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Maxx Crosby Gay: The Raiders Defensive End Player Gets Married Amid Gay Rumors!

Maxx Crosby Gay: Playing in the National Football League is like a dream come true for aspiring footballers all over the world. And who would know it better than Maxx Robert Crosby? He is an American professional football player specializing in the defensive position. Moreover, the 26-year-old has been a part of the Las Vegas Raiders since the 2019 NFL draft. His performance in the field is one of the most discussed aspects of him. Well, lately, things have been a bit different for Maxx Crosby. We are saying so as netizens have been involved in heated debates related to his sexuality. This is the reason why Maxx Crosby Gay concerns are doing rounds on the internet consistently. In fact, the Raiders have been said to be a homosexual team after Carl Nassib came out of the closet. So, is Maxx Crosby Gay? Let us have a closer look!

Maxx Crosby Gay: What Led The Rumors To Spark?

Before coming to the NFL, Maxx Crosby played on the Eastern Michigan team. Well, one can say that it was the only program that provided him with such a big opportunity. Moreover, the player even received his induction into the School’s Ring of Honor in 2023. Therefore, Maxx’s career is capable enough of earning him a consistent media limelight. However, there are a few personal life-related aspects that cannot be ignored. And the gossip that has earned much attention has always been Maxx Crosby Gay rumors.

Maxx Crosby Gay
Maxx Crosby

Talking about its origin, we have got an interesting fact for you all. Maxx Crosby Gay concerns started after Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib came out as gay in 2021. It made him the first openly gay active player in the NFL. Nonetheless, such an announcement led people to speculate whether or not other members of the Las Vegas Raiders were gay. So, eventually, internet users began claiming Maxx Crosby to be homosexual and pursued same-sex interests. This was how the gossip turned into a storm, and the 26-year-old came under the radar for sexuality concerns.

Is Maxx Crosby Gay? Did He Address The Rumors?

There is no second thought that Maxx Crosby Gay has made quite a stir on social media. But, like many other sports celeb, the player did not address the concerns. With this being the case, the speculations have grown wilder than before, and not only this, but the internet is also brimming with several fan theories. However, as far as an exact answer is concerned, media reports suggest that Maxx Crosby is straight and has no homosexual interests. Besides this, no sources have confirmed the Raiders star to be having a same-sex relationship. Therefore, it will be safe to conclude that Maxx Crosby Gay rumors hold no significance or relevance.

Maxx Crosby Gay
Maxx Crosby

Well, although he is straight, it does not mean that Maxx is against the LGBTQ community. After his fellow team member Carl Nassib declared himself gay, he was the one of them to support him. Crosby explained that Nassib took a bold step and said that he would support him in every way he could. In fact, the entire NFL team felt proud about the coming out incident, and many took to social media to appreciate Carl.

Is Maxx Crosby Dating Anyone?

Talking about his current relationship status, Maxx Crosby is married. Las Vegas Raiders defensive end player has tied the wedding knot with fiancée Rachel Washburn in Boulder City, Nevada. Well, the couple got married in March 2023, and the venue had a particular color palette that was just gorgeous. Interestingly, the wedding ceremony had a few cocktails named after their three dogs, Leo, Brooklyn, and Durk. Furthermore, Maxx Crosby and Rachel are parents to an 11-month-old daughter, Ella.

Talking about the ceremony, they had a lovely outdoor dance with their loved ones. Furthermore, it also had a romantic fireworks show on display. Well, Maxx and his wife met in 2016 for the first time and ended up being good friends. Soon after their meetup, the two started dating each other, thereby beginning a romantic relationship. The Raiders player proposed to Rachel during a trip to Utah.

Maxx Crosby Gay
Maxx Crosby And Rachel

As far as his past relationships are concerned, there are no details that suggest him to have enjoyed a romance with other women other than his wife. Hence, we can say that Maxx Crosby had found his love only in Rachel’s eyes. Moreover, his marriage is one of the most vital reasons that debunked Maxx Crosby Gay rumors. Don’t you think so?

Maxx Crosby Net Worth: Is He Earning In Millions?

In the 2019 NFL Draft, Maxx Crosby was selected for the Oakland Raiders. His debut was against the Denver Broncos, and he performed well. As a rookie, Crosby had ten sacks, 47 total tackles, four passes defended, and four forced fumbles. However, things became a bit unstable after the player was kept on the reserve list on August 6, 2020. Since it was during the coronavirus pandemic, it was often referred to as the COVID-19 list. However, earlier to this, Crosby went to a rehabilitation center for alcoholism.

Maxx Crosby Gay
Maxx Crosby

Coming to Maxx Crosby Net Worth, the Raiders star is assumed to be earning $7 million. Since the figures are not official, we cannot confirm its truthfulness. But since he has been playing in the NFL for a couple of years, the player is already estimated to be making millions. As per the official records, Crosby signed a four-year contract extension with the Raiders worth $98.98 million. In such a case, it is also true that the 26-year-old has been enjoying a comfortable life. However, details about his additional sources of income are not known to the media.

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