May 20, 2024
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Emily Deschanel Weight Gain: Star Returns With Surprisingly New Look In Bones “Reboot!”

Emily Deschanel Weight Gain

Bones alum Emily Deschanel’s recent looks have been the talk of the town. The star has managed to return to her youthful look even years after her second pregnancy. But there was a time when Emily Deschanel weight gain created a buzz all over the internet. While the changes in her figure made huge headlines, the cancelation of the highly popular Fox’s Bones made things more dramatic. This is because many believed that the changes in her look were the reason behind the cancellation. However, things are different, and after almost six years, the creators are back with a Bones reboot. Is the show on the cards? Apart from this, the celebrity is also looking forward to returning with a huge project. Keep reading to learn more.


Fact Check: Emily Deschanel Weight Gain

Emily has been known for her role as Dr. Temprance in Bones, where she portrayed a talented forensic anthropologist who upturned her career. While the audience widely praised her role, her appearance in season 12 left her fans split. Emily looked puffy and busty in the final season, which led to several Emily Deschanel weight gain speculations. Soon, the actress attracted several rumors suggesting her transformation had something to do with her pregnancy. This was because she had gained belly fat, leading many to believe the actress was pregnant.

Emily Deschanel Weight Gain
Emily Deschanel

Well, it wasn’t the first time Emily got pregnant in Bones. Her first pregnancy was portrayed in the show in one of the seasons. Later, her second pregnancy was also portrayed in Bones. Thus, fans believed the actress was expecting another child. While Emily Deschanel weight gain was doing the rounds, some came up with another speculation that the Bones alum was pregnant to a mysterious non-celebrity man. The actress never addressed the rumors. And soon, the rumors turned out baseless. This was because Emily married her fellow actor, David Hornsby, in September 2010. The couple said “I do” in a private ceremony and later welcomed their two sons.

Was Emily Deschanel Pregnant In Bones Season 12?

Well, Emily gave birth to her second son in June 2015, while the final installment was released in January 2017. Thus, fans believed that she was pregnant during season 12’s filming. It was why she looked puffier, and Emily Deschanel weight gain was noticeable. However, fans remained surprised when she refused to return to her pre-baby body. Well, she was the one who decided to stick to her customary vegan diet, which gained several controversies back then. Some believed that Emily was on a strict diet to lose some pounds.

That created buzz among the groups who blamed her for not caring for her baby. However, Emily released a statement revealing she was closely working with her dietitian and was concerned about her baby too. But Emily Deschanel weight gain made things miserable for the star. So when she refused to lose some pounds, several other rumors quickly spread. Many blamed Emily for the conclusion of Bones, especially because the creator decided to conclude the show after the twelfth season. However, the production hasn’t yet disclosed the reason but believes it met with its perfect closure.

Emily Deschanel’s New Look

Although the Bones star gained a huge amount of pounds during her pregnancy, the celebrity shed 20 pounds in 2016. She returned with her slimmer look by following a vegan diet plan. She revealed in an interview that she shed some pounds with the help of an LA-based celebrity trainer. Emily Deschanel weight loss journey consisted of 1600 calorie per day meal plan. She also stayed firm on the micro and macro-nutrients that are required for high-octane energy. Now she looks slimmer than before, and Emily Deschanel weight loss journey is trending on the internet.

Who Is Emily Deschanel? How She Rose To Fame?

Born to actress Mary Jo Deschanel and director Caleb Deschanel on October 11, 1976, in Los Angeles, Emily Deschanel was raised Roman Catholic. However, she is no longer a spiritual person. While little is known about her academic years, Emily debuted in the rom-com feature film “It Could Happen To You.” Soon, she gained notable fame after appearing in Stephen King’s horror miniseries Rose Red. However, Emily’s career was boosted when she appeared in the Fox crime dramedy Bones. Her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan soon created a buzz among her fans. She has also received the Teen Choice Award and Satellite Award noms. But unfortunately, the show wrapped up with season 12. While the reason behind its conclusion remained unclear, fans believed it was because of Emily Deschanel weight gain.

Emily Sets To Return In Bones Reboot

Emily Deschanel Weight Gain
Emily Deschanel

Recently, the news surfaced the series creator Hart Hanson is in talks to return with the reboot of Bones. Speaking to Variety, Hart discussed the possibility of the revival of Bones. He stated that a reboot could happen in the future as they were still in contact with each other. In fact, everyone seemed curious to return. But Hart also noted that a reboot might create problems for them as it would draw a legal battle. All because of the Disney-20th Century Fox merger.

Well, the show was originally a Fox broadcast. But now Disney had owned the rights of the 20th, and so it could complicate things. Hart also addressed that bringing back the show would take a million lawyers and agents to determine the rights and ownership. But it won’t stop them, as the creators and cast are still in talks to return. In fact, everyone on the team is nostalgic enough to expect a return. So if the show returns with Bones, it’s safe to say that Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz will return alongside Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, and T.J. Thyne.

It’s A Wrap For “ReEntry!”

Emily Deschanel Weight Gain
Emily Deschanel

Despite fans keen to know about Emily Deschanel weight gain, the star has recently hit the spotlight with her next big role. Emily, Noma Dumezweni, and Sam Trammell are set to star in PlotNaut’s first film ReEntry, helmed by filmmakers Daniel Nayeri and Brendan Choisnet. Variety has exclusively reported that the principal photography of the project has already been wrapped up. However, the film has yet to undergo production. Speaking of which, Nayeri said that they aren’t selling a story but inviting the audience to join their conversation and be a part of the making process.

In fact, her new looks have landed her on another project. This is all about Emily Deschanel weight gain. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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