April 14, 2024
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Louis Tomlinson Gay: One Direction Member Lashes Out At Gay Romance Rumors With Harry Styles!

Louis Tomlinson Gay

Louis Tomlinson Gay: Days were good when One Direction (1D) dominated the music industry. The former boy band had Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Even though they disbanded, the stars still make headlines. Among them, the one who has created much buzz in the media is Louis Tomlinson. The singer rose to huge prominence after becoming one of the pivotal members of One Direction. But what after that? Presently, the 31-year-old is a target of certain rumors about his sexuality. People believe that the former 1D member is gay and shares a same-sex relationship. Moreover, it is being said that Tomlinson has recently opened up about the same. All these factors have apparently fueled Louis Tomlinson Gay concerns. So, let us have a closer look at it to know the reality!


Is Louis Tomlinson Gay? What Led His Sexuality Become A Public Discussion?

Well, the X-Factor alumnus was not only dependent on One Direction for a successful career. Although it is true that it gave him the stage to address the world, Louis Tomlinson also made efforts to create a solo fanbase. Thanks to his skills and determination, the celeb is now at new heights. But, apart from his career, Louis has been quite active when it comes to gossip related to One Direction. In fact, he never steps back from speaking against false claims. Thus, he is very outspoken. His behavior even remained nearly the same when he witnessed Louis Tomlinson Gay concerns taken up on the Internet.

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles

But before exploring the darker sides of the gossip, it is vital to dig out how Louis Tomlinson Gay rumors sparked. In November 2014, a reputed outlet published a controversial article that claimed Louis was gay. The report detailed how the singer supported Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, while wearing a rainbow-striped T-shirt that also had the Apple logo. The outlet almost confirmed that the Kill My Mind singer is pursuing a gay sexual orientation. Basically, it was Tomlinson’s wardrobe choice that was interpreted as a hint towards his sexuality.

Well, reacting to the same, Louis Tomlinson did not remain quiet. He turned to Twitter and expressed his frustration about it. In one of his posts, the former One Direction member replied sarcastically while targeting the article and Jenn Selby (the author). The singer referred to Louis Tomlinson Gay theories as rubbish and also called the article laughable. Louis also cleared out the air and confirmed being straight. Besides this, the Two Of Us singer claimed that the writer was actually looking for some sort of promotion for the published article in the newspaper.

Writer Responded Back!

Apart from churning Louis Tomlinson Gay concerns, the article also had a hidden fact. It apparently presumed that the English singer might have worn the T-shirt with the vintage Apple logo in rainbow colors only to support the queer community. This particular fact became more transparent as Harry Styles once said that gender is not noteworthy when it comes to relationships. Nevertheless, the writer took no time to comment on Tomlinson’s remarks.

While The X Factor alumnus pointed at a complete misinterpretation, Jenn Selby said there was no mention of his sexuality in the article. Furthermore, she said that it was her only attempt at speculation, and the musician should not find it insulting. On the other hand, Selby went on to say that she was receiving death threats on social media. At the same time, there were certain people who also supported her.

Louis Tomlinson Gay: Did The One Direction Member Confess About His Gender Identity?

A video went viral on social media that ignited a heated argument among the Directioners. In February 2015, netizens played a short clip of the One Direction boys consistently as they heard an unexpected sentence. It appeared that Louis Tomlinson called himself gay, and thus, it was pretty unbelievable for the people. The short video had fuzzy visuals, but the voice was quite similar to Tomlinson’s. Although the voice is deemed to be unclear, people believed that it said, ‘I’m Gay; it’s unfortunate.’ So, is Louis Tomlinson Gay?

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson

As soon as such reports surfaced on the Internet, Twitter was bombarded with various tweets and messages. A few hashtags, including #LouisWeLoveYouNoMatterWhat, were on the trending list. Besides this, the unconfirmed revelation divided the One Direction fans. A few people supported Louis coming out of the closet, but in contrast, a certain population was still reluctant to accept the fact. Even though Louis Tomlinson Gay concerns brought about a storm online, the singer did not address it. However, a teenage girl posted her selfie on Twitter with Louis in the background and declared that the singer did not say he was gay. The girl insisted that she heard him while he talked with other boys, and it was not what the world believed.

Fans Doubted: He Shared A Romantic Relationship With Harry Styles!

