May 21, 2024
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Nicki Minaj Weight Gain: “Haters Will Hate” As The Rapper Flaunted Her Curves In MTV VMAs

Nicki Minaj Weight Gain

Nicki Minaj is such a vast name who has amassed a massive fanbase over the years. And there’s no denying that fans love her, whether it’s her songs or personality. However, the rapper is currently the talk of the town for several reasons. One of them is Nicki Minaj Weight Gain. Her loyal fans are concerned over her growing weight gain and why it has become impossible for her to shed some pounds. While several reasons are surfacing on the internet, her fans are concerned about her health. Is she alright? Well, you don’t have to fret. This is because the American rapper has recently addressed Nicki Minaj weight gain words and the reason behind such a massive change in her appearance.


Besides this, there’s no denying that the American music industry is rich in genres, whether it’s about rock n roll, country, pop, or rap. Every genre has a huge fanbase, and people of every age love to hear them. This is why MTV VMAs become a big deal for music lovers. And this year, the VMAs have seen plenty of drama, tears, and joy. Among them, Nicki Minaj has once again made huge headlines. Here’s everything you need to know about Nicki Minaj Weight Gain and all the controversies she’s been surrounding these past few days.

But First, What Led To Nicki Minaj Weight Gain?

No doubt, Nicki Minaj is known as the rapper queen and has had a great career. However, there’s no denying that the rapper is famous for getting involved in several controversies. But currently, Nicki Minaj Weight Gain has been the subject of discussion. Well, it isn’t the first time she has gained such headlines. She has been used to dealing with such words, especially the harsh and mean criticism from her fans as well as the media. That has negatively affected her. Despite that, the rapper has been trying to stay healthy.

Nicki Minaj Weight Gain
Nicki Minaj’s 2022 MTV VMAs Performance

But there was a time when it became difficult for Nicki Minaj to deal with everything. Although it remained unclear what led to Nicki Minaj weight gain, the rapper started putting on weight in 2018. It was when some of her eagled eyes fans noticed changes in her appearance. She appeared a bit bulkier and puffier, which led to several weight gain speculations. Many started tagging her on social media trolls to learn the main reason behind such a drastic change in her looks. But the rapper never addressed them.

Instead, she tried to avoid addressing such comments. She even tried to dodge Nicki Minaj weight gain words. But nothing happened as per her will. In fact, it led to several changes in her health. Some of them are listed below.

Nicki Minaj’s Health Complications

Well, there has never been a day when Nicki remained out of the headlines. And when it comes to Nicki Minaj weight gain, people’s interest reaches its pinnacle. Once again, the media is trying to figure out what has led to such a drastic change in her looks. Although the rapper hasn’t discussed anything about her sudden weight gain, such words have made things problematic for her. As per the reports, the rapper has faced several health issues because of all such rumors. She dealt with high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. And all thanks to Nicki Minaj weight gain words that have contributed a lot in ruining her state of mind.

The Rapper Opted To Stay Mum

It’s not usual when Nicki stays mum. She’s known for her outspoken personality and has been addressing several issues in the media. But it became completely strange when the American rapper decided not to pay any attention to Nicki Minaj weight gain rumors. Well, nobody was expecting such a thing from her. But despite such a tough decision, the trollers didn’t stop slamming her. They kept on using harsh comments when it came to her weight. The situation became uncontrollable when Nicki showed up with Lil Wayne in one of her live events.

Nicki Minaj Weight Gain
Nicki Minaj

She looked a bit different in that event, which sparked Nicki Minaj weight gain rumors. While many people started body-shaming her, some also defended her. Hence, Minaj received several mixed reactions for her sudden weight gain. However, some haters took this opportunity to put down her name since the rapper has earned a massive reputation in the music industry. Despite everything, Nicki didn’t pay much attention to all these rumors and decided to focus on herself.

Nicki Minaj Weight Gain Reason Is Revealed!

Finally, after years of being mum, the artist decided to open up about her sudden weight gain. Last year, the rapper performed at London’s Wireless Festival, where she showed up with a somewhat more voluptuous figure. It quickly raised fans’ concerns. Well, it wasn’t the first time, as the rapper has been putting in extra pounds over the years. But she looked more different than before in 2022’s festival, causing a stir among the fans. So, Twiitteratis and the media didn’t waste time speculating the celebrity is expecting a baby again.

Shortly after Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy rumors surfaced, the star went on Instagram Live to open up about her sudden weight gain. The artist didn’t waste much time to reveal that she’s indeed pregnant. She said: “I’m not fat, but pregnant.” After this revelation, fans started congratulating her. Everyone was happy for her and started showering their love in the comment section. But those who know her know she’s the biggest prankster. A second later, the singer stated, “Oops!” She said it backward. She’s actually fat, not pregnant.

Although the singer hasn’t addressed the reason behind Nicki Minaj weight gain, she has been working on body positivity. She has been seen advocating body and mind positivity. She was spotted flaunting her curves after arriving in Trinidad. It appeared the rapper didn’t care much about the hate comments, and now she’s looking forward to opting for a healthy lifestyle.

Nicki Minaj Weight Loss Journey

Well, Nicki Minaj weight gain has been a subject of debate for several years. But recently, the rapper has talked about her goal to shed some pounds. The 37-year-old told on Queen Radio show that she’s making progress. She has been trolled for her weight, but now she’s working on shedding some pounds. While only a few know about Nicki Minaj weight loss, The Yikes rapper said she has been working on losing some pounds. But it took years to execute the plan.

Nicki Minaj Weight Gain
Nicki Minaj

However, she’s glad she has finally made a few steps in her weight loss journey. Well, Nicki Minaj weight loss journey is entirely dependent on her diet. She is trying to stay disciplined with her diet. And as of now, she has only lost 20 lbs, which is quite far from Nicki Minaj weight loss goal. But still, it’s such a huge achievement for the rapper. Besides sticking to her weight loss plan, Nicki said she believes in loving herself.

She and her “Nice To Meet Ya” singer, Meghan Trainor, have recently discussed the need to love their body. Despite everything, American artists want to go easy on themselves. Meghan said she just learned to dress properly, and now they are working on themselves. So the main goal isn’t to go slimmer but to stay happy with themselves.

Nicki Minaj Made A Record In 2023 MTV VMAs

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards recently made huge headlines after Taylor Swift set a new record. It was held on September 12, 2023, at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., where she bagged nine awards home. Swift repeated the history that took place in 1987 when Peter Gabriel won 10 awards. She is now this close to surpassing Beyonce, who has been leading the leaderboard of VMAs. While Swift broke all the records, Nicki took the award for best hip-hop for “Super Freaky Girl.”

It was her fifth award, which she previously won for her recording-breaking songs like “Chun-Li,” “Anaconda,” “Super Bass,” and “Do We Have a Problem.” While her achievement isn’t closer to Taylor Swift, Nicki did break the records after surpassing Drake. The latter held the second place to win back-to-back three awards in this category. But now, Nicki has snatched his position. Besides them, Shakira, Ice Spice, Beyonce, Blackpink, Jungkook, Anitta, Selena Gomez, Rema, Tomorrow X Together, Stray Kids, Lana Del Rey, Dove Cameron, and Maneskin also won plenty of awards for their latest tracks.

Oops! Moment In VMAs

While the 2023 MTV VMAs are in buzz for making history, Nicki Minaj is no different. Apart from beating Drake, Minaj has once again become the talk of the town for her outfit at the award ceremony. She wore a bubble-gum pink wedding dress, and her bold outfit gave justice to her “Barbie” nickname. She looked sensational in her lacy pink dress, flaunting her perfect curves in the silk corset-style bodice. Nicki paired her outfit with a long veil. Well, her looks confirm that Nicki Minaj weight loss journey is going great.

However, the artist revealed that she fell victim to a wardrobe malfunction. Nicki said that she realized that she didn’t buckle her shoes properly. Soon after this revelation, the camera zoomed to her feet. MTV was concerned about her and what she would say on the stage. This is because the star is known for creating controversy. However, she did well. And this is the second time she has taken to the hosting helm. While Nicki Minaj weight gain is still in buzz, the actress has finally shed some pounds.

Tells Crowd To Shut Up Before Dropping New Single

Nicki Minaj is a person who is famous for various reasons. Among them, her outspoken personality and spitting the truth have always remained a part of the controversy. This is why MTV called her before the VMAs. While hosting the show, the star revealed that MTV called her several times as they were concerned about her words. But the rapper assured them that she could control her mouth.

While hosting went well, fans were amazed by her mesmerizing performance. However, the most exciting part of her performance was when she dropped her new single, “Pink Friday 2.” No doubt, the performance was mesmerizing, but her latest track blew everyone’s mind. The track is grooving, but fans have to wait a little longer to hear the entire song. Her upcoming fifth studio album will be released on November 17, 2023. So, be a little patient.

This is all about Nicki Minaj weight gain. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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