May 21, 2024
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How Old Is Sabre Norris? At What Age Did The Surfing Prodigy Made It To The Olympics?

How Old Is Sabre Norris

How Old Is Sabre Norris: Age does not define a particular talent. This is proven absolutely correct by the young Australian surfer Sabre Norris. The skater is known for achieving several milestones at a young age. Apart from dedicating her time to her sports activities, she has a passion for creating videos on YouTube. She uploads videos of herself along with her siblings at regular intervals. Moreover, the well-known skater is currently in buzz concerning her age. So, How Old Is Sabre Norris? Well, the admirers are constantly searching for her age. Here’s what we know!


Apart from the worldwide recognition, Sabre stays in the limelight for being the daughter of Justin Norris. Her father is a former swimmer and Olympic medalist as well. The girl presently lives in Australia. She has already completed her early schooling at Local Newcastle School. Ever since her childhood, she has shown a keen interest in sports and has preferred to pursue it as her career.

How Old Is Sabre Norris? Is She Living A Normal Teenager Life?

How Old Is Sabre Norris
Sabre Norris

How Old Is Sabre Norris? It remains a big question among people. So, let’s start with some basic knowledge. Sabre Norris was born on January 3, 2005. As of 2023, she is 18 years old and is still in her teen years. She was born in Newcastle, Australia, and was brought up in a Christian family. Moreover, the teenager has five siblings with whom she spends most of her time at home. However, she is the eldest child of her parents.

Talking about her height, she is 4 feet and 7 inches tall. Her height might seem to increase in the coming time as she has yet to grow. Further, Sabre weighs around 50 kg, which almost rounds up to 110 lbs. Being a swimmer, one has to take care of the physique and health very closely. Thus, the Olympic swimmer and surfer has maintained a good body structure and exercises accordingly to keep herself always in good shape.

How Did Sabre Norris Start Her Career?

While the question, How Old Is Sabre Norris? is doing rounds on the internet, people are also interested to know about the kid’s career. Sabre Norris received worldwide attention in 2016. That year marked her apparent debut in the Sydney International Women’s Pro. She emerged as the youngest surfer ever to enter the competition and participated in the open round. Following her impressive performance, she was called for an interview with Karl Stefanovic. On November 4, 2016, the interview was broadcast, and after that, things completely changed. Later, Sabre was invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It became so famous that the overall viewership count went to 40 million.

How Old Is Sabre Norris
Sabre Norris

2018 has also been a great year for the surfer girl. She took part in the X Games and bagged second place, winning a silver medal in skateboarding. Interestingly, she registered her name as the first woman to execute McTwist at the event. Norris went on to win the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. Lastly, one of her remarkable performances of 2018 includes securing the second position in the Vans Park Series Oceania Championships.

After a few years, the 18-year-old was reported to be suffering from Chiari malformation. Fortunately, it did not retard her performance, and her selection for the Tokyo Olympics was also not hampered. Apart from all such big achievements, Norris is said to be the first Australian and world’s third female to land a ‘540.’ Thus, people become more curious to know about her. That later led to How Old Is Sabre Norris? Question to trend on the internet.

Sabre Norris YouTube Channel

The skateboarder is popular among the young audience because of her YouTube channel, which she began on June 29, 2014. The channel is known by the name TheNorrisNuts. Presently, it has over 6.37 million subscribers and 469 videos in total. She publishes entertaining and challenging videos. Many a time, vlogs are also posted on YouTube. Initially, her videos comprised skating, surfing, and fun activities. While going through the channel, one will find most of the videos have garnered millions of views.

How Old Is Sabre Norris
Sabre Norris with her sister

Apart from Instagram and YouTube, Sabre is active on TikTok as well. She has established another fanbase on the platform, and the people love her videos. Her TikTok includes fashion, comedy, and dance. Other than these, she makes lip-sync videos as well. Further, Sabre Norris loves traveling around, especially places near the sea.

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