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Behind Your Touch Episode 12: Mr. Cha’s Nefarious Plans & A Decade-Old Murder! WATCH HERE

The more Ye-bun and Jang-yeol delve into the serial killer case, the more complex and twisted it becomes. Now, not only do they have to find the serial killer, but they also need to learn the mystery surrounding Ye-bun’s mother’s death. Will they find it in Behind Your Touch Episode 12? Well, fans have never expected that the K-drama will bring such a surprising twist to their plate. And now this twist has glued everyone to the edge of their seat. But will they ever learn the mystery behind the serial killer and Ye-bun’s mother? Are they connected? Now, only Behind Your Touch Episode 12 can reveal the major details regarding the case. So, keep reading to know that.

Behind Your Touch Episode 12: What To Expect Next?

Now that Ye-bun’s aunt is suspicious of her father’s actions, she will secretly work on a mission to unearth the truth. She and Ye-bun’s uncle will try to learn how her sister died. But the more they dig deeper into the mystery, the darker it turns out. As for Ye-bun, she seeks Jang-yeol’s help in Behind Your Touch Episode 12. She’s confident that Mr. Cha has killed her mom. But she lacks evidence. Jang-yeol, on the other side, wants to learn Sun-woo’s connection in the serial killer case. He firmly believes that the Shaman is hiding something, and his suspicion will soon turn out to be true.

Netflix, JTBC

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode saw Ye-bun learning about the bitter truth. Their free massage plan went well, helping the investigation team to filter their prime suspects. After the festival, Jang-yeol was suspected of Mr. Cha and the Shaman, Sun-woo. However, he lacked evidence that could create problems for him. As for Ye-bun, she learned something unpleasant about her mother’s death. She didn’t die from suicide, but her death surround a dark mystery. It helped Jang-mook to explore Mr. Cha’s dirty background in Behind Your Touch Episode 11. Soon, the case took a nasty turn as it started exposing Sun-woo’s connection with Mr. Cha.

It was later revealed that Sun-woo played a pivotal role in Ye-bun’s mother’s death. Further, in the previous episode, the latter seemed quite disturbed after reading Mr. Cha’s memory. She left with conflicting thoughts but decided to share it with Jang-yeol. Mr. Cha’s daughter also learned that her father had something to do with her sister’s demise. Amid all this, the tension continued to rise in Mujin as the people were still traumatized by the serial killer case. The investigation team worked on their way to unearth the mystery. As for Jang-mook, he decided to expose Mr. Cha.

Netflix, JTBC

Behind Your Touch Episode 12: Release Date

The upcoming episode will dig deeper into Mr. Cha’s past, uncovering many of his crimes. You will learn it in Behind Your Touch Episode 12, which will air on September 17, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. It has already reached its halfway, and now only a few more episodes are left. So, don’t miss it. You can catch it on Netflix an hour after it airs on the local Korean network JTBC. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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