June 15, 2024
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Naked And Afraid XL Season 10: Is The Reality Facing Any Delay In Production?

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10: Discovery Channel is home to numerous distinct reality series, including Naked And Afraid XL. One can call it a survival competition series where contestants are challenged to struggle for life amid harsh environments. The show has so far sparked nine seasons with nine different geographical locations. The last installment unfolded its chapters in Montana, and the rest is history. Moreover, the spin-off to Naked And Afraid is one of the most-watched reality shows on Discovery. With such a condition, the curiosity for the future seasons is bound to touch the skies. The concept of the 40-day challenge proved to be so intriguing that people are looking forward to more thrills and challenges. As a result, their thirst for Naked And Afraid XL Season 10 is still the same. Here’s what we got for you!


With David Hard Story and Sean Foley leading the team of executive producers, Naked And Afraid XL debuted in 2015. The pilot season was filmed in Colombia, and since then, the show has been to different countries, including the Philippines and Louisiana. Further, the number of contestants participating varies from season to season. Talking about the format of Naked And Afraid XL, the contestants are allowed to carry a few helpful items but no clothing, water, or food. All of them are set free in the assigned location to survive. They have to gather their own food and build a shelter with the available material in their surroundings. So far, no cash prize has ever been announced for the successful participants. Furthermore, Naked And Afraid XL is about collecting essentials while surviving difficult terrain, scorching heat, and wild surroundings.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10
Naked And Afraid XL, Discovery

What Is The Current Status Of Naked And Afraid XL Season 10?

The most recent chapter had its first episode on July 31, 2022, and wrapped itself up on August 28, 2022. Hence, it is already more than a year since Naked And Afraid XL appeared on the screens to create a rush among the viewers. Belonging to the survival competition genre, the series was already an intriguing series. And now, fans are anxiously looking for an update related to Naked And Afraid XL Season 10. The show has always returned on Discovery every year since it debuted, and so anticipation for the next season is at its highest.

Coming to the current status, neither the makers nor Discovery has spilled beans on Naked And Afraid XL Season 10. It has not been renewed officially but has not been canceled either. Since the reality series has several successful chapters, fans assume that the journey won’t stop. Therefore, we can say that the future of Naked And Afraid XL is currently in limbo. The audience should hold the horses for now until an official statement drops in. We might have a clear status of the tenth season very soon.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10
Naked And Afraid XL, Discovery

As far as the renewal factors are concerned, the show is standing on a positive note. Naked And Afraid XL has excelled in terms of viewership on the Discovery Channel. It is such a survival competition series that, despite being a spin-off, has amassed a cult fanbase all over the world. Besides this, it would not be a wise direction for the channel to abruptly stop developing future seasons after having nine successful installments. Most importantly, Naked And Afraid XL holds a respectable IMDB rating. Thus, there is a high probability for Naked And Afraid XL Season 10 to happen in the coming time.

What Is The Format Of Naked And Afraid XL Season 10?

While most reality TV series promises cash prize at the end, Naked And Afraid XL stands as an exception. The participating contestants can choose one or two items to take along with them during the competition. They need to survive against all odds while navigating through unfavorable terrains and giving up on luxurious clothing or food. All the participants are filmed by a crew of camera persons who don’t intervene in their struggles until a medical emergency arrives. The cast on the show performs different activities that even include hunting, trapping, and building shelters.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10
Naked And Afraid XL, Discovery

Further, if any cast member intends to quit, he or she can quit the show. The withdrawal simply means that the one who discontinued their journey will ultimately go to his home. As the show reaches its end, the remaining contestants need to reach the designated extraction point. The only reward for the survivors is the honor they receive and the personal achievement they earn. Moreover, apart from being a physically challenging task, Naked And Afraid XL also tests one’s mental strength. It is apparently a deep dive into the personal and interpersonal challenges. So, Naked And Afraid XL Season 10 will also follow the same concept.  

Is Naked And Afraid XL Scripted?

It is a common perception among audiences that survival competitions are scripted. But things are a bit changed when it comes to Naked And Afraid XL. Denis Contis, one of the executive producers of Naked And Afraid, sat down to discuss the same with the Wall Street Journal. He explained that the team has ensured that the reality series remains the way it is filmed. Adding more to his statement, Denis told how the series is far away from manipulation and scripted reality. It is true that Contis did not mention anything explicit about Naked And Afraid XL. But since he addressed the main franchise, the spin-off would likely follow the same path. So, we can conclude that Naked And Afraid XL is real but with a pinch of a few spices.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10
Naked And Afraid XL, Discovery

On the other hand, a few contestants claimed that the producers demanded more drama to accentuate the survival thrill. Honora Bowen, one of the contestants, revealed that she was asked to act over the death of her father. Another instance caught on the camera exposed another side of the show. Once, a deer was caught in a snare, but in actuality, the animal had no marks of being trapped. Well, all these accusations revolve around Naked And Afraid, pointing towards its being fake. As of now, none of the contestants who participated in Naked And Afraid XL have complained of such a factor, according to the reports.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of The Upcoming Season?

The ninth season of Naked And Afraid XL was set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA. The season was particularly named Naked And Afraid XL: Frozen. A total of 12 contestants participated, and the challenge was reduced to fourteen days instead of forty. The ninth season had people from past installments of the main franchise as well as the spin-off. Some of the prominent names that became popular are Gabrielle Balassone, Trish Bulinsky, Wes Harper, Jeremy McCaa, and many others.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10
Naked And Afraid XL: Frozen

Talking about the upcoming cast, since the series has not been renewed yet, the confirmed names are not out. Unless and until Naked And Afraid XL Season 10 is greenlit, nothing sure can be said. Whatever the case, one fact will remain constant forever. The cast will only have those faces who have been a part of the survival reality series.

Naked And Afraid XL Season 10: Release Date

Going by the previous trends, it is the ideal time when new installments of Naked And Afraid XL were scheduled to be released on Discovery. But this time, it seems like the decision has been delayed. On top of that, the future of the reality series is already in limbo, and in such a case, having a release date is impossible. Therefore, there are no proper details related to the Naked And Afraid XL Season 10 release date. However, if renewed by the year’s end, the potential season 10 might be made available on Discovery by mid-2024. What are your thoughts on this?

This is all about Naked And Afraid XL Season 10. To stay updated with the latest details on it, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247!

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