May 27, 2024
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J Balvin Sexuality: Singer Opens Up About His Sexuality In A Miami Event!

J Balvin Gay

J Balvin Sexuality: There must be a reason why the Colombian singer, J Balvin, is referred to as the Prince of Reggaeton! Considered as one of the best-selling Latin artists, he is a chart-topping urban singer. His songs have earned J Balvin much fame and popularity. Furthermore, the singer has received several prestigious accolades, including Latin Grammy Awards. While J Balvin knows how to attract media attention, this time, the singer is stuck in a weird situation. We are saying so as J Balvin sexuality is consistently doing rounds on the internet. His arrival in Fortnite made the community happy, but the way his character has been designed is a matter of concern for his fans. Besides this, the Colombian artist is also believed to be an ally of the LGBTQ community. So, is J Balvin Gay? Did he reveal his sexuality? Let us find out!


Is J Balvin Gay? What Sparked Such Gossip?

It is true that J Balvin is not a household name in the UK or US. But the singer has amassed a huge fanbase globally and has become a renowned personality in the music industry. Following his breakthrough in 2014, J Balvin collaborated with Bad Bunny and Cardi B. Moreover, the singer also rose to prominence after the release of Mi Gente, which crossed over one billion views on YouTube. But, his career has not always been on top, as Balvin also witnessed highs and lows. One such low point was when the 38-year-old was targeted for gay rumors, questioning J Balvin sexuality.

J Balvin Sexuality
J Balvin

Initially, there were no proper reports that could suggest how J Balvin Gay’s assumptions popped up. It is yet to have a clear answer, but the singer confessed to being a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, the Medellin-born felt like addressing the gossip and clearing out the air. He opted for an interview to acknowledge the online claim. Hence, Balvin, aka Alvaro Osorio, after receiving the award for Artist of the Year at Premios Los Nuestro, discussed the rumors and clapped back at them. Alvaro said that he wants people to get out of the closet and discover themselves, sparking rumors around J Balvin sexuality. The award-winning singer also told the audience to fight for happiness even after having other sexual preferences.

Confirms Being Straight!

J Balvin Gay
J Balvin

Further, adding more to his statement, he explained that having blue hair, pink, yellow, or a broken tooth doesn’t matter until it makes one happy. His speech fueled the curiosity of people, and everyone wondered if J Balvin was planning to come out of the closet. So, what is J Balvin sexuality? Well, fans are curious to learn this. But things changed after the clip went viral, having a short caption. The c aption read that if he had been gay, the world would have already gotten to know about his boyfriend. Further, the Colombian artist confirmed that he loves women and wished for people to stay happy by implying what he said during the event. Therefore, it is apparently safe to say that J Balvin Gay gossip holds no significance for now. It’s unclear whether the Safari singer is straight. But it’s sure that he is focused on his career.

J Balvin Gay: Fortnite Brings Him For A Possible LGBTQ+ Twist?

While J Balvin sexuality remains a matter of concern for its fans, his latest project creates buzz among the people. The Battle Royale Game Fortnite has introduced a new character for its users. Now, the players can shower more love and support to the Colombian artist J Balvin in multiple ways. The singer has three different versions of outfits in the game. Moreover, the Fortnite icon series skin is said to have taken its inspiration from him. The character is seen wearing a black tracksuit that has a rainbow flag on it. In addition to this, he is dressed in rainbow shoes along with a multicolored chain on his neck. That led people to doubt J Balvin sexuality.

J Balvin Gay
J Balvin Version In Fortnite

It is one of the never-seen avatars of Fortnite characters so far. People believe that it is one of the most widely anticipated groups from the creators of the game to support the queer community. While there are different versions of J Balvin, the cosmical form is the most discussed one. Nevertheless, for those who are unknown, the singer is a proud ally of LGBTQ+. Alvaro has openly advocated for queer people to discover themselves and accept their respective gender identities.

Who Is J Balvin Dating Currently?

The ‘Prince of Reggaeton’ became the most streamed Spotify artist in 2018. It is not the single title that J Balvin has earned throughout his career. The star also has several achievements under his name. So, his professional career is like an open book, but what about his personal life? Do you know about his relationship status? Although the Machika singer keeps his love life low-key, his name is constantly linked to Valentina Ferrer. She is an Argentinian model whom Alvaro met on the sets of his music video, in which she played the mother of a young girl. Both of them have been dating each other since 2018 and are still together. The couple even made their red carpet debut at New York Fashion Week the same year.

J Balvin Gay
Valentina and J Balvin

Further, Balvin and Valentina welcomed their son Rio in June 2021. The latter shared the news on Instagram after a few days of his birth. Since then, the pair has posted several photos with Rio in the frame. In 2023, the singer updated his Instagram story, holding his son and kissing him. So, is it safe to say that J Balvin sexuality is straight?

J Balvin And Jimmy Butler Play Basketball Together!

While the world has many renowned friendships, J Balvin and Jimmy Butler are also one of them. Both were recently spotted playing basketball together. It was a friendly game where Miami Heat Power and the singer participated for fun. The pair also clicked a few selfies and snapshots during the resting period. Fans were amused by looking at the pics posted on their social media handles. People also noticed that the 38-year-old wore Air Jordan 3, unbelieving his fourth Jordan Brand collaboration.

This is all about J Balvin Gay concerns. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section. For more updates and interesting content, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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