April 25, 2024
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Timbaland Weight Loss: Checkout How Rapper Won Over Addiction & Lost 130 Pounds!

Timbaland Weight Loss

Timbaland Weight Loss: There are several personalities who are in several fields, and one of them is Timbaland. Originally named Timothy Zachery Mosley, he is an American rapper and record producer. Apart from these professions, the 51-year-old is a well-known songwriter and record executive. Timbaland has received mainstream recognition for his unique production work and rhythmic style. Well, in recent times, fans have noticed him have lost a considerable amount of weight in the last few months. Although he was never so slim, netizens believe he has become healthier than before and is achieving fitness goals. Many admirers have taken his transformation as a source of inspiration and are curious to know the secrets behind it. And so, social media is flooding with Timbaland Weight Loss concerns. Recently, the record executive went candid about his weight loss journey and shared secrets to his slimmed-down success. Let us have a closer look at it!


Timbaland Weight Loss: What Led To Him To Lose Excess Pounds?

Ever since Timbaland divorced his ex-wife, the rapper decided to cut down his weight and start a fitness journey. The 51-year-old celeb started his transformation in 2016 after beating a narcotic addiction. Not only this, but Mosley also overcame a few financial troubles as well. It has already been a few years since the music producer has remained focused on maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit. That has led to Timbaland Weight Loss words around the internet. Interestingly, Timbaland has successfully beaten the painkiller abuse. But do you know there was a time when the MMG owner thought that his death was extremely near?

Timbaland Weight Loss

Painkiller Addiction!

In an interview with Men’s Health, Timbaland went candid and opened up about his experience with painkillers. He revealed that he began his dependency on them in 2011 after he received a root canal. To soothe the pain, it became common for him to take OxyContin and Percocet, and later, it developed into a habit. Things went darker when Timbaland witnessed a messy divorce, thereby fueling the habit. In addition to this, the painkiller abuse grew even more after an IRS investigation for three years of unpaid taxes. Unfortunately, the circumstances became worse when the singer thought that he would die anytime soon.

Further, the Apologize rapper revealed being unaware of the number of pills he ate in a day. But, on the other hand, he was relieved that the pills brought him comfort. However, gradually, the overconsumption of the painkillers led him to develop poor eating habits that led to gaining a considerable amount of pounds. On top of that, Timbaland was also diagnosed with prediabetes and weighed around 350 lbs. Gradually, after the possible death nightmare, the Scream singer was pushed to make a change in his body for the sake of his family. It quickly encouraged him to embark on Timbaland Weight Loss journey.

Timbaland Weight Loss: What Exercises Did He Follow?

As per the official sources, Timbaland has been able to drop around 130 pounds since he started his weight loss journey. He slowly started to stay away from the painkillers and started boxing to make the pill withdrawal easier. Initially, he lost 50 lbs in the first year, and gradually, he began working out twice a day. With consistent efforts, the rapper dropped another 40 pounds and hired a personal trainer, David Alexander, at a new gym. The latter advised him to get involved in exercises like hinge, push, and gait movements and even gave him a proper diet plan. Thanks to his willpower and hard work, Timbaland is now 130 pounds down but still feels incomplete.

Timbaland Weight Loss

Following A Healthy Diet!

Although Timbaland Weight Loss journey is at its point, he is still trying to shed some more pounds. As far as his diet is concerned, the singer and rapper preferred alkaline water to help himself stay hydrated and ripped. Timbaland also dished on fruits, including pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries. Revealing more about his journey, the celeb revealed not being involved in cheat days and following the diet every day. But there is an exception. Timothy often places an order in the theater every time he visits the hall to watch a movie. However, the music producer does not eat junk foods; instead, he orders salad to maintain the routine even during the movie night.

According to his gym trainer, Timbaland goes to DBC Fitness in Miami. As of now, he is regular at the gym and has been sober for the last five or six years. Well, Timbaland Weight Loss has not only impacted his body weight positively but also helped him manage his business more effectively. Recently, Mosley admitted to being in construction and does not want to feel complete as his mind would become idle.

