May 29, 2024
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Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain: Tennis Player Remains Silent On Pregnancy Claims!

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain: With the US Open 2023 making buzz all over the world, Jelena Ostapenko is no less. The Latvian tennis player seems in good form as she recently defeated World No.1 and defending champion Iga Swiatek. Following the win, she is looking forward to grabbing her second Grand Slam after the 2017 French Open. The 26-year-old was also seen booking her place in the 2023 Australian Open quarterfinals. But people, on the other hand, have noticed a change in her appearance. Jelena looked bulkier than before, and it seemed like she had gained much weight in the last few months. Well, such a weight fluctuation has sparked Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain rumors all over the Internet and social media. Intense discussions on online platforms have led to the emergence of distinct fan theories as well. Here’s what exactly the backstory is!


Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain: Did She Address The Rumors?

Also known as Alona Ostapenko, the tennis player is the first individual belonging to Latvia to earn the title of Grand Slam. With seven singles and eight doubles titles under her name, the 26-year-old is also a trained dancer. Many a time, Jelena often credits her good coordination and skilled footwork to her dancing ability. Isn’t it amazing? While the player is seen giving impressive performances on the courts, people are equally concerned about Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain. Netizens believe that the recent weight fluctuation is not natural. Hence, several assumptions are making rounds on the Internet.

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain
Jelena Ostapenko

Well, last year’s Australian Open can be the possible start of Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain speculations. That was when people noticed she had put on extra pounds, and she looked somewhat ‘fat.’ The player reached the semifinals of the Qatar Open and also made it to the Korea Open finals. But she had always remained under the radar. Despite her satisfactory performance, the Internet consistently targets Jelena for weight gain concerns. As per the reports, Ostapenko weighed around 150 lbs during the 2022 Australian Open. But, the Latvian native still played well until she lost the third round.

As of 2023, Jelena is busy competing in the US Open 2023. But still, people are awestruck by her appearance. It has been a few months since Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain rumors have been building up, and so they are at their peak. Well, the tennis star has not addressed the assumptions. This is because she is busy building up a critical phase of her life. This is why the people have released a few theories leading to serious discussions and gossip.

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain: Is She Suffering From Diabetes?

Although the 2017 French Open winner has not addressed the rumors, people claim that she might be suffering from serious health conditions. A certain fan theory suggests that Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain is a result of Type 1 diabetes. It is a chronic condition where the pancreas produces little or no insulin. And the lack of insulin causes trouble in sugar breakdown within the body. However, Alona’s fans defended such an assumption, pointing to her young age. In addition to this, none of the media reports have confirmed the fact. So, the diabetes factor can be stated as false for the time being.

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain
Jelena Ostapenko

On the other hand, when not diabetes, the pregnancy factor takes up the charge of Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain concerns. A certain population has always pointed out that pregnancy could have contributed prominently to her weight fluctuation. However, like any other assumptions, media reports debunked such gossip. But, in contrast to this, a few sources claimed that Ostapenko and her unconfirmed boyfriend had already welcomed their child. Despite the assumptions going at their peak, we cannot conclude whether or not they are true. Things will receive clarity only after Jelena Ostapenko breaks the silence. Whatever the case, it is for sure that the Latvian tennis star is not pregnant now, as she is playing in the US Open 2023.

Apparently, Jelena’s fans are divided into different categories based on their theories. While some suspect her body to have undergone post-pregnancy changes, others feel her to be diabetic. All these guesses have begun to take the rise of the entire issue.

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain: The Tennis Player Suffered From Mental Pressure!

There’s no second thought that Jelena Ostapenko has not spoken on the recent rumors of weight gain. But she did open up about dealing with pressure and performing amid adverse conditions. During the post-match press conferences at the Australian Open, Jelena admitted to bursting onto the scene after being a Grand Slam champion at 19. She revealed that it almost affected her mental state negatively. Further, Ostapenko explained that she needed time to cope with the pressure. At the same time, the Grand Slam winner also stated that she never stepped back from believing in her ability and skills. The Riga-born emphasized that her game was on point and that she could defeat almost anyone.

Jelena Ostapenko In US Open 2023: Defeats The World Number 1!

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain
Jelena Ostapenko

It seems like Jelena Ostapenko is in her best form to date, as she might win another Grand Slam title. In the US Open 2023, under the Arthur Ashe Stadium lights, Jelena knocked Iga Swiatek out of the championship. The latter was absolutely stunned by Jelena, who won the round by 6-3, 3-6, 1-6. Moreover, 2023 is the eighth consecutive year that Iga suffered a failure to reach the finals. Jelena Ostapenko will have her next match with No. 6 Coco Gauff in the quarterfinal. Well, both share a win each in two respective meetings. Nevertheless, prior to the match against Iga, the Latvian player was quite confident about her performance. Well, if Alona wins the title, her net worth will see a considerable increase. As of now, Jelena Ostapenko net worth is around $16 million.

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