May 19, 2024
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Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: General Hospital Star Believes “Fans Have Nothing To Do With Her Look!”

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Did you remember Maxie Jones from General Hospital? The role not only added a captivating factor but also made Kirsten Storms earn more fame. The actress has established herself as a well-known personality when it comes to soap operas. It is since 2005 that Kirsten is known more as Maxie among the people. Apart from General Hospital, the celeb has appeared in a few movies as well. Whether Zenon in the Zenon trilogy or Emily in Johnny Tsunami, Storms has always been praised for her performance. But, this time, fans are discussing her appearance as Kirsten Storms Weight Gain concerns are making a stir on the Internet. They believe that the GH star has put on excess pounds in the last few years and thus looks different. The 39-year-old is even facing negative comments on her body. Here’s what she said addressing the public judgmental statements!


Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: What Led Her To Gain Extra Calories?

With General Hospital always remaining in buzz, how can the media miss covering every aspect related to its cast members? This is why it has now become common for Kirsten Storms to appear in the headlines. Although celebs are used to dealing with varied stuff, the GH stat took a clap on the concerns and addressed the rumors. But besides all this, fans wondered what resulted in Kirsten Storms Weight Gain that she underwent a body transformation.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Kirsten Storms

Among all the assumptions, the most discussed one is the pregnancy factor. People assumed her to be expecting a child, and hence, her body turned more chubby. However, such reports were not confirmed to be true as the actress was not pregnant in real life. But it was Maxie Jones who was expecting a baby in General Hospital. It was not just for once when Jones was pregnant in the show. However, the makers used proper oversized clothes and a fake belly to give her an accurate look. Hence, pregnancy rumors that are doing rounds on the Internet are not true. No sources have revealed her being pregnant in real life. Therefore, Kirsten Storms Weight Gain has nothing to do with such speculations.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is There Any Illness Affecting Her Health?

In 2011, fans were worried as Kirsten Storms took an unexpected break from the General Hospital. So, the audience was curious about why the role of Maxie Jones was temporarily recast. Actress Jen Lilley replaced Storms for the time being and later on went to Days Of Our Lives. Moreover, reports suggested that the GH star was dealing with complications due to endometriosis. Such a disorder causes severe pain and abnormal periods. Thus, following the doctor’s recommendations, Kirsten Storms took a short break from the show to rest. Hence, we can say that her apparent weight gain might have been caused partially due to such physical illnesses. Moreover, the second time Maxie Jones was not on the set was when she took maternity leave to give birth to her daughter Madison.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Kirsten Storms

Apart from these complications, fans claim Kirsten Storms Weight Gain might have resulted from mental health struggle. Earlier in 2016, the Johnny Tsunami actress revealed suffering from a skin disorder caused by anxiety. She was even diagnosed with bipolar and opened up being highly dependent upon the anti-depressants. Kirsten even went for proper therapy and the right combination of medicati on to treat her illness. Hence, a few sources declare that her body underwent a drastic transformation while facing struggles with depression and serious anxiety. Therefore, Kirsten Storms Weight Gain might have something to do with her mental health problems.

Kirsten Recently Had A Brain Surgery!

Besides Kirsten Storms Weight Gain words, people are also concerned about her physical health. 2021 was a critical year for Kirsten Storms as doctors performed brain surgery on her. In the initial days of June, the actress underwent surgery to remove a large cyst that was discovered to be formed in the lower part of her brain. Complications rose to new heights after the cyst was split into two parts, causing frequent pain. During the surgery, titanium plates were placed on her neck, and she took eight weeks to recover. Kirsten took to Instagram and explained wearing a neck brace following the procedure. Further, the former Disney Channel star also confirmed that she was not fighting cancer.

Besides this, Kirsten Storms posted a short video on her Instagram story and explained noticeable differences. She opened up about her recovery and said that the earlier symptoms had vanished. The actress looked overwhelmed as she no longer had to endure the tiring headache and constant pressure. In fact, the 39-year-old was optimistic about returning to General Hospital following her speedy recovery.

Kirsten Storms

Dealt With COVID-19!

After her win over several illnesses, one can say that Kirsten Storms is definitely a fighter. Be it stress or depression, endometriosis, or skin issues, the soap opera celeb has never given up. Even though Kirsten Storms Weight Gain concerns are making rounds, the actress has not let anything bother her. Moreover, while she opened up about her brain surgery, the actress was also reported to have COVID-19 during the pandemic. Kirsten announced dealing with the coronavirus after she was tested positive. Providing further updates, she explained that she had no lasting side effects and was recovering.

How Did Kirsten Storms React To Comments On Her Body?

Being a television personality, Storms remains quite active on her social media handles, especially Instagram. Like many other photos, she posted a mirror selfie that attracted negative comments. People dropped rude remarks on her appearance and accused her of not sharing recent photographs. The post gained much attention, and that was when Kirsten Storms showed up to clap back at the criticisms.

Reacting to Kirsten Storms Weight Gain comments, the General Hospital fame used harsh words. She did not expect such reactions from the netizens and, thus, was upset about the whole incident. Addressing the remarks, Kirsten Storms said that she was not bothered by the weight gain theories as long as she found herself fit and healthy. The 39-year-old said that her body and details about her health have nothing to do with other businesses. Meanwhile, Kirsten called her apparent weight gain temporary and emphasized feeling good.

After her clarification, many people stood in support of her. A certain population appreciated how the GH’s Maxie Jones stood in favor of body positivity. According to the unconfirmed sources, she currently weighs around 126 lbs. However, it was praiseworthy how Storms stood positive amid hate comments. Moreover, fans spotted her in a new appearance as she went from blonde to brunette.

Why Did Kristen Storms Split From Brandon Barash?

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Brandon Barash, Kirsten Storms

It is common for the entertainment industry to witness divorces and separation. In the case of Kirsten Storms, the situation is no different. The soap opera queen got married to General Hospital co-star Brandon Barash in 2013. Both of them appeared on the show, but the latter exited in 2016. Moreover, before dating each other, they were friends and shared a close bond. As years passed by, Brandon and Kirsten grew closer and began dating each other. After making their relationship public, the pair exchanged vows and declared themselves as a married couple.

The duo turned into parents after the birth of their first child in January 2014. However, they filed for divorce in 2016, and the two separated on amicable terms. Recently, Storms opened up about co-parenting and decided to raise their daughter together despite being ex-partners. While it is not easy to do so, Brandon, along with Kirsten, has changed the definition. Speaking about their divorce, irreconcilable differences are cited as the reason behind it.

Kirsten Storms Is A Proud Mother!

General Hospital’s Maxie Jones has been said to be a bad*ss in the show for years. And like her reality world, the actress is getting another one getting prepared at her home. We are talking about none other than her daughter Harper. The proud mama recently posted a great action shot of her daughter that caught everyone’s attention. The video clip shows the little girl delivering a high kick in the presence of her trainer. Sharing the story on Instagram, Storms opened up about how Harper came across a boy who said ‘girls cannot fight.’ But Harper, on the other hand, took the charge to prove the boy wrong. Explaining further, the General Hospital star said that martial arts had improved her daughter’s self-confidence and taught her discipline.

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