May 19, 2024
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Seeking Sister Wife Season 5: Why TLC’s Hit Reality Show Suffering An Unexpected Delay?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5: The reality television world is expanding, and hence, one cannot stop exploring different shows. With such an intention, fans have always wished Seeking Sister Wife to have new episodes to keep the entertainment going. Featuring polygamous couples, the reality TV series has showcased much drama and couples fight. And after the fourth season, the reality show has definitely become one of the most intriguing TLC shows. Now, with such a factor, it is obvious for the fans to wait anxiously for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. So far, the viewers have been so curious about the potential fifth installment that they have left no stone unturned to collect every possible update. If you are also the one hunting for the latest details about Seeking Sister Wife Season 5, you are in the right place.


TLC released the first-ever installment on January 14, 2018. The pilot season of the reality show consisted of only seven episodes and proved to be successful enough to develop another chapter. Moreover, the last season dropped in June 2022 and wrapped itself on September 5, the same year. Talking about its format, Seeking Sister Wife is all about plural marriages. Basically, it is centered on the polygamous families who look for another wife or a new wife’s adjustment into the family. While the wives are initially onboarded for many reasons, sometimes, they end up getting their feelings hurt. Moreover, Seeking Sister Wife focuses on several such families as they intend to bring a new addition to their families. Originating from the US, the show is a clan of Sister Wives that centers upon Kody Brown and his family.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5
Seeking Sister Wife, TLC

What Is The Current Status Of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5?

It has already been a year since Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finished airing. The 14-episode-long chapter engaged its fans throughout its run, with the last one released on September 5, 2022; fans are clamoring for more. When talking about the current status, the reality TV show is yet to be renewed by the official team. As of now, neither TLC nor the makers have spilled beans on the restoration of the show. Hence, we can say that Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 is currently standing at an uncertain stage, thereby leaving the future in limbo. Although a formal statement confirming the renewal is yet to be made, fans are highly anticipating the show’s return on TLC.

Further, there are certain factors that decide much about the fate of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. Firstly, since TLC has been bringing in new episodes for the last four seasons, expectations for a new installment are at their peak. Viewers believe that the network might drop a renewal announcement soon in the coming month. On the other hand, the season 14 finale witnessed some good news. Nick married Danielle in a ceremony where his other two wives also attended the eve. With this, a few people believe that the show might conclude itself as it hinted at a happy ending. Well, nothing confirmed can be said at the moment. But, interestingly, one of the fans’ demands received approval earlier this year. We are talking about Seeking Brother Husband.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Seeking Brother Husband: A Spin-off To Seeking Sister Wife!

While fans were already glued to the screens, they demanded another guilty pleasure. And to everyone’s surprise, TLC announced a brief spin-off, Seeking Brother Husband. It premiered in March 2023 and was based on the concept of the polyandrous. The network did such a thing to balance their other polygynous shows that have amassed a significant fan following. Moreover, people have also been looking forward to another season of Seeking Brother Husband.

Therefore, while the buzz for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 is already touching the skies, people want a second iteration of the polyandrous show. However, as in the case of Seeking Sister Wife, the makers have remained silent ever since Seeking Brother Husband finished airing. It seems like the network is planning a different schedule, which the officials might show up within the coming months.

What Happened In Seeking Sister Wife Season 4?

When talking about the ending explained, the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finale saw Roberta deciding not to go to America. She didn’t intend to become a part of the Merrifield family after so many adverse circumstances. Meanwhile, Roberta was dealing with jealousy and insecurity as she was against Garrick’s decision to date other females. Roberta also noticed that her relationship with Garrick and Danielle had been suffering silently due to the former’s will to date women. Although he and his wife, Danielle, cleared the air and explained everything to Roberta, she just could not keep up with the reality of being a sister-wife.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5
Seeking Sister Wife, TLC

It was then that Roberta changed her mind and did not accompany Garrick and Danielle to the States. Responding to the decision, Danielle said that Roberta never loved them, so she did not join the family. Both were disappointed, and since the latter had already asked for a baby, Danielle and Garrick were super excited, but all went in vain. In contrast to this, the finale episode had a few good things. Nick tied the wedding knot with Danielle, and she genuinely cared for him. Things became more interesting when the newlywed went shopping as one of her sister’s wives was expecting a child soon.

On the other hand, Merrifields were trying to compensate with the laws, and they had so much to ask Roberta. They were angry with her and wanted to know why Roberta wasted their time if she was not compatible with the polygamist lifestyle. However, to settle this situation, Garrick and Danielle decided to divorce. Both of them wanted Roberta to be back in the States on a fiance visa. Further, the Davis family was celebrating as Nick got a new wife.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Cast: Which Members Were Most Jealous?

When talking about jealousy, it is a usual and common feeling in every individual. It rises to an ultimate level after one witnesses his or her partner going cozy with others. The case is the same when we talk about Garrick, Roberta, and Danielle, who is known to be jealous of her husband being paired with her potential sister wife, Roberta. Things become more complicated when the woman falls in love with Garrick, instantly making Danielle’s jealousy more obvious. Moreover, his wife’s mother also jumped into the situation, putting forward her opinions. Danielle’s mom disapproved of the plural marriage and said that it would be hurtful for her, as well.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5
Seeking Sister Wife, TLC

Another couple that falls in the mentioned category is Paige McGee and her husband, Bernie McGee. The latter died due to a heart stroke and wanted a new wife who could raise his children. Since Paige was already a mother to five children, it was not possible for her to raise more babies. Although Bernie passed away, Paige felt jealous whenever other family members discussed his interactions with her new sister wife. Explaining her feelings, Paige McGee said that she truly wanted a sister wife but suffered complications when it came to plural marriages.

Further, another name on the list is Tami Winder, who accepted feeling jealous of his husband’s second wife, Sophie. However, the latter did not feel such a thing and believed that Colton had been a good husband to both her and Tami. Interestingly, Kody Brown’s wives still experience jealousy even after being married for years in Sister Wives. Now it’s believed they may return for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 if it gets renewed.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5: Release Date

Since the makers are yet to greenlit the development of the next season, we cannot have an exact Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 release date. We can only have an update on the same following the maker’s formal renewal statement. However, when going by the release pattern, the fifth season should have dropped by now but haven’t yet. So, fans are confused about whether or not TLC intends to bring the reality TV show back to the screens. The series’ ratings seem satisfactory enough to keep the hopes alive. Also, if it gets canceled, it will bring an unexpected void in the Monday program schedule. So, all we can do is wait for an update on Seeking Sister Wife Season 5.

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