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Sam Smith Sexuality: The Unholy Singer Developed Breast Says “Neither Man Nor Woman!”

Sam Smith Sexuality

Sam Smith Sexuality: In the last few years, the music industry has been witnessing several controversies. While discussing them, we cannot deny Sam Smith’s copyright lawsuit. However, the English singer’s case has been dismissed, and things are at rest. But, there’s another concern that has brought about a storm on social media. Although Sam is such a singer whose professional career holds enough capability to create headlines, this time, things are not as usual as they seem. For the last few months, netizens have been discussing briefly about Sam Smith Sexuality. In fact, the issue has grown to such a height that one can find several tweets and posts related to this hot topic. Fans are also curious to dig into the Latch singer’s pronouns. As per reports, the 31-year-old has recently addressed the concerns publicly. Let us have a closer look.


Sam Smith Sexuality: Does The Singer Have A Gay Identity?

Ever since Sam Smith dropped “In The Lonely Hour,” the singer began creating havoc on the Billboard charts. The songs belonging to the album proved to be a hit worldwide, and the musician’s popularity touched the skies. Hence, there is no denying that Smith has never left any stone unturned to meet fans’ expectations and thus is capable of maintaining the same fame to date. But, when it comes to the recent heated discussions, we cannot ignore the speculations circulating around Sam Smith Sexuality. Lately, the songwriter has opened up about the gossip and cleared the air.

A few years back in 2019, Sam Smith came out of the closet and announced being non-binary. During an interview session with actress Jameela Jamil, the Unholy singer declared their gender and admitted to pursuing a genderqueer identity. While talking to the actress, Smith said that they always had a little war ongoing within the body and mind. Many a time, they also thought of undergoing a sex change and were unable to conclude. It was difficult and confusing for the 31-year-old to confirm their sexual orientation until the singer came across terms like ‘non-binary’ and ‘genderqueer.’ After the London-born got to know the meanings of the mentioned words, queries related to Sam Smith Sexuality finally received an answer.

Furthermore, the Grammy Award winner went candid in an interview with GQ. Sam Smith revealed that they always identified as non-binary, even though people referred to them as ‘a gay male.’ Adding more to their statement, the Stay With Me singer explained that they always felt queer their entire life. Moreover, following the revelation, Sam Smith has become an open book whenever it comes to their gender identity journey.

Sam Smith Sexuality: The Unholy Singer Redefines Fashion

Well, it is not the sexuality part that Sam Smith has been addressing for the last few years. While discussing more aspects of it, the singer explained their fashion evolution and even tried ‘masc dressing’ during the initial stages of their career. Interestingly, they also opened up about feeling like a woman all the time. Not only this, but the Promises hitmaker also confessed to having a female-like sentiment even after being dressed in male clothing. Moreover, there was a time when Smith believed that they were caught within their masc-centered style.

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith

Nevertheless, there was a time when Sam Smith did not find an appropriate label to put on their sexuality. After the celeb appeared in an interview in 2017, they refused to label their sexuality and clarified not being identified as a man or woman. Then, like as always, Sam Smith shifted people’s focus to their clothing style and respective experiments. In the meantime, the singer revealed keeping heels at home as they loved it. Also, the Grammy award-winning musician once went to the school wearing full makeup. On top of that, Sam Smith even wore leggings and eyelashes along with huge fur coats. Isn’t it interesting?

A Heartfelt Moment!

As the interview moved ahead, Smith explained how he came out at a young age. While answering a few queries, the English celeb revealed that they came out of the closet when they were just four. But back then, nobody was aware of Sam Smith Sexuality, except their mom. Adding more to their statements, Sam spilled beans on how their mother assured the singer that she knew about their identity. So, the Money On My Mind singer did not have to come out properly. The 31-year-old also cleared that people who thought them to lie for sales were never the case.

Sam Smith Has Been Facing Backlash For ‘Gloria’

It is true that Sam Smith revealed having a ‘non-binary’ orientation, but they also unveiled a surprising fact. While talking to actress Jamil, the Unholy singer said that they also received liposuction when he was 12 after a doctor found breast development in their body. Since the musician’s body was storing high levels of estrogen in their chest, they had to undergo surgery. Nevertheless, Sam Smith Sexuality concerns settled for the time being. But their album Gloria has been facing backlash on the internet for the same reason.

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith

In January 2023, Sam Smith dropped their fourth album, Gloria, and it also won the Grammy Award. However, circumstances are a bit different from what it actually seems. Many people have referred to the music video as too sexual and explicit, making it inappropriate for the young audience. One of the songs from the album showed the singer wearing corsets, lingerie, and a few traditionally feminine clothing. Hence, several people demanded YouTube put an age restriction on the video to avoid children getting misled. On top of all these, a few conservatives have accused Sam Smith of shoving their sexuality into others. Hence, the clip again ignited debates on Sam Smith sexuality.

