the 47-year-old always dreamt of being a part of.

It was in an interview with The Stacks in 2007 that Tim revealed idolizing Magic Johnson. The interview was conducted just three years after Magic received a $27,000,000 payday. It was because he was selling his shares in the Lakers. Moreover, talking about the rivalry between the Lakers and the Spurs, the team played against each other in the Playoffs six times.

It is all about Tim Duncan Gay rumors. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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