‘You know it’s not the same as it was.’ Although Harry Styles incorporated a romantic angle in his music video, the lyrics were somewhat suited ideally to One Direction. The boy band was propelled to global success by social media. But it ended up creating huge waves of success globally. 1D is still one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. Hence, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne have done a versatile job when they were together as a group. Among these singers, the bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson drew the huge attention of people worldwide. Many assumed them to be a gay couple and also believed the alleged pair to have shared romance. So, did they really have a fling?

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles

Are you aware of the term ‘Larry’ or ‘Larry Stylinson’? These terms are often used by netizens to address the fictionalized relationship between the former One Direction bandmates. It might seem usual to many people, but Louis Tomlinson has lashed out at the ‘Larry’ conspiracy. Fans believed that the stars reportedly saw each other, adding more to Louis Tomlinson Gay speculations. Since Tomlinson was never asked about the ‘Larry Stylinson’ concept directly, he did not give rise to any public statements. However, in a few interviews, Louis talked about the rumors and clapped back at them. While speaking to The Sun’s Dan Wootton, the Just Hold On singer opened up about his opinions. Taking a stand for himself, the musician said that people only believe what they want, and it is a funny thing for him.

Tomlinson Is Just Fed Up!

One can not deny that there are numerous blogs and videos that claim Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson had a secretive relationship. But the latter has now become sick of Louis Tomlinson Gay rumors. Not only this, but the Doncaster-born also admitted that such allegations ruined his friendship with the As It Was singer. Louis took to Twitter and hit out at the gossip that apparently ruined his reputation publicly. Earlier, he was amused at the lingering suspicion, but later on, Tomlinson decided to put it to rest. While his tone seemed ironical, the musician admitted ‘Larry’ conspiracy to be the biggest bullsh*t. This tweet was followed by another post that expressed Tomlinson’s disappointment in reading such stories daily.

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles

It was already a few months since the ridiculous conspiracy theories continued to pop up on the Internet. Hence, the 31-year-old conveyed sarcastic thanks to ‘lovely’ people. Louis Tomlinson went on to criticize his fans, who still believe him to be gay. The former One Direction member revealed how he has been sick with the doubts about his and Harry Styles’s sexuality. Moreover, it has become common for Louis to be involved in heated battles with Twitterattis. It was also witnessed how Louis used to mention Eleanor to clear his name. But despite such circumstances, Louis Tomlinson Gay concerns have shown no signs of slowing down over the years. The consistent gossip related to his alleged romantic linkup with Harry Styles has never led to such aspects being sidelined.

Criticizes His Fans!

Besides this, the We Made It singer has apparently concluded that people who spread baseless tittle-tattle are not his fans. Meanwhile, we can say that since Tomlinson has not confirmed having a romance with the Dunkirk star, he and Harry Styles were just ‘BFFs.’ Though both have worked together for years and became famous as teenagers, fans have continued to fantasize about a romance between them. In fact, they have over-interpreted every gesture of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, only to keep the fantasy alive. Even after constant denial, people are not willing to stop themselves from viewing them as a gay couple. Perhaps the wildfire will not stop as Harry Styles has been accidentally linked to Larry P*rn on his official Twitter account. That further fueled Louis Tomlinson Gay words.

Louis Tomlinson Gay
One Direction

Louis Tomlinson Reacts To Gay S*x Rumors!

It seems like Tomlinson has uncountable rumors to deal with. Apart from focusing on his professional career, the singer is finding it difficult to battle against the baseless gossip swirling around him, especially Louis Tomlinson Gay rumors. Even after the One Direction split up, tittle-tattle focused on him and fellow bandmate Harry Styles don’t intend to rest. While it has been a really long journey for Louis Tomlinson when it comes to lashing out at the public, 2019 saw something different. British publication The Mirror came up with an article on the factors that led One Direction to dissolve. It listed drug use, rivalry, and hatred as reasons for the disbanding. In addition, the article also focuses on Larry Stylinson’s fan fiction and gay s*x rumors. It created a controversial atmosphere, and Louis was highly disappointed.

Moreover, the All Of Those Voices star was referred to as sensitive in the article. The singer took to Twitter and shared a photo of the article’s headline and called it unprovoked venom from The Mirror. The lengthy published news article laid emphasis on how the ‘Larry’ fan-fiction pushed Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson apart. The latter firmly rejected the claims and slammed the British newspaper for circulating groundless reports. Commenting on his tweet, a few fans wrote that it was an intended act to rile them up.

Euphoria’s’ Animated One Direction Gay Sex Scene Causes Chaos!

