Teen Mom 2 Season 12

Teen Mom 2 Season 12: Jenelle Evans Sets To Replace Kailyn Lowry This Fall!?

MTV’s biggest, boldest, and bitterest reality show, Teen Mom 2, has always made its fans go insane with its uncensored and unpolished storyline. It amazed its fans throughout its entire run. But after watching Teen Mom OG, fans wonder whether there will be Teen Mom 2 Season 12. Well, it is concerning as the network has remained mum about the show’s future. But the franchise’s former cast member, Jenelle Evans, has recently spilled the beans on the potential sequel. Not only did she hint at Teen Mom 2 Season 12, but she also confirmed her return. Is she coming back? Will it lead to more drama in the next season? Let’s see how things will move now in season 12.

American reality TV show Teen Mom 2 is a spin-off of the original Teen Mom. It documents the struggle and lives of a group of young mothers as they navigate the challenges of raising their children while dealing with their mental health, careers, and, of course, relationship issues. The show mainly explores six young mothers’ lives who were initially featured on 16 and Pregnant, another reality show that showcased their journey from pregnancy to childbirth. The chronicles of these young moms continue as they face challenges during co-parenting.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12: Latest News

After binge-watching the show for almost a decade, fans are worried for the future of Teen Mom 2 Season 12. Typically, MTV returns with the next season within a few months. But it’s about to be a year since fans last watched season 11, and the network hasn’t made any official announcement regarding its next season. Well, the series is one of the most-watched reality shows on the network. Despite being faced with plenty of controversies, the show gained immense popularity throughout its runs. While there is no official news regarding Teen Mom 2 Season 12, the former cast opens up about her return.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12: Renewal Status

Unfortunately, MTV hasn’t yet announced the official renewal of Teen Mom 2 Season 12. Well, the show has been one of the most iconic yet controversial reality shows on the network. It has gained immense popularity throughout its run. Many fans loved the vibrant life of the young moms and all the ups and downs they faced while trying to raise their kids. Despite this, the show failed to attract critics, only gaining 4.3 out of 10 on IMDb. However, it never affected the show’s future. But for the first time, fans appeared worried as MTV decided not to revisit the show.

Soon after its two main casts left the show, MTV made a jolting announcement. As per the reports, Teen Mom 2 and 3 won’t return for future runs. In fact, the show’s remaining cast will be merged into Teen Mom OG. But it doesn’t seem like the show will return in the near future. Although the network hasn’t revealed whether Teen Mom OG will be the special season, fans believe there are still some chances of Teen Mom 2 Season 12. However, it’s hard to say what MTV is looking for.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12

But Jenelle Evans Hints At Potential Teen Mom 2 Season 12

After MTV fired Jenelle Evans in 2019, the former member of Teen Mom 2 announced the makers were in talks for the next season. Well, the rumors surfaced when Evans joined the “lawsuit party” hosted by Briana DeJesus. Jane Cline also attended the party, and MTV filmed the entire party. It was meant to celebrate the dismissal of Kailyn Lowry’s court case against DeJesus. Shortly after this party, the US Sun reported that both Barbara and Jenelle were in talks to return with Teen Mom 2 Season 12. Does it mean Teen Mom 2 Season 12 is on the cards? Well, anything can happen in Teen Mom’s world.

Another source claimed that Ashley contacted MTV to return for Teen Mom 2 Season 12. But MTV confirmed they have zero plans to hire her back. While the news was going around the TikTok, Jenelle took no time to respond. She claimed that she had been in talks with MTV about Teen Mom 2 Season 12. Through her TikTok video, she began the rumors that her return could only save Teen Mom 2. While the network hasn’t made any official announcement yet, many believe the show will return soon.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12: Cast Details

Jenelle Evans Plan To Return

In one of her TikTok videos, Jenelle Evans revealed that she could only save the Teen Mom franchise. Well, no doubt, she is one of the most famous figures on the show. Despite being in several conspiracies, she remains fans’ favorite. She also hinted at her return. But shortly after, she dropped another minute-long video revealing that she wasn’t planning to return. In fact, she was living her joyful life and would love to stay out of the limelight. Soon after her video, many of her followers split on the idea of her returning to the reality show. Many agreed that her return would spice things up, while some believed it could be better for her to stay away from the spotlight.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12

Kailyn Lowry Said Her Final Goodbye

Kailyn was last seen in the recent season of Teen Mom 2. But she was long gone in season 11 and only appeared in some small parts. It made everyone curious about her fate. But soon, Lowry confirmed that she was moving on and wouldn’t remain a part of Teen Mom 2 Season 12. She had already bid her farewell and now was ready to start her own thing. However, she hoped that at least she somehow helped to drop the birth rate among young Americans.

Well, she quit the show for some personal indifference with MTV. In an interview, Lowry pointed out that the producers were expecting her to film those parts of her life that other stars decided not to show. Since MTV wasn’t respecting her boundaries, she called it off. Just like Lowry, Chelsea Houska also left the show in 2020. Thus, it remains unclear who will return for the next season. Well, the show has already brought their substitute. Hence, the chances of Teen Mom 2 Season 12 seem pretty thin because of the lack of a star cast.

Teen Mom 2 Season 12: Release Date

Teen Mom 2 Season 12

As of now, MTV hasn’t yet renewed the show for the next season. Thus, it remains unclear whether the network is planning to return with Teen Mom 2 after bringing Teen Mom OG to the audience’s screen. However, if the network ever decides to return with the next season, we expect Teen Mom 2 Season 12 to return sometime in 2025. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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