Rui Hachimura Parents
Rui Hachimura

Rui Hachimura Parents: The Lakers Forward Faced Racial Discrimination Due To Mixed Ethnicity!

Rui Hachimura Parents: There is no denying that the NBA has provided numerous reasons to have a huge fan following. And when talking about the game, we cannot miss the Los Angeles Lakers player Rui Hachimura. He is a Japanese professional basketball player who has become one of the key components of his team. Well, the 25-year-old has made himself a great name in the sports industry. Interestingly, Hachimura used to play both basketball and baseball but eventually picked the former as a professional career aspect. However, in recent times, the young NBA star is creating a buzz as his fans are curious about his parents.

Despite Rui being an open book in terms of professionalism, there are certain aspects that are still under wraps. While everyone is focused on his game, a few people are concerned about Rui Hachimura Parents. Here’s what we know about it!

Rui Hachimura Parents: Exploring Lakers Star’s Early Life!

As already know, the 25-year-old is from Japan but has been playing in the United States since 2016. Therefore, it is obvious that people developed a curiosity about Rui Hachimura Parents. Not only this, but netizens are also concerned about his ethnicity and Rui’s relationship with his mom and dad. Well, when talking about the NBA player’s siblings, he grew up with three siblings. Well, Rui has spent most of his time in Japan, and the 6ft 8in forward has an interesting background. 

Rui Hachimura Parents
Rui Hachimura

Now, back to Rui Hachimura Parents, the star player was born to Makiko and Zakari Jabil. Both of them are from different backgrounds, as his mother is from Japan while Zakari belongs to a small country, Benin, in West Africa. The professional basketball player was born in 1998 in Toyama and received much support from his parents. Therefore, it is quite evident that Rui is a mixed race with dual citizenship. Nevertheless, the entire family has spent most of their time in Japan. Moreover, the Los Angeles Lakers star confessed to spending happy times in the country but also faced racism alongside his brother.

About Zakari Jabil

Unlike Makiko, Zakari was born in Benin, which is known to have a population of around 13.7 million. According to the reports, he moved away from his birthplace and relocated to Japan in search of better life opportunities. In addition to this, Zakari is also said to be a semi-professional basketball player with an immense passion for it. Therefore, fans believe that his father’s interest would have inspired Rui Hachimura in the sport. However, Zakari leaves no stone unturned to support his son during the matches. Well, since many details about Zakari Jabil are not known, many aspects are still to be explored.

Rui Hachimura Parents
Rui Hachimura

Who Is Makiko Hachimura?

Even though Rui is a famous NBA player who has amassed a significant fan base over the years, the Japanese-born has never revealed much about his parents. While Zakari is known to be a professional basketball player, details about Makiko are much more private. However, apart from Rui Hachimura Parents’ concerns, fans are also interested in finding out why the player used his mother’s last name. According to Japanese law enacted for international marriages, the one who belongs to Japan will always be the head of the family register. It eventually means passing down their name to the family line. Therefore, Rui Hachimara received his last name from his mother, thereby continuing the tradition and law.

Rui Hachimura Parents: What Is His Ethnicity?

As already stated, Rui’s ethnicity is mixed as his father is African, and his mother belongs to Japan. Many a time, the 25-year-old and his siblings had to face racial discrimination due to mixed ethnicity. In fact, his brother Allen, also a basketballer, posted a few screenshots of some racial slurs. When compared to Rui Hachimura, Allen is more outspoken when it comes to racism. Nevertheless, despite such circumstances, the former has been more bent towards Japanese culture.

Rui Hachimura Parents
Rui Hachimura

In one of the recent interviews, Rui admitted he faced difficulty in speaking English, but it wasn’t challenging to understand the same language. The NBA player studied the language only after his relocation to the US. This is why he can understand 80% of English and can only converse in 30% to 40% of it. Furthermore, we can conclude that Rui Hachimura is of African heritage but received the ‘Rui’ name from his grandfather. The latter was also a fan of basketball. So, apparently, Hachimura’s family background has a brief history of liking the sport.

Is Rui Hachimura Married? Or Is He Dating Anyone?

While people showed much curiosity about Rui Hachimura Parents, they are still anxious to dig up details about his personal life. Despite earning significant media limelight, the player has tried to live a low-key life. This is why the Lakers’ forward does not speak much about his love life and relationship status. But whenever talking about Rui Hachimura’s partner, the only name that shows up is Briana Delgado. They are rumored to be enjoying romance and sharing a beautiful relationship.

Although concrete details have not been unveiled, it seems like Rui and Briana have been dating for a few years. Not only this but they are also believed to be living together. Thus, the two share a live-in relationship. Moreover, Briana is a popular model and social media influencer who has a considerable fan following on Instagram. She also serves as the owner of the online store Bootyfull Queens. It offers several workout equipment for sale, including resistance bands. Well, it is unknown how Rui and his girlfriend met for the first time, but they have reportedly been together for the last two years. As of 2023, Rui’s marital status is said to be unmarried, and he has no children with Briana Delgado.

Why Is Rui Hachimura Not Playing In FIBA World Cup 2023?

Besides Rui Hachimura Parents, people are more into his status in the FIBA World Cup. Without Rui Hachimura on the court, Japan struggled to win against Germany in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. For those who are unknown, the Lakers forward has decided not to play the matches as he decided to focus on training and preparing himself for the next season. Citing a long playoff season as the reason Rui made this decision to prioritize his NBA career. So, fatigue is a factor that led Hachimura to step out of the FIBA World Cup 2023.

Rui Hachimura Parents
Yudai Baba, Rui Hachimura, and Yuta Watanabe

Without him in the team, Japan would not have had a great match against Germany. Moreover, Yuta Watanabe and Yudai Baba were the only players to score in double-digits. Furthermore, Japan coach Tom Hovasse said that it was disappointing not to have Rui in the season. But, he expressed hope and trust in the current squad and clarified that they would continue to work to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

Rui Hachimura Net Worth

As per the sources, Rui Hachimura Net worth in 2023 is $12 million. The professional basketball player is currently signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Previously, he played for the team of Washington Wizards after being selected in the 2019 NBA draft. Even after belonging to a Japanese background, Rui Hachimura has earned huge fame in the NBA. His persistent effort will indeed boost his status and net worth.

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