Timbaland Weight Loss: Did He Undergo Surgery?

A few of the sources have revealed that Timbaland has been high on exercises. The 51-year-old songwriter does boxing in the morning and cardio in the night. In fact, the Apologize singer did hire a chef to cook meals for the day according to the nutrient plan given by the trainer. Despite that, many people have accused him of undergoing surgery. However, none of the reports have confirmed him to have used a knife to lose weight. So, the theories circulating on the internet hold no significance. Well, Timbaland Weight Loss was not an instant achievement. It took him years to reduce his jeans size, and now he has successfully cut down 130 pounds.

Timbaland Weight Loss

On the other hand, a few haters claim that Timbaland has used Ozempic to reduce such a considerable amount of weight. Although the singer had not addressed such gossip, these rumors are not intended to be true. In 2020, he even posed for the January/February issue of Men’s Health. However, it is true that Timbaland underwent root canal surgery, but it did not lead to his weight loss. In fact, the surgery was one of the reasons why the songwriter developed unhealthy eating habits following painkiller abuse.

Why Did Timbaland And His Ex-Wife Divorce?

Besides Timbaland Weight Loss journey, fans are also curious to know about his love life. Timbaland and Monique got married in June 2008 after welcoming their daughter, Reign. The couple used to work together for Fox’s Empire. Well, the pair seemed to be happy together until Monique filed for divorce for the second time. It was in 2013 when the two decided to divorce, and Timbaland’s wife submitted the legal documents related to it. She even petitioned for alimony, money for their daughter’s education, and insurance spousal support. However, it is not clear whether or not she demanded the same for the second time.

Timbaland Weight Loss
Timbaland And Monique

As per US Weekly, Timbaland took to Twitter and announced his apparent divorce by retweeting a supporter’s message. The tweet also had an image that said not to judge people on the basis of what they hear. For those who are unknown, the divorce was filed after five years of marriage. Nonetheless, ever since the Grammy award winner got separated from Monique, he sunk down into painkiller addiction, but now he is all healthy and fit.

What Is His Current Relationship Status?

There is no denying that the hip-hop star has been ruling the rap industry for decades. But did you know him having a secret crush on Aaliyah? Well, she was an American singer who earned herself the nickname ‘Princess of R& amp;B.’ Surprisingly, Timbaland had a crush on her and adored her appearance. Interestingly, the music producer went on to produce the majority of Aaliyah’s second album in 1996. The following year, Timbaland produced Missy Elliott’s debut album, Supa Dupa Fly, as she shared a close bond with Aaliyah. Furthermore, the Apologize singer continued producing songs for Aaliyah throughout the 1990s.

Well, as per the reports, Timbaland always had more than professional thoughts when it came to Aaliyah. Ever since he saw her for the first time, the rapper had more romantic feelings for her. Both had a year gap of at least seven years. However, Aaliyah got married to R. Kelly when she was a teenager and, sadly, became the prey of sexual assault. Moreover, in 2011, in an episode of E! True Hollywood Story, the singer admitted to marrying his ex-wife Monique as she looked like Aaliyah!

Timbaland Weight Loss
Timbaland and Aaliyah

Talking about his current relationship status, Timbaland is said to be single for the moment. However, it is quite possible that he might be dating secretly, as the rapper prefers to lead a low-key love life. On the other hand, there are probabilities for him to be looking for a suitable partner who could support him in his life.

Timbaland Net Worth

As per unofficial sources, Timbaland Net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. Since he has a vast career, minting such an amount is no surprise to his fans. Most of his fortune has come through his professional career as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer. The American celeb has collaborated with many big names in the industry, and hence, making millions is obvious. In addition to this, Timbaland has been in the industry for a long time. Therefore, he is already leading a lavish and comfortable life.

This is all about Timbaland Weight Loss concerns. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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