Sasha Obama Weight Gain

Sasha Obama Weight Gain: Ex-President’s Daughter Shares A Cigarette With Her Friends!

Sasha Obama Weight Gain: Former U.S. President Barack Obama has always remained in the limelight. Now, his daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, are following in his footsteps. Sasha and Malia remain in equal media attention, and the entire Obama family is an evergreen target for netizens. But lately, Baracks’ younger daughter, Sasha, has turned heads after she appeared in a different physique. In some of her recent photographs, the little girl was speculated to have gained weight in the last few months. While some are worried, others have advocated for being healthy regardless of a particular body size. Nevertheless, Sasha Obama weight gain concerns are now making headlines. She has almost gone into an unrecognizable transformation, igniting several theories. Her physical transformation has piqued the interest of fans, and here’s what we know about it.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain: What Did She Do To Put On Calories?

The daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, Sasha, is one of those girls whose every action is close to eagle-eyed netizens. From her dress sense to attending a few outings, the media always has their cameras focused on the young VIP. And this time, the recent spotlight is because of Sasha Obama weight gain. People have consistently compared her before and after pictures, thereby raising their curiosity about the girl’s drastic transformation. Moreover, while comparing, it was pretty obvious that the 22-year-old had put on excess flab. Don’t you agree?

In 2023, Sasha Obama was transferred to the University of Southern California and received a graduation degree. That was when the cameras just spotted her in a bulkier weight than ever. She was dressed in baggy jeans and a fuschia tank top while carrying a tote bag around campus. The USC graduate no longer fits into a slim frame. Hence, the pictures assured her admirers that she had put on weight and pursued much difference.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain
Sasha Obama

It is unclear what has led the younger daughter of Barack Obama to increase her jeans size. However, many fans suggest that it might be adolescence that Sasha’s body witnessed fat accumulation. Since females undergo numerous changes during puberty, it could be one of the factors that might have affected her. Not only this, but constant hormonal changes also contribute significantly to weight gain. Therefore, Sasha Obama weight gain might have been caused by puberty and other related factors.

Did She Have PCOS?

There is no second thought that girls nowadays suffer from PCOS, Polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition where a female body suffers from unusual or very long periods of cycle. Well, apart from this, such a condition also leads to access hair growth and sometimes even weight gain. Hence, as soon as Sasha Obama weight gain concerns appeared on social media, many speculated that she might have PCOS, becoming more prone to acquire excess weight. However, none of the media reports have confirmed the USC graduate to be dealing with such a hormonal issue.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain
Sasha Obama

Besides all these, people have also cited irregular diet and consumption of junk food as one of the major factors contributing to Sasha Obama weight gain. Like many other celebs, Michelle’s daughter perhaps consumed a lot of processed foods that eventually increased her sugar levels. Additionally, it could have caused the fat deposition to multiply and give birth to unhealthy weight.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain: What Exercises Did She Follow?

Although being a daughter of Barack Obama already brings immense media attention, Sasha barely wanted to be on camera. Hence, the young girl has not opened up properly about the comments she has been receiving over her weight fluctuation. Thus, there are no facts known that could justify her weight gain. As far as Sasha’s exercise regime is concerned, nothing apt is known. Moreover, social media theories claim that the 22-year-old has become less active than before. To prove their claims, a few users explained Sasha had never been spotted going to the gym or doing exercises.

Interestingly, the assertion attracted online attention from others. A certain population affirmed that revealing every personal stuff is not always cool, and Sasha need not prove anything. They said being healthy matters the most, whatever the size, and so Sasha Obama Weight Gain is fine until she continues pursuing a healthy body. Do you believe the same? According to the reports, she weighs around 60 kg as of now.

How Is Sasha Living With Malia Obama?

Sasha Obama Weight Gain
The Obama Family

Michelle Obama has always been outspoken about issues where she felt like an address to the people. But at the same time, she loves talking about her family and daughters, Malia and Sasha. Recently, the former first lady of the U.S. arrived for an interview and discussed how both her daughters live together. Initially, the siblings could not stand each other, but now Sasha and Malia are each other’s best friends.

Discussing their healthy bond, Michelle opened up about how the two always stay together. Following her advice, Sasha and Malia mended their relationship, and now they are support systems for each other. Apart from that, the sisters even live together in Los Angeles and have no complaints. For those who are unknown, Sasha recently graduated from the University of Southern California. Moreover, her elder sister, Maria Obama, is busy with her work as a screenwriter following her graduation from Havard University.

Sasha Obama Spotted In Bikini!

It seems like the Obama family is enjoying summer! We are saying so as Sasha Obama was captured wearing a colorful bikini top. The 22-year-old paired the top with comfortable pants and matching sandals. Sasha also wore her long braids loose and spotted makeup-free. The media found her basking in the sun in Los Angeles and enjoying summer. Moreover, she was photographed standing outside her car along with her friends. But her appearance sparked several Sasha Obama Weight Gain words.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain
Sasha Obama

Interestingly, Barack Obama’s younger daughter was photographed to be smoking with her pals. The photos clearly showed Sasha holding a cigarette while chatting to her female friends. But, it isn’t the first time that the USC graduate has been noticed smoking. Nevertheless, it seems like the young girl developed a habit of smoking after watching her dad. You might be surprised to know that Barack Obama once admitted to taking up ten cigarettes in a day. Thankfully, he quit smoking ahead of the presidential campaign. In a press conference held in 2009, the former U.S. president said he constantly struggled with his habit.

What Does Sasha Obama’s Career Look Like?

Born to Barack and Michelle Obama on June 10, 2001, Sasha was listed among the most influential teens of 2014 by Time magazine. Talking about the skilled training, the 22-year-old took classes in gymnastics and tap dancing. On the other hand, Malia used to be busy with soccer, dance, and drama. Moreover, the siblings attended piano and tennis classes together. Further, Sasha Obama went to the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., and also attended the University of Chicago Laboratory School. Well, in 2016, the little girl worked at a seafood restaurant before attending the University of Michigan. Most recently, she graduated from the University of Southern California in 2023.

Sasha Obama Weight Gain
Sasha Obama

Coming to her career, Sasha has yet to start working professionally. It has only been a few months since she graduated from USC, and we might have a career update in the coming time. Nonetheless, the Obama family is currently busy enjoying the summers. While Sasha opted for an outing with friends, Malia attended the first Los Angeles screening of The Zone of Interest. Besides the two sisters, Michelle Obama is on a vacation with her pals. However, before going on such a tour, she attended the U.S. Open in New York with Barack Obama.

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