What we are going to elaborate on now can be considered one of the most bizarre TV moments ever happened. Do you remember the teen drama series Euphoria? It did receive positive reviews, but the series has been a subject of controversy due to nudity and sexual content. Although the HBO drama is not linked to One Direction, Louis Tomlinson was once pissed off when Euphoria crossed its boundaries. The teen drama series created a controversy after it released an animated episode titled ‘Made You Look.’

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles in Euphoria

The scene depicted Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson having oral s*x backstage at a concert. The racy animated scene brought the ‘Larry’ fan fiction into the mainstream. Moreover, the episode has been narrated by singer and actress Zendaya. Hence, HBO’s Euphoria caused outrage among One Direction fans, and they wanted the singers to sue the makers for such a disgusting act. People found them disrespectful to Harry and Louis and felt that the show unnecessarily promoted the alleged relationship. The sequence ultimately incited fan discontent for showing the celebs in a s*x-like situation. The episode ignited much dispute, and fans consistently slammed the show online.

On the other hand, where Harry Styles did not respond, Louis Tomlinson could not resist himself but showed up with a proper explanation. The latter said that he disapproved of the animated sequence. He also revealed that the team did not contact him before releasing it. Hence, the entire episode did not have his official permission.

Euphoria’s Actor Barbie Ferreira Explained The Situation!

While the Euphoria episode made things difficult for the singers, sparking Louis Tomlinson Gay words again, the team stepped forward to clear the air. One of the actors who plays an important role in Euphoria, Barbie Ferreira, appeared in a public interview with Hollywood Reporter. While talking about the animated Larry fan-fiction scene, she explained why such a storyline was vital for her. Barbie has been a fan of One Direction since an early age. The actor told how, after reading the script, it pulled her towards it magnetically. Ferreira said that the entire plot was very relatable to her as she lived through the One Direction age. Furthermore, the Euphoria star explained how the whole approach is an apparent reality for many people. Although Barbie Ferreira planted a brief explanation, fans were not ready to accept the controversial clip.

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Sam Levinson

On the other hand, Euphoria producer Sam Levinson also gave an insight into the creative process. He said that it was an attempt to allow dreams and wishes to come true. The filmmaker found the idea fascinating and exciting enough that he allowed it to come to life. Nonetheless, for those who are unknown, The Mirror’s article with gay s*x rumors in headlines was published a few weeks after the animated sexual scene was released.

Who Is Louis Tomlinson Dating Now?

Like many other celebrities, Louis Tomlinson has been notoriously private about his personal life and relationship status. The singer is a father to son Freddie, whom he shares with Briana Jungwirth. Moreover, Louis has been mostly linked to Eleanor Calder, whom he dated for about a decade, but their relationship was always in an on-and-off phase. The couple began dating each other in 2011 and separated in March 2015 after being together for four years. Although the couple tried to keep their romance private, Eleanor and Louis attended public events together while walking on the red carpet.

Louis Tomlinson Gay
Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Calder

However, two years after breaking up, the pair rekindled, and both of them again came under the spotlight as a couple. Tomlinson even hinted about marrying her in the future, but it did not happen. Sadly, the duo called it a final quit in late 2022, despite their reconciliation. Talking about his other past relationships, Louis Tomlinson dated Briana in May 2015. The relationship did not last for long, but they became parents to Freddie, who was born in January the following year. Other names on the list are Hannah Walker, Tamara Bell, and Sofie Nvyang. So, does it mean Louis Tomlinson Gay rumors are baseless?

Did Louis Tomlinson Secretly Marry Harry Styles?

Fantasizing a gay romance between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles has never been enough for a particular population of people. This is because many One Direction fans claim that the stars have married secretly, as apparent from a few tweets made by Harry Styles, his mother, and Ed Sheeran. The Perfect singer tweeted about his best friend getting married and said that he feels fantastic about it. Reacting to the same, Harry Styles said that they don’t need any paper from the City hall to justify anything. As the series of tweets went on, Harry’s mother also jumped into the situation and posted a few words. She applauded Louis for making a good decision. People were amazed at how everybody was talking about a wedding ceremony at the same timeline. This is why everyone believed Louis Tomlinson to have secretly tied the wedding knot with his former band member already.

Later on, such reports were clarified when Ed Sheeran confirmed his best friend’s wedding. The Grammy-nominated star gave an intimate performance for his best pal Jake Gosling. Sheeran was happy watching him dance with his wife, as seeing them both made him super happy, excited, and cool. While the Perfect singer did not clear out the air, it was confirmed that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are not married. The tweets had a reference to another context and had nothing to do with secret wedding rumors.

This is all about Louis Tomlinson Gay rumors! For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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