May 29, 2024
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My Lovely Liar Season 2: Kim So Hyun Hints At Return! CHECKOUT

My Lovely Liar Season 2

Since My Lovely Liar aired on tvN and other streaming platforms, fans are going wild over this enigmatic mystery rom-com. It has captivated fans with its fantastic murder mystery plot that has remained the primary plotline of the series. But now that the show has concluded, fans are incredibly keen to learn the future of My Lovely Liar Season 2. Is it happening? Although the finale was satisfying, the show left several cliffhangers that made fans wonder whether there could be a potential season 2. So, let’s head straight to know the showrunner’s decision. Plus, are there any clues for My Lovely Liar Season 2? Keep reading!


Followed by a baffling murder case, My Lovely Liar focused on the twisted fates of Mok Sol-hee (played by Kim So-hyun) and Kim Do-ha (played by Hwang Min-hyun). It began with Sol-hee running her famous Liar Hunter tarot cafe. But one of her cases led her to meet Do-ha, the innocent murderer. Well, it was what everyone believed. However, things took a challenging turn when Sol-hee began to trust him, and soon, the murder mystery saw a new angle. Was Do-ha the real culprit? Well, the finale is already released. So, keep reading to learn this too.

My Lovely Liar Season 2: Is It Renewed?


Well, My Lovely Liar just wrapped up its pilot season last week. So, it’s quite early to guess whether the studio will return with another season. In fact, it’s rare for tvN to renew the show shortly after its finale. Typically, the network takes almost a year to announce whether they want to continue with the series for a further season. The same goes for My Lovely Liar Season 2. Since the series has just concluded, fans must wait a little longer to see whether it will make its way to another season.

Directed by Nam Sung-woon, the K-drama saw major changes in its storyline throughout its run. Well, the intervening plot did make fans lose their minds. This is because it began with not trusting anyone to give love and trust a chance. While the story never entirely focused on romance, as its primary focus was always the murder mystery, many found it a bit hard to continue the series. Despite that, the series has amassed a huge fan following in the pilot season. Hence, there’s no second thought for My Lovely Liar Season 2 to get axed.

Chances Of My Lovely Liar Season 2!

The story undoubtedly had its beginning, middle, and end. In fact, the conclusive nature of the finale slims down the possibility of its return. But wait a second! The show has also dropped several loose ends, which can be explored in the next season. Since all the charges against Do-ha have now been lifted, there’s a possibility that My Lovely Liar Season 2 can explore his character development. Further, the show has yet to reveal the future of Sha-on, Chi-hoon, Young-jae, and Ethan. So, it’s likely that the showrunner may return with another season to give justice to these characters.

My Lovely Liar Season 2

As far as the reception, My Lovely Liar has done a fabulous job. While the pilot episode only earned 2.201% of viewership in Seoul, the ratings increased after its debut. In fact, the show topped the viewership chart in the last few weeks by garnering a 3.860% audience score, as per Nielsen Korea. Not only did the series become one of the most-watched K-dramas in South Korea, but the show also remained trendy among the global audience. It earned a solid 7.6 stars out of 10 on IMDb, while on MyDramaList, the series received 8.3 stars. Hence, it suggests My Lovely Liar Season 2 may return.

Did The Cast Talk About Season 2?

Prior to the pilot season, the star cast and production team sat down to discuss the unique nature of the series. While the series filmmaker and writer hinted at the chemistry between the lead characters, they never suggested whether they look forward to returning. Hence, it remains unclear whether there’s a chance for another season. However, Kim So Hyun recently spoke to ScreenRant and hinted at the future of My Lovely Liar Season 2. Kim So Hyun played the FL Mol Sol-Hee, who had a special ability to detect lies.

But this ability had changed her entire life. However, Sol-hee star said she loved playing that character and didn’t consider it challenging. While discussing the most difficult role, Kim So Hyun said that her portrayal of Eun Bi from Who Are Yor School 2015 was one of her toughest roles ever. As for My Lovely Liar Season 2, Kim So Hyun has no idea whether the team will return with another season. Well, the renewal decision is in the network’s hands.

Cast’s Busy Schedule Can Affect My Lovely Liar Season 2 Renewal!

