May 25, 2024
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Behind Your Touch Episode 9: Another Psychic In Town! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Behind Your Touch Episode 9

So far, Bong Ye-bun has been helping Detective Moon Jang-Yeol solve the small-town cases to help him transfer back to Seoul. However, their life gets entangled when a series of murders occur in the town. So, the duo tries to catch the serial killer. But everything will turn dark in Behind Your Touch Episode 9 when she learns the jolting news. She isn’t the only one with superpowers, and this news will turn their life upside-down. Now, the duo must catch the person with the same powers, as it can help them solve the murder mystery. But can they do it? Let’s see!


Behind Your Touch Episode 9: How Things Will Move Now?

Ye-bun remains surprised after learning there’s another psychic roaming in the town. So far, she knew she and her uncle Kwang-shik were the only psychics in the town. But things are different now. It seems like this person is a serial killer and knows a lot about Ye-bun and Kwang-shik. It worsens things for her as she tries to hide from the killer. But now he is aware of her actions and also keeping a close eye on her. So, she rushes to tell Jang-yeol about this in Behind Your Touch Episode 9.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9
JTBC, Netflix

It leaves both of them in shock. Jang-yeol tells her not to trust anyone, even him. Meanwhile, Kwang-shik uses his psychic powers to find the serial killer. But their attempt goes in vain. This is because the serial killer kills another victim in Behind Your Touch Episode 9. However, Ye-bun gets a vision this time, and she decides to follow the person. But she is left surprised after seeing the murder of someone close to her. Will she die, too, in Behind Your Touch Ep 9?

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with the rite ceremony. Mr. Park passed out after getting possessed by Seung-gil and Si-a’s spirits. However, Sun-woo helped him to bring him back to life. But Mr. Park didn’t remember any details of the possession. At Ok-hui’s shop, the owner went crazy over Da-eun’s brother. His hotness tempted her, and she later confessed to Ye-bun that she now liked Da-eun’s brother. However, their conversation was interrupted when Jang-yeol called Ye-bun to check people’s temperature. But she didn’t want to expose her identity. So, she insisted on wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9
JTBC, Netflix

Later, Mr. Park made his public appearance. He announced that another significant incident would take place soon. And as predicted, the serial killer attacked another girl named Ae-ran. Her co-workers filed a missing complaint. Ye-bun overheard Ae-ran’s tragic story and vowed to find her. She later asked Sun-woo to give her a ride on his bike. He later showed her his woodworking projects. But Jang-yeol again interrupted them and whisked her off to be with him. He then yelled at Ye-bun for liking Sun-woo and said serial killers generally looked like the latter. At the end of the episode, Ye-bun learned about another psychic.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will finally give some glimpses of the serial killer. But will Ye-dun be able to catch him? You will learn it in Behind Your Touch Episode 9, which will air on September 9, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. Behind Your Touch K-drama airs every Saturday and Sunday night. It first drops on the local Korean network JTBC and later becomes available to stream on Netflix. However, the global audience has to wait half an hour to catch their favorite mystery show. This is all for now. Stay tuned to TechRadar247

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