Sam Smith Addresses Gloria’s Originality!

There’s no second thought that the release of Sam Smith’s fourth album has again made the singer top the charts. However, following the online backlash, they sat down to discuss the origins of the album. While speaking to Amazon Music, the celeb defined their feeling of being desexualized throughout their career. Opening up more about their album, Smith said that most of them express their opinions or perceptions about s*x in different ways. And so, the video helped queer people to be themselves. Many a time, the singer sat down to promote body positivity and asked people to celebrate their bodies.

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith

In fact, the English singer has proved that whenever it comes to their sexuality or queerness, Sam Smith has never shied to reflect their identity. Whether wearing a denim skirt or matching codpiece or imagining a golden shower in a music video, Smith had always made sure to come up with their best proudly in front of their fans and others. Moreover, the artist even said that whenever it comes to s*x, they can express their sexuality not only through words but also through dance and songs. This is why Sam Smith Sexuality rumors continue to be the target of several social media users.

Who Has Sam Smith Dated?

Besides Sam Smith Sexuality, fans are also curious about their dating life. The Stay With Me hitmaker has never stopped being outspoken about their love life or romantic relationships. Last year, Sam Smith confessed to being more open to romantic attention after coming out as non-binary. While explaining the entire scenario to GQ Style, Smith explained that they have become more confident than before when it comes to romance or love relationships. However, when talking about their past relationships, the singer had been into a couple of flings. From Brandon Flynn to Christian Cowan, Sam has explored much about love and romance to date.

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith

Smith has made us groove, sob, and much more through their songs. But who has captured their heart in real life? Do you have any idea about it? Well, the English songwriter briefly dated Jonathan Zeizel for about two months before calling it a quit in 2015. As per the reports, both met at the sets of ‘Like I Can’ and then entered a relationship. The pair even shared photos of each other on social media. But following their separation, Smith openly regretted it. Later, the famous artist was linked to Charlie King, a reality star and personal trainer. Well, the pair did romance for about six months and also went on a few dates. However, neither Sam nor Charlie is confirmed to be sharing a romance.

Flings With Jay Camilleri

Further, the next name on the list is Jay Camilleri. Sam Smith began seeing him in 2016, and according to the sources, they even found love in each other. But then the relationship was never officially stated, and it remained a fling. Later on, in April 2016, the Unholy singer enjoyed a romance with Hollywood actor Andy Newton. However, like any other relationship, the linkup remained a rumor, and none of them said anything about it.

Did He Date Brandon Flynn?

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith And Brandon Flynn

Both Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith have been controversial personalities aside from their professional career. But people were almost shocked when they found out about the two making love. Flynn and Smith shared a quite public relationship and shared several posts on social media announcing their linkup. Moreover, the pair sparked rumors for the first time when they were spotted going cozy at a cafe in NYC. Soon after the gossip emerged, Sam Smith took to The Elen DeGeneres Show and confirmed dating Flynn. Ever since then, the two have been photographed sharing several steamy PDA moments.

On the other hand, Smith publicly confessed to having a romantic relationship with Brandon and that it meant everything to them. As per a media report, the singer said that the relationship has helped the two to understand each other better. Well, as a couple, Smith and Flynn have shared many beautiful moments despite being opposite to each other. They share different choices but are also similar in various aspects. Unfortunately, Sam Smith broke up with Brandon Flynn in 2018 after dating for months.

Sam Smith Sexuality: What Is His Current Relationship Status?

Sam Smith Sexuality
Smith and Cowan

In January 2023, People reported that the Latch singer was seen cozying up with designer Christian Cowan in New York City as they walked together in the streets. This was how people began speculating that the two were an item. It soon sparked Sam Smith Sexuality rumors again. Well, things became more prominent after Smith was snapped, planting a kiss on Cowan’s head. Not only this, but the rumored couple also walked with an arm-in-arm gesture. Besides this, one of the tattoo artists based in Sydney said that the pair stopped by his studio and revealed that Cowan got Smith’s name inked.

Industry insiders claim that Sam has been close to Cowan ever since they both went on a trip to the White House. Both even posed together for a photo with Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and other officials. On the other hand, the musician opened up about their past relationships in an interview with Britsh GQ. Smith revealed that they had only three boyfriends in the past.

In The News: Sam Smith Wins Copyright Lawsuit!

Sam Smith Sexuality
Sam Smith

Earlier, Sam Smith was accused by songwriters of imitating their own track and infusing it into the Dancing With The Stranger track. Performed by Vincent, the song ultimately received a copyright complaint, and hence, the case was being legally handled. Since Dancing With The Stranger is a joint collaboration of Sam and American singer Normani, the latter was also involved in the entire issue. However, the case was settled after Californian judge Wesley L. Hsu dismissed it.

This is all about Sam Smith Sexuality. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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