My Lovely Liar Season 2

Generally, tvN renews the series based on its reception. Since the show garnered a huge reception, it won’t be tough for the network to announce its decision. However, the star cast’s schedule will also play a pivotal role in delaying the renewal decision of My Lovely Liar Season 2. As for the busy schedule, Kim So Hyun has been spotted on the set of Good Boy, which has made fans believe that she may join the star cast of the series.

In fact, Kim So Hyun told the outlet that she’s looking forward to it. The series is currently in production, per So Hyun. She also looks forward to seeing the audience’s reaction and whether the viewers will love her character. Further, So Hyun’s Is It Fate?

 is all set to release in 2023. But an official release date of Is It Fate? is yet to be announced.

A Quick Recap!

The show began with a mysterious murder case where Do-ha was suspected of killing Eom-ji. In fact, all the testimonies point in that direction. However, after Sol-hee entered his life, everything started to sound better. He even decided to confess the truth, which turned out to be that he never killed Eom-ji. Since Eom-ji’s body was never found, the case remained open for almost five years. But the case soon turned dark when a construction team unearthed her body, leading the police chief to summon Do-Ha. But for the first time, he decided to take a stand for himself.

My Lovely Liar Season 2

And thanks to Sol-hee, Do-ha finally worked on his way to learn who was the real killer of Eom-ji. Their investigation took a nasty turn when they learned about Eom-ji’s father’s dark face. Things turned more dramatic when Kang Min discovered the police chief had been hiding the evidence that could have cleared the case for a while ago. As the show progressed, the team learned about Deuk-chan’s brother and his involvement in the case. In the penultimate episode, the team finally discovered the real murderer, who was none other than Deuk-chan.

My Lovely Liar Ending Explained!

Following the confession, Deuk-chan tried to escape, leading to a car chase and an explosion. Luckily, he survived but was severely hurt. After recovering, Deuk-chan confessed his love for Do-ha and narrated the entire story. He revealed that he met Eom-ji the day she died. But he never killed her. In fact, she was the one who took her life. However, to protect Do-ha, Deuk-chan decided to bury Eom-ji’s body. After this confession, the latter was imprisoned.

Eom-ho also apologized to Do-ha for his behavior. Soon, things became normal for everyone. Do-ha won the Best Album award while Sol-hee’s parents finally reunited. However, because of the explosion, Sol-hee lost her ability to detect lies. She could no longer hear the bell, which affected her career. But Do-ha supported her throughout the rough time. However, miraculously, Sol-hee’s ability returned when her mom lied that she didn’t love her dad anymore. With a pleasant reunion, the show ended with Do-ha’s marriage proposal and Sol-hee’s decision to shut the tarot card cafe.

Now, What To Expect From My Lovely Liar Season 2?

My Lovely Liar Season 2

Well, the show ended on a pleasant note when Do-ha proposed to Sol-hee, and she accepted it. So, if the show gets the green light, we can expect a wedding in My Lovely Liar Season 2. Do-ha and Sol-hee will finally be together and living their best life. However, it will again explore the hidden secrets that Do-ha is hiding from his partner. If you remember, in the closing moment, he visited Deuk-chan, who finally told the heartwarming last message of Eom-ji to Do-ha. Well, he hasn’t yet shared that message with Sol-hee.

In fact, the audience isn’t aware of the message either. Hence, this message will play a crucial role in My Lovely Liar Season 2. Besides this, Deuk-chan’s return will also showcase how Do-ha deals with the betrayal in the show. Fans can also expect to see Sol-hee’s next move. Now that she has shut down her tarot cafe, seeing what new job she picks will be interesting. Further, Kang Min left Sol-hee as he didn’t want to be her friend. So, if the show returns, viewers will see more of this love triangle.

Is My Lovely Liar Worth Watching?

The show has received mixed reception throughout its run. While the viewership rating hiked after its debut episode, it suddenly saw a drop in rating from the seventh episode. In fact, many devoted audiences also took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Some suggested that the show is a masterpiece, while others don’t believe in it. Despite everything, the finale was worth watching as it finally summed up the storyline. Even one of the Redditors also called the show worth watching, and you can read the statement below.

My Lovely Liar Season 2 Release Date

As of now, tvN hasn’t yet renewed the show for its sophomore run. But it hasn’t canceled the series yet. So, indeed, there’s a good sign that the show can return with another season. As for the My Lovely Liar Season 2 release date, fans must wait until the network makes an official statement. But fans can expect season 2 sometime in the fall of 2024 if the show gets renewed. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such amazing